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LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll 13

June 1, 2011

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.1Northwestern (21 2)W Penn State 14 3, W Florida 10 9, W Boston C. 11 8, W Albany 18 4, W UNC 11 10, W Maryland 8 73801922Maryland (21 2)W Navy 19 6, W Princeton 15 6, W Duke 14 8, L Northwestern 7 836113North Carolina (15 6)W High Point 20 4, W Virginia 15 7, W Loyola 16 13, L Northwestern 10 1134234Duke (15 5)W Penn 12 9, W Florida 13 9, L Maryland 8 1432385Florida (16 4)W Ohio St. 16 13, L Northwestern 9 10, W Stanford 13 11, L Duke 9 1329946Loyola (17 3)W Syracuse 12 11, W Notre Dame 12 10, W Massachusetts 14 7, L UNC 13 1626697Stanford (16 3)L Florida 11 1325258Albany (18 1)W New Hampshire 18 7, W UMBC 11 4, W Dartmouth 10 7, L Northwestern 4 1824979Princeton (12 7)W Penn 10 8, W Harvard 12 10, W James Madison 11 10, L Maryland 6 152231410Penn (11 6)L Princeton 8 10, L Duke 9 12203611Dartmouth (11 5)L Harvard 10 11, L Albany 7 101741012Boston College (12 7)L Northwestern 8 111641113James Madison (15 4)W Wm. Mary 11 9, W Towson 8 6, L Princeton 10 111601314Massachusetts (17 3)W Canisius 16 8, L Loyola 7 141171215Ohio State (10 7)W Vanderbilt 14 13, L Florida 13 161151516Penn State (10 8)W Johns Hopkins 17 11, L Northwestern 3 14911617Virginia (9 9)L UNC 7 15711718Harvard (10 6)W Dartmouth 11 10, L Princeton 10 12671819Syracuse (10 8)L Loyola 11 12432020Vanderbilt (8 8)L Ohio St. 13 1424NROthers receiving votes: Georgetown (22), Towson (14), Johns Hopkins (13), Notre Dame (8), Navy (8), High Point (1)Number of voters: 19 (D Lax, DallasLaxDad, draw18, fanofall, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, Lucky Laxer, MDLaxManiac, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters’ Comments About Teams They Ranked

Northwestern: ‘Cats pull off sixth national title in seven years and move back up to the top spot. (D Lax) I had my doubts about Northwestern all year but the Wildcats won the championship and the no. 1 spot in this poll with their tournament performance. Congrats to the 2011 national champions! (DallasLaxDad) The Wildcats showed their command of the game at multiple levels throughout the tournament . from having the most dominant player on the field in Shannon Smith, to having the guts by the coaching staff to execute a game plan that might not have been the norm for the team that won the game, to having a solid defense that was often overlooked and more often attacked. NU is deep team that deserves to call itself national champions. (draw18) 1. (fanofall) 1. This is perhaps NU’s and KAH’s finest performance. In season’s past, the Wildcats were clearly a dominant team. This year’s team had a couple of flaws, but they played smart ball especially in championship game. (johnnyboy) Great game plan, well executed and with Smith leading the way, Wildcats climb back to the top of the mountain. (Lionwatcher) 1. KAH proves SHE is ”Da MAN” by out coaching CNR and willing her band of thieves past a group of Turtles that heretofore walked on water instead of swimming through it. She has proven her mettle through more victorious battles than ANY of her contemporaries and has taken more flack in the process than any other three coaches combined. With this win, I hereby resolve to refrain from all acts of negativity towards the Evil Empire, DeathStar, all things purple, ugly shorts, ugly uniforms, Evilston, etc. for all remaining 2011 polls! (Lucky Laxer) Finishing as the 2011 NCAA National Champions at 21 2, the NU Wildcats had some surprising losses but won when it counted. They were my 2 team until May 29. Congratulations, Wildcats (add wildcat sound effect from home games)! (MDLaxManiac) In my preseason poll, I had Northwestern at 3, but stated that I really thought the Big Three were all too close to call. Despite the two losses, Northwestern proved at the end they were 1. I still think if MD and NU were to play 10 times, each would win 5 . that being said, Northwestern is our National Champion. (mytwokeepers) Six out of seven and counting. (novaglax) My 1. Up one folks . won fair and square. In Rafter’s view, wanted it. As old timer, might I say, unique, and why not (?) to see Momma on the sidelines! So, congratulations Coach, all ‘Cats’ including future Cat in the ‘oven’! And wasn’t it an inspiration to see all the excited young future all stars on the sidelines with their home made signs! (Rafterjack) 1. The Empire strikes back! (slides2) Champs are 1 . it always works that way. (socrlaxdad) 1. (Turtles Lax) The final category is “Best things about Memorial Day Weekend” Indy 500 it seems too long, it was boring, it needs retooling, and, yes, it was a wreck at the end . does that sounds familiar! (UnderArmourOdor)

Maryland: Maryland proved they were mortal in the final, succumbing to the same tactics other teams came close with but that Northwestern perfected. (D Lax) What can one say? The best team all year ends up no. 2. (DallasLaxDad) The Terps were clearly one of the dominant teams of the 2011 season behind an explosive offense led by Sarah Mollison and a tenacious defense anchored by Brittany Dipper. The talent level on this team was remarkable, and I hope that one of the top players in the nation is back for 2012. (draw18) 2. (fanofall) 2. After a stellar 2011 campaign, the Terps offense fails to show up when it counted most. Too bad KEJ missed last half of the year. (johnnyboy) Thought they would take it all, with a very impressive defense and a quick as lightning offense. Will need to reload. (Lionwatcher) 2. Et tu, NU! What a year, what a loss! Who knew that Turtles feared colors (Purple and Green)! It can be easily argued that ’11’s senior class will be missed even more than last year’s, but the return of the injured Puddy and Griffin will definitely reload two chambers. I’m betting that CNR and crew will take this loss personally. As LGL says, “Nobody does it like Sara Lee!” Wait, scratch that . “Nobody does revenge like KAH!” I’d be willing to wager Uni’s Brow that CNR will be doing her doctoral thesis on revenge this summer. (Lucky Laxer) Terps finish in second place with a loss to the NU Wildcats in the big game. The Terps were 1 all season long with only two loses this year, a freakish loss to the Big Green Dartmouth and then the biggest loss of the season when it really counted. I’m sure the Terps are already looking forward to 2012 season! (MDLaxManiac) Great year; great team. (mytwokeepers) O Maryland, my Maryland. Did you ever so slightly perhaps count these chickens before their hatchings, say? My 2. Down one. Great season if alone only as I got to meet and know, if only slightly so far, TL! Go Terps. (Rafterjack) 2. Overwhelm all comers in NCAA tournament until they run into a perfect game plan in the final. (slides2) Terp women and men come up short in the title games this year . they’ll be back. (socrlaxdad) 2. But still number 1 in TL’s heart. (Turtles Lax) “M Bank Tailgates for Monday Finals” this one didn’t go any better for the Terps. Great year playing great lacrosse, but now we will have a shot clock. (UnderArmourOdor)

North Carolina: Carolina came close with Northwestern, the eventual victor,
polo baseball caps Women's Division I Forum Poll
thereby earning the No. 3 spot. (D Lax) The Heels will have nightmares for a long time, wondering how Shannon Smith split that double team when everyone on Long Island knew she was going to goal. This is the best 6 loss team one could imagine, and had they only stopped that drive and gone to overtime . I know, “ifs and buts.” Carolina is third on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) UNC developed remarkably well over the course of the season, and they were playing at a high level in February. We knew Laura Zimmerman was a special player, but Abbey Friend’s contributions as a rookie were incredible, and Lauren Maksym was remarkable as a starter. There is still a ton of potential on this team. (draw18) Last best chance at glory. As inconsistent as the Heels were, the Turtles were happy not to see them on the big day. 3. (fanofall) 3. Tar Heels had a good run at season’s end to separate themselves from the rest of the top 20 but fell a goal short of the championship game. I think that typified their season. Among the best but a play or two short of the best. (johnnyboy) Heels just on the heels of the top two. Got better all year and were a Shannon Smith away from playing for the championship. (Lionwatcher) 3. The Heels folded. They got to the Junior Enchilada and left a big burrito on the field. I don’t think they would have beaten the Terps, but they “should have” beaten NU. Levy and Kimel have the “always the bride’s maid” thing down pat. But is that good enough? (Lucky Laxer) At 15 6, the UNC Tar Heels have talent but were unable to get past Maryland (2x), Northwestern (2x), Duke, and UPenn. Small changes and adjustments could turn those Ls into Ws in the future! (MDLaxManiac) This UNC team was clearly the third best team in the country. Unfortunately, losing by two goals to the Wildcats is close, but no cigar. (mytwokeepers) Need to start winning the big ones. (novaglax) My 3. Another great season. Thank you, Tar Heels! (Rafterjack) 3. Heels play masterful game against Loyola, but shoot selves in foot by shooting so poorly against Northwestern. (slides2) ‘Heels gave NU all they could handle in the semifinals. (socrlaxdad) 3. Perennial underachiever once again falls short in playoffs. Not sure they should be this high . but who else would replace them? (Turtles Lax) “Coca Cola 600” like Dale Junior, Heels ran out of gas at the end but had fans on their feet! (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: Duke earns the no. 4 spot with their quarterfinal win over the Gators. (DallasLaxDad) The Blue Devils took great steps forward, and having Mollie Mackler for an entire season made a huge difference. Taylor Virden was also an impact player as a rookie, but the step up by Kim Wenger was a big reason why the Devils came on strong at the end. (draw18) Gets my unenthusiastic 4. (fanofall) 4. Year after year, Duke puts out a top caliber team, and 2011 was no different. One year the Blue Devils will make it to the NCAA Championship game. (johnnyboy) Patient, talented, Blue Devils showed the Gators how to close out a close one. One of the best, most effective, games of keep away I have ever seen. Top 4 in the country, but only 3 in their conference. (Lionwatcher) 4. Like UNC, Duke choked. No other way to put it. So much talent year after year with no rings to show for it. I’m beginning to think Larry might actually have a point concerning Duke. Wow, I’m agreeing with Larry; that scares me. (Lucky Laxer) At 15 5, the Duke Blue have talent but were also unable to get past Maryland (2x), UNC (2x), NU, and UPenn this year as well as a close 2OT win over Brown hurts and haunts this team. KK needs to fine tune the machine in order to beat the best teams! (MDLaxManiac) At number four, Duke is first in line behind the Big Three. However, as good as they are, they are just the best of the rest. (mytwokeepers) My 4. Congratulations on a great season also! With the Wolverines, USC, et al. coming aboard next year we may not ever again (says who) see three ACC teams in the Final Four. (Rafterjack) 4. Dookies stand tall withstanding the Florida heat, but their game against Maryland was pretty much a shambles. (slides2) Dookies looked a bit listless at Friday’s semifinals, but a final 4 appearance means top 4 in TOPTM. (socrlaxdad) 4. Late season turnaround secures 4 spot. (Turtles Lax) “Arlington National Cemetery with million Flags” The “Old Guard” in their Blues like this team in Blue always make us remember our losses! (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: Outstanding year for Florida! I know the Gators are disappointed they weren’t playing on Memorial Day weekend, but the future is bright for the ladies from Gainesville. (DallasLaxDad) Proving last year wasn’t a fluke, Florida came out in 2011 and made a couple huge statements. This team is still very young, and they are returning everyone. Mikey Meagher’s play made a huge difference, and the increased maturity of the team helped Florida to a top four ranking throughout the season and the respect of the community. There is a huge upside to this team all over the field. (draw18) Lack of maturity/experience trumps talent and determination. How is AO not COY? 5. (fanofall) 5. To say that the Gators didn’t disappoint this season is a major understatement. I had UF ranked 11th in my preseason poll, and they reach as high as 4th before bowing to Duke in the NCAA quarterfinals. Thinking the Gators will be in the running for the top spot in each of the next two years. (johnnyboy) When one steps back, you realize what an amazing season the Gators had for only a second year team, what with knocking off the eventual top dog. Could easily see the Gators in the finals next year. (Lionwatcher) 5. The Creatures from Dizney’s Swamp more than did themselves proud this year. More so, even, than last year; but I believe, not as much as next year. If ever there were a case of the cupboard being left full, the Gator’s have it. Now, if JAP could only get his zoning variance for the clothing optional beach by the double wide, the Gators would have it all! (Lucky Laxer) At 16 4, the UF gators had an astronomical second season for the program. This level of performance was expected by the largest number one recruiting class from two years ago. The Kitty roared and scored for the Gators, but it will take more than the Florida sunshine, great tans, and home games to make it to the championship. (MDLaxManiac) The future is even better then this great season. Things are bright in Gainsville. (mytwokeepers) Seemed like their season ended with their victory against NU. Need to finish out their season. (novaglax) My 6. Final! (Rafterjack) 5. Gators fall short against more experienced Duke. Still a spectacular season and the future of this team is all upside. (slides2) Gators have sparked laxin the South . can Alabama and Old Miss be far behind? (socrlaxdad) 5. Not bad at all in just second season. Must find a way to beat an ACC team at some point . some season. (Turtles Lax) “Rolling Thunder” like the Gators came roaring into town and the NCAAs and will be back in the saddle again for the foreseeable future. (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: Jen Adams appears to have Loyola at the top of the Big East new dynasty in the making? 8. (D Lax) It was great to see the Greyhounds right the ship after the late season losses to Syracuse and G’town. Congrats on the Big East tournament championship and a first round win! Loyola settles at no. 8. (DallasLaxDad) Grace Gavin is a special player, and her season helped propel the Greyhounds to their best season in eight years. Kerry Stoothoff was solid from the opening draw, and Loyola was able to get possession thanks to Meg Decker while holding off opponents with Gallagher, Rehfuss, and Stoothoff organizing a defense that was very potent. (draw18) Faltered at the end, but an impressive 17 3 record gets the Hounds 6. Lots of questions going forward. (fanofall) 7. Jen Adams not only has the Hounds back on the women’s D1 lax map, but they now show up on your GPS as a point of interest. They play an exciting style of ball that is up tempo if nothing else. Too many giveaways in unforced errors and turnovers kept Loyola from further success but, big picture, another important step forward for the return of the Hounds to women’s lax prominence. (johnnyboy) Either they struggled late or more likely the desperate Cuse and Irish amped up their game. However you look at it, the Hounds had a great season. JA has this program back on track. Losing some big time players this year and will have to fill up the cupboard again. (Lionwatcher) 6. Jen Adams has shown progress in each of her three years, with the best this year at 17 3. the recruiting will become increasingly more fruitful. The Hounds are reclaiming Charles Street and marking their territory in ever widening circles. (Lucky Laxer) At 17 3, the Loyola Hounds had a G R E A T season! Shocking conference loses to Scuse and Gtown and only one other to UNC from the ACC. Team will lead the Big East soon! (MDLaxManiac) Seventeen and three!!!! Losses to Syracuse and Georgetown prevented this from being a Top 10 year, but it was still a great year. (mytwokeepers) My 5. Final! (Rafterjack) 6. Super effort led by Grace Gavin not enough in the pinch against Tar Heels. (slides2) ‘Hounds are clearly back and should be “in it to win it!” in 2012. (socrlaxdad) 7. ‘Hounds are on the edge of greatness. Next year will determine if they can get there . stay there. (Turtles Lax) “Grilling Hot Dogs”, Hounds were sizzling early but came up just short versus a North Carolina Bar B Que! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: The Cardinal may have lost a first round game, but they earn the no. 6 spot on this ballot. They should have had a seed and home game they earned it but they still went on the road, cross country, and played a very entertaining, close contest to my no. 5 team. Great season, Stanford! (DallasLaxDad) Stanford continued to represent the West behind a talented defense of Catherine Swanson, Paige Farmakis, and Annie Read in the cage. With a multi pronged attack that included Leslie Foard and Sarah Flynn, the Cardinal was very much in the mix from the beginning. (draw18) Best in the West faced poor conditions in the Swamp but at 16 3 a strong 7. (fanofall) 6. Most impressed with the Cardinal team in a season that could easily have been dubbed a rebuilding year. I like their style of play, nothing flashy, no individual super stars, good solid team play and they take care of the ball. That and good coaching has them finish high in my rankings after I started them at 19 in my preseason poll. (johnnyboy) Cardinal stood tall all year, and as a reward they got to visit the swamp. Great season and they will be back. (Lionwatcher) 8. The Cardinal’s 16 3 record shows all the benefit of taking a three week vacation mid season. This was the best West Coast team in my memory, especially considering their treks to Evanston (1 goal loss) and the Swamp (2 goal loss). Soooo close. (Lucky Laxer) At 16 3, with a surprising loss to Vandy, a 1 goal loss to NU Wildcats, and a 2 goal loss to UF gators that ended an outstanding season! (MDLaxManiac) Sixteen and Three!!!! My preseason 13 team was way better then I predicted, and this ranking is solid no West Coast bias! (mytwokeepers) My 9. (Rafterjack) 7. Cardinal get unfortunate draw having to fly to Florida. Give Gators a good fight before going down. (slides2) Cardinal were the “best of the West” all season long and gave the Gators a scare in the NCAA first round. (socrlaxdad) 8. Cardinal could have made a deep run had they gotten past Florida State. (Turtles Lax) “UEFA Championship” you heard there is buzz about it and the Cardindiantrees too, but both are like in a land far, far away! (UnderArmourOdor)

Albany: Albany finishes their dream season with a blowout vs. the Purple Cats. Would the result have been different if their starting keeper were available? 5. (D Lax) Any doubts about whether the Great Danes are a top 8 program were wiped away with the “home” game on the road at Dartmouth. An outstanding season for Albany, and they settle at no. 7. (DallasLaxDad) The UAlbany season was one to remember, not only from the undefeated regular season and conference title to the breakout of Ariana Parker and Anna Berman. Nikki Branchini was remarkable again, and with Taylor Frink and Jodi Battaglia forming a potent attack,
polo baseball caps Women's Division I Forum Poll
the Great Danes were excellent at both ends of the field. (draw18) GK issues or not, the Cats revealed the man behind the curtain. Wins over PSU, UMass, BC and Dart get them 11. (fanofall) 11. Have to admit, the Great Danes were not in my top 25 preseason rankings let alone near my top 10, as