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A 41 year old Minot woman is charged with Class C felony burglary and Class A misdemeanor criminal mischief for allegedly breaking into her ex fiance residence on Tuesday.

Cimberly Faye Berg made an initial appearance on the charges on Wednesday in district court in Minot before Judge Richard Hagar.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Berg ex fiance flagged police down on the street and said that Berg had broken a window and was still in his house. Police announced their presence and Berg came to the front door. Her hand was bleeding. Berg told police she had gone over to the man house and walked in through an unlocked front door. Once she was inside, the man started to yell at her. She told police that he broke the window in the kitchen and a table in the living room. She locked herself in his bedroom. The investigating officer wrote that the window appeared to be broken from the outside and a shoe print on the window matched Berg shoes. Berg ex fiance told police that Berg does not live there. He said they broke up in December. The man said he had been in the shower on Tuesday night when he heard a loud banging outside the residence. He looked out and saw Berg by the window in his daughter room. She then went to the front door and asked him to let her in. The ex fiance told her to leave. She then went into the detached garage. She then left the garage, got in her vehicle and left. However, Berg then came back and began to kick the window next to his front door. She then grabbed a shovel and hit the window with it until it broke and then she climbed through the window. He then went into his bedroom to try to call police, while she was trying to push her way into the bedroom. He said she tried to knock the phone out of his hand. He got away and ran outside and flagged down police.

Later, he called police back and said he was missing a stocking cap and a pair of sunglasses that had been in a vehicle parked in the garage. Police later located Berg vehicle and the ex fiance identified items inside that vehicle as the ones stolen from inside his vehicle. Berg denied taking the items but let the man recover them.
wholesale polos Woman charged with burglarizing ex