oakley polo shirts Young Macon man gives shirt off his back

polo club dripping springs Young Macon man gives shirt off his back

A walk through Central City Park pushes a man with his friends to hand the shirt off his back and the shoes on his feet to a person he’s never met before.

Gabrielle Dawkins shares what prompted this act of kindness.

19 year old Deundrae Gay, a former student of Northeast High School, his brother, Sheddrick Wallace, and friend, Jaquavious Griffin, decided to share love.

of thinking about ourselves, we need to think about somebody else. One day when we were riding out, we seen some homeless men,” said Gay. were just thinkinh maybe they deserve it more than we do. a video posted last week, these men can be seen handing out sweaters.

“I bought a little sweater, and he had bought him a little sweater, too, and that way, it was in the bag. My friend that was with us, he had put a hood in one of the bags. It really was just something to keep them warm, because I know it’s pretty cold out here. It’s about to be winter time,” said Gay.

The reason behind the “Pink” labeled sweater is that a family member close to his heart recently passed away due to breast cancer.

auntie actually died a couple years ago, and her favorite clothing line was PINK, so when she died, it kind of hurt me. So, ever since then I’ve been wearing Pink, said Gay.

A selfless act of giving led Gay to take the sweater off of his own back and shoes off of his feet, handing it over to a complete stranger.

never had everything, so I was thinking like, ‘I can always buy another sweater, but them they probably don’t have it like I do,’ so I just gave it to them, said Gay. really wasn’t thinking about it too much when I did it. in all, the end result startled him. He didn’t think a post would bring this much attention.

was pretty cool. It made me happy. I felt good about it, and it made him happy they felt good about it, because, like I said, Macon got a lot of hate in it.
oakley polo shirts Young Macon man gives shirt off his back