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certain doorbusters will be available. other doorbusters will be available. the next morning a third group of doorbusters will be available and this varies from chain to chain.”

To make sure you don’t get in line at the wrong time, you need to carefully read the circulars to make sure you know what time that doorbuster deal begins.

Remember, very few of the items on sale for Black Friday are truly doorbusters. And those are normally limited to just a few per store.

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You might want to stock up on tequila and rum if margaritas or mojitos are on your summer menu, because prices are likely going up at many local retailers this week and prices are just one of several big changes in store when Washington state abandons its long held place in the liquor business.

Voters approved Initiative 1183 last fall, allowing stores larger than 10,000 square feet and some smaller stores to sell liquor. Supporters touted the initiative, backed by warehouse giant Costco Wholesale Corp., as a free market reform for an industry monopolized by the state since the end of Prohibition.

Under the measure, restaurants and bars were allowed to begin buying liquor directly from distributors March 1, and they can begin buying directly from retail stores June 1.

Between July 11th and August 7th, we are asking you to take a second (today or once a day) and vote for the favorites in your community. All you had to do is choose your community,
big pony polo dress Shopping Services
write in your nominations and submit. Yep, that easy. You’ll vote for these categories: Eat, Drink and Be Merry, It’s All About the Art and Entertainment, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Look and Feel Your Best, It Is Your Business and Pet Projects plus we might ask a little about you.

Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. Your votes are all confidential unless you check that little opt in box and then you may receive some awesome emails from us after this promotion ends.

More small details: You were welcome to enter votes for multiple communities as we know we all have favorites in other places but you can just vote once per day. Now that you have the voting thing down, don’t forget to vote in this year’s November election.

I got the chance to check out A Taste of Edmonds today and it was well worth it! I got to see the wonderful items for sale and ran into Danielle Garfoot and her 10 month old twins, Morgan Riley who loved Kranial Komfort’s hats and headbands.
big pony polo dress Shopping Services