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HARVEST, Ala. Prom is a right of passage for high school students. It gives teenage girls the chance to feel like a princess for a night. Bella Divine’s owners wanted to give the royal treatment to a Madison County student this year.

“She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met,” English Teacher Renee Quaife said of the recipient, Kya Qvale.

Molly Bell, Parkway Place Mall Marketing Director, said the owners of Bella Divine approached the mall office to say they wanted to give one worthy student a special gift.

“Kya, she stood out,” Bell said.

The Sparkman High Senior lights up any room. This year, she’ll light up the dance floor.

“They wanted to give a prom dress, any dress in the store, to a student, and I had no idea how to go about this, but we reached out to counselors all across the county and you are the student that we want to do this for,” Bell explained to Qvale while standing in her school’s library. “Because you are an inspiration.”

Bella Divine, a formal wear store located in the Parkway Place Mall,
canoe polo jewelry to deserving Madison County student
chose Qvale from a list of worthy students, to dress for prom.

“You not only rock what you’re doing, you just exceed and you inspire all those around you,” Bell said to Qvale. “That’s something that is so invaluable. So, we want to give you the opportunity to pick any dress you want, shoes, jewelry, your date gets a tux from Men’s Warehouse”

“This means I get a better dress than what I have,” Qvale said. “It was $10and it doesn’t really fit me. I’m going to have to work out really hard to get into this thing cause it’s really tight. I don’t have the money to get it like accommodated or anything.”

Kya deserves to wear the same smile on prom night as the smiles she paints on the faces of those who love her.

“I see good things in people, and I don’t know why you should go around being mean when you see the good in other people,” Qvale said.

After high school, Qvaleis going to the University of Montevallo to study journalism and mass communications. She’s received a generous scholarship from the college. Next weekend, Qvale will go with her mother, teacher and friend to Montgomery to receive Alabama Public Television’s $5,000 scholarship.
canoe polo jewelry to deserving Madison County student

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We have guides to help you purchase any accessory, whether it’s the perfect diamond jewelry for your loved one or just the right wallet for you.

Maybe you’re not sure exactly what type of jewelry you’re looking for and you need advice. If you need to know the difference between silver, white gold and platinum, or if you’d like to know how to wear this season’s must have accessory, or you’d just like to learn the difference between semi precious and precious gemstones,
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we’re here to help you answer your jewelry and accessory questions.

Once you’ve purchased your dream accessory, our guides help you to get the best use out of it. Do you need help breaking in your new shoes? Would you like to know how you can keep your silver shiny? Need to know what kind of jewelry box is right for your jewelry collection, and how you keep your necklaces from getting tangled? We have the answers to all of those questions and more on our site.

In this section, you can even learn how to make your own jewelry and accessories so that you can be the one setting the trends. Whether you’re customizing your travel bag, or using our step by step instructions to make a one of a kind necklace,
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our advice won’t let you down!

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ABERDEEN, Md. Henderson had just come from his day job as a substitute eighth grade math teacher, and he was in a rush to make it to the next part of his day.

In the driver’s seat, Henderson changed out of his buttoned down blue Polo shirt, brown slacks and brown dress shoes. He slipped into his other work clothes a gray Under Armour T shirt, baggy black shorts and sneakers. The car door flew open and he walked across the parking lot into Aberdeen High School, his alma mater. He joined the varsity football team in their film session, where coaches and players were breaking down last week’s 35 10 win over Fallston.

Henderson’s new team is his old team. He led the Aberdeen Eagles to their last state championship in 2004. And now he volunteers as an assistant coach, while he waits for an NFL team to call. He’s a 31 year old linebacker, young enough and good enough to be in the league, but his eight year career veered into a dark alley last season. A bitter divorce from the New York Jets has ended up in the courts, and he’s not sure when or if he’ll get another chance to play. In the meantime, he’s living at home with his father, a short walk from his old school.

“They know me here,” Henderson told ESPN on Monday in his first interview in a year. “I either grew up with them or they watched me grow up. It’s cool, man, to drive down the main street in Aberdeen, which isn’t a very busy street at all, and all the people wave to you. It’s a good feeling after feeling like you’ve been alienated.”

By whom?

“You know who,” he said tersely.

The Jets, he meant.

Jets left him ‘very bitter’After nearly 1 seasons with the Jets, Henderson was mysteriously placed on the non football injury list last Oct. 22, triggering a behind the scenes drama that ended with his attorney filing a lawsuit last week in New Jersey Superior Court. He’s suing for wrongful termination and disability discrimination, claiming his bipolar disorder is the reason he was put on NFI and ultimately released when his 2017 option wasn’t exercised. He’s seeking to recoup $3.3 million in lost and unpaid salary, plus punitive damages.

On the advice of his attorney, Henderson declined to discuss the specifics of the case, but he’s “very bitter,” according to his agent, Jim Chapman.

“It’s really sad, because he loved that 2015 team,” Chapman said. “Now he feels like those guys totally turned their back on him.”

As much as he enjoys teaching and coaching, Henderson believes he should be 170 miles to the north in Florham Park, New Jersey, the Jets’ headquarters. On Monday, it would’ve been film work and conditioning after a Jets win. It was the same drill at his old high school, except he was instructing, not running. As players ran gassers up a steep hill near the football field, he shouted encouragement and good natured razzing.

Henderson would like to get into full time coaching, but he believes there’s still football left in his body. In his final two games, he started at inside linebacker and led the team in tackles. Then, on the eve of a home game against the Baltimore Ravens, he was informed of his NFI designation. He didn’t get an explanation from the team, his agent said.

Since becoming a free agent in February, Henderson hasn’t worked out for any teams. The lawsuit claims the Jets impugned his reputation by refusing to disclose the reason for placing him on the NFI list. That, coupled with past alcohol issues (two DUI arrests and a league suspension in 2014), fueled false speculation and caused teams to shy away, according to the suit.

“I don’t think I’m being blackballed; I think it’s the fear of the unknown,” Henderson said. “Nobody knows what happened, and I’m not going to tell everybody right now because it’s not the right time and place. Everybody is like, ‘I really don’t know, so I don’t want to go. I’m not going to touch him.’

“I mean, I get it, I understand it,
caltech water polo Jet Erin Henderson returns home to rebuild life
but I just never felt like it was appropriate for me to go out and tell everybody what happened. It didn’t make sense for me to do it. If a team wanted to see what I was capable of doing, they’d bring me in and we’d go from there. I never saw a reason to go on Twitter and start ranting. I was like, let me sit back and see how things play out.”

Henderson was blindsided by the team’s decision to put him on NFI, according to Chapman. The agent said Henderson missed “a few meetings” earlier in the 2016 season because side effects from his team prescribed bipolar medication, Seroquel, made it difficult to get up in the morning. Henderson explained that to team officials, Chapman said. The lawsuit alleges he was “fired” because of bipolar disorder.

The Jets declined to comment.

Hoping to be reinstated, Henderson lived at his apartment in Union, New Jersey, for the remainder of the season. He tried several times to arrange a sit down with the Jets, who finally granted a meeting after two postponements, Chapman said. Henderson met with general manager Mike Maccagnan and director of football administration Jacqueline Davidson. They mentioned the missed meetings, but Henderson didn’t think it was a valid reason because he was “locked in” and playing well before the NFI decision, according to Chapman.

The lawsuit also alleges a “hostile work environment.” When Henderson visited the facility later in the season, he was subjected to “potshots about alcohol” from trainers and low level staffers, Chapman claimed. He also said some defensive coaches went drinking with players on Thursday nights “Thirsty Thursday,” they called it and that didn’t sit well with Henderson. Asked if that made his client uncomfortable, Chapman said, “Abso freakin lutely.”

Adopting a new mindsetSitting in the weight room in his old school, Henderson refused to bash the Jets. He has “no hard feelings, no ill will” toward New York coach Todd Bowles. “I don’t have anything bad to say about him.” Henderson also said he’s “cool” with his former teammates. He didn’t want to talk about management.

“I’m sure there were some guys who thought I talked too much,” he said of his ex mates. “But there are other guys who probably appreciated that I talked too much. Leo [Williams], I’d come in every morning and say, ‘What’s up?’ to Leo with a big, ol’ grin on my face. He’d say, ‘What are you smiling about?’ I’d say, ‘Brother, look what we’re doing for a living. Look at our job. Why not smile?'”

By his own admission, Henderson hasn’t always been the life of the party. Battling mental illness and an alcohol problem that landed him in rehab in 2014, he was a loner who isolated himself from friends and family. He struggled to find a “safe haven,” saying the only place he felt comfortable was on the field. The physical contact, he said, was a “stress release.” During particularly dark periods, he didn’t return calls or texts from friends.

Finally, he adopted a new mindset.

“I’ve been telling myself, ‘Just show up,'” he said. “If you’re going to do something, just show up. If you’re going to be a friend, be a friend and show up. If you’re going to be a coach, be a coach. If you’re going to be a teacher, be a teacher. Show up and do it, and be present in every day moments.”

Henderson showed up at an Aberdeen football practice one day in August, telling coach Johnny Brooks he wanted to get involved. Henderson addressed the players, describing himself as an “imperfect man.” Brooks wasn’t sure if he’d see Henderson again, but the former Aberdeen star showed up the next day. He kept showing up. He hasn’t missed a practice or a game, home or away. He recently drove two hours to a game in Frederick, Maryland.

“When the kids see him and he’s talking football, telling them the right things to do, I can see the light go on,” Brooks said. “The kids light up.”

Henderson is a big deal at Aberdeen High, a school Cal Ripken Jr. once attended. A framed and autographed Minnesota Vikings jersey (Henderson’s first NFL team) hangs in the weight room, and the state championship trophy is displayed in the gym lobby. After Aberdeen, Henderson played college ball at the University of Maryland and then made the Vikings as an undrafted rookie, defying the odds.

He said he’s proud of his career,
caltech water polo Jet Erin Henderson returns home to rebuild life
yet there was a hint of regret in his voice. He admitted he “messed up in my personal life.”

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1 rated KTLA Morning News.

Jessica has reported from London for the Royal Wedding, interviewed Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in Paris, spent a day cooking with Martha Stewart and interviewed Jermaine Jackson about the death of his brother, Michael. She is on the red carpet for all the major Hollywood events, including the Oscars and the Emmys, and co hosts KTLA Emmy Award winning Rose Parade coverage.

Jessica also frequently forecasts the weather and has covered breaking news both in the field and in studio, such as wildfires, floods and the earthquake in Japan. She has won three Golden Mike Awards.

Jessica joined KTLA in November 2005 as weathercaster for the station Prime News, after winning Audition, a reality show style competition held on the KTLA Morning News.

She began her television career in 1999. Jessica interned at Nickelodeon and began co hosting Time Live six months later. The series was presented with an award for Outstanding Children Program by the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association in 2002.

In 2003, Jessica moved to New York to host the Outdoor Life Network Rights, a reality games how series where male contestants competed in outdoor sports challenges.

Although a native of Cleveland, Jessica spent most of her childhood in Cape Coral, Fla. She graduated from the University of Central Florida, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television. In her free time,
511 polo shirts Jessica Holmes
Jessica loves interior design and cooking, and can get enough of the Food Network.

Lifestyle expert Alison Deyette joined us live to tell us about the latest and greatest innovations from Radio Flyer. For more information on the products seen in the segment and the Get Out and Play Daily Giveaway that is running through April 21st, you can visitRadio Flyer. A big thank you to Bell Helmets for providing the helmets for the segment. Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies is an all female tap dance band blazing the trail to keep tap dance front and center with modern day audiences especially as it relates to having ‘women’ in the leading role. The group performs locally, nationally and internationally. Heart of Style Tour Heart Health Screenings Tuesday, March 18th 12pm 4pm Burlington store 22835 Victory Blvd West Hills

The Laker Girls joined us live to talk about how fans can meet them at the Girls Lunch Date tour with Carl Jr. Starting tomorrow, March 19th in Long Beach, the Laker Girls will be visiting 21 different Carl’s Jr. restaurants across Southern California each day to autograph photos and pose for pictures with guests. Visitors will also receive Carl’s Jr. coupons and other prizes. Tickets are $150 each, 3 packs for $400, or 5 packs for $550 and went on sale January 6, 2014. Known as an oasis for Hollywood’s elite, Calabasas is the epitome of luxury, dotted with horse stables, polo fields, vineyards, tennis courts and hiking trails. For more details on the looks mentioned in the segment,
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see the information below.

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Depending on how long you’ve lived in Santa Fe, you might remember when Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, the Gap, and other chain apparel stores were steps from the Plaza. Their sale racks became a lunch hour staple of mine when I hit my twenties, starting when a co worker introduced me to the CP Shades annual New Year’s sale in 1996. For just one week, everything in the store cost about $20, which brought on a wonderful mess of excited women trying on everything in sight, the floors heaped with piles of comfy silks and linens.

All of those stores are gone. Now, a couple decades on, pricey boutiques and touristy T shirt shops are plentiful, but there isn’t much else in the way of affordable clothing stores downtown. Of course I’ve heard the old refrain about how Santa Fe is so unique, so special why would we need chain stores here that would make us just like everywhere else? It’s doubtful Santa Fe will ever really be like anywhere else, but we need these stores because most people who live here need clothes for work and casual occasions and like everywhere else, these fashions tend to be found most inexpensively in corporate chain stores. A mall that features such stores can solve a host of problems for people who don’t enjoy shopping online where fit and quality are hit or miss and who don’t think traveling to Albuquerque should be required to find a decent pair of jeans.

The malls in Santa Fe have long struggled to offer us adequate shopping options. Twenty years ago, Santa Fe Place (4250 Cerrillos Road) was called Villa Linda Mall. Villa Linda had a bustling food court with a double decker carousel in the center. There was a video arcade and a Waldenbooks. The major chain stores weren’t plentiful, but there were choices. (My mainstay was New York Company, which closed years ago.) Somewhere along the way, the carousel disappeared and the arcade closed, as did Orange Julius. Villa Linda became Santa Fe Place, though I’ve never met anyone who actually calls it that. The mall has undergone some recent renovation, which has brightened it a bit, but numerous empty stores make it feel like a mall in decline. The Gap closed several months ago, and the long shuttered Hollister, with its built out entrance reminiscent of a surf shack, beckons like a haunted house. The food court now has just a handful of restaurants. My visit turned surreal when I realized there was a children’s trolley, mostly empty, zooming through the mall, and a few kids rode miniature electric horses dispiritedly around the vast empty space near the food court. Standing amid the unlikely traffic of this ghost trolley, the old carousel’s absence was conspicuous and sad.

But Santa Fe Place is not without value. There are plenty of clothing stores for teenagers, from casual to formal, and several places to buy athletic shoes. armed forces at a recruiting station. Boot Barn formerly Western Warehouse has an excellent stock of Carhartt pants and jackets, flannel shirts, and work boots for men. There is a halfway decent array of women’s cowboy boots, but the women’s jeans come only in junior sizes, and most had rhinestones and other kinds of stitching and appliqu on the pockets not exactly my style. I was looking for no nonsense plain pocketed boot cut jeans, like the kind in which I imagine a woman could actually ride a horse. Penney and Dillard’s have a wide variety of styles in men’s and women’s apparel at a range of prices, including frequent and deep sales at Penney’s. I bought the perfect winter jacket at Penney’s for 70 percent off, and I’m still thinking about its dress section. Maxx than a department store, and the Dillard’s entrance from the parking lot greeted me with broken, dusty, and empty display shelves leftover from the holiday season.

The DeVargas Center’s inside mall (546 N. Guadalupe St.), once as empty as Santa Fe Place, is experiencing a renaissance due to the upcoming closing of most of Sanbusco Market Center in the Railyard. Many of your favorite Sanbusco stores are in the process of relocating to DeVargas, and by late spring nearly every spacein the mall will be occupied. According to various proprietors, this hasn’t been the case in decades. Post Office. You can also buy handmade paper, fresh squeezed juice, incense, clothes, and crafts from a variety of cultures. There are several restaurants at DeVargas, as well as Las Cosas, a kitchenware store that offers cooking classes. The UA DeVargas movie theater, despite competition from young upstart Violet Crown, still attracts a crowd. And though DeVargas could stand a remodel, it’s clean and smells pleasant.

My favorite DeVargas discovery was Blessings, a Tibetan owned cooperative that sells the wares of 40 local vendors. Items range from locally made beauty products to silk kimonos and fine art. There is a real community spirit at DeVargas that seems to be growing as the mall fills, and I found things to buy that I didn’t know I was looking for, which seems key for a mall. Customers should be inspired to browse and window shop, not just run in and out for a pre determined errand.

I was unsuccessful in my search for jeans at the Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe (8380 Cerrillos Road), despite the existence of a Levi’s store there. A full range of men’s styles and sizes were available, but the women’s side of the store offered sizes only through about an 8, with most options sized for juniors and just one style that wasn’t “skinny.” (An inquiry about this unusually narrow sizing policy left on Levi’s corporate Facebook page went unanswered.) Guess and Tommy Hilfiger have stores there, as do Ann Taylor LOFT, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Eddie Bauer, all places that sell jeans but the designer stores are still expensive, despite their location at an outlet mall.

The Fashion Outlets tend to contract and expand every few years, and lately the number of stores has been shrinking. Merrell, with its sturdy walking shoes and boots, is well suited to Santa Fe, and if you really need to get fancy for work, Brooks Brothers has you covered. Women can find undergarments galore at the Hanes store, where there’s always a sale. Under Armour seems like a good idea in theory, but the prices of its exercise clothes don’t dip far below full retail, and the music in there can be very loud.

There is one store that stands out from all the rest at the Fashion Outlets: the Costume Salon. You may have seen the sign advertising “Steampunk” in the entrance and assumed the store was some outlet mall version of Hot Topic. It’s not. Proprietor Julie Anderson and artist Stan Solomon have run the Costume Salon for eight years. It’s part art gallery, part costume shop, and part funky jewelry store, among other things. The enormous selection of upcycled vintage paste pieces are all made by Anderson, as are the delicate masks, and artsy handbags. Anderson is fascinating, and I kept finding things to take my mind off my fruitless quest for denim. Entering the Costume Salon is like walking into an antique curios store run by a good witch with a long history in the theater and a thousand stories to tell. If you haven’t been, you should go.

In a town this size, where stores and restaurants open and close fairly quickly, there is more to shopping locally than supporting small businesses. Brick and mortar chain stores not their online equivalents provide jobs for locals and contribute to the economy. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the case of the Gap, Old Navy, and other stores that are ubiquitous elsewhere and struggle here, such stores will close when their profits drop a few percentage points, and then I’m stuck heading to Albuquerque for jeans again. I have an idealistic theory that the more we shop at the local malls, the more they will thrive. If we embrace our inner mallrats and keep shopping there, the stores may just come to us.
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He was preceded in death by his grandparents, David and Philmena Fox and Robert and Lassie Bowman; father, James Herman Fox, and son, Justin Tyme Fox.

He is survived by his life partner, Cynthia Strickley; children, Raven Fox, April(Eric) Palmer, Katlyn (Joshua) Killian; stepson, Matthew Peterman; mother, Nancy Katherine Fox; siblings, Michelle(Phil) Davoulas and Michael Fox, five grandchildren, several nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be held on Sunday, Jan. at Legacy Funeral Home and Cremation Center. prior to the service.

Arrangements are by Legacy Funeral Home and Cremation Center.

Eaker, Marguerita “Peggy” Aileen Corn

Marguerita “Peggy” Aileen Corn Eaker, 83, of Chattanooga, passed away Monday, March 12, 2018. A lifelong resident of Chattanooga, Peggy was a former employee of Hutcheson Medical Center, where she worked for 18 years as an administrative assistant. She is preceded in death by her parents, Edwin and Marguerita P. Olsen Corn; and brothers. Jack Corn, David “Bubby” Corn and Robert . (click for more)Lebron Mosier, 76, of Fort Oglethorpe, passed away Wednesday, March 14, 2018. He was a life long resident of the Chattanooga/North Georgia area and attended Peavine Baptist Church. Lebron attended the Chickamauga Seniors Group. He retired from the grocery store business after more than 40 years and was an avid Tennessee Volunteers fan. Survivors include his loving wife of 56 . (click for more)

Friel, Nancy “Louise” Rodgers

Jenkins, John H.

Childers, Barbara M. Goodman

Pearson, Michael “Mike” David

Self, Betty JoAnn (Dalton)

Betty JoAnn Self, age 81, of Dalton, passed away on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at Hamilton Medical Center. She was preceded in death by her parents, Tom and Rosie Caylor; grandson, Adam Steadman: and sister, Wanda Larmon. Mrs. Self was a member of Antioch Baptist Church. She was a homemaker and foster mother to many children. She loved all creatures great and small. . (click for more)

Kirby, Rayford “Leon” (LaFayette)

Rayford “Leon” Kirby, 76, of LaFayette, passed away at his home surrounded by his family on Sunday, March 11, 2018 after battling cancer. He was known as a very sweet man, a good dad, and a loving husband. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Margaret Kirby; children, Wanda of Rock Spring, Jackie (Angela) of Rossville, Rickie (Tina) of Calhoun, Phyllis (Charles) of LaFayette, . (click for more)

Morgan, Barbara Ann (Cleveland)

Adkisson, Leonard Armand “Len” (Ringgold)

Blood, Lavonne Lowrance Fowler (Ringgold)

Moore, Robert Coleman (South Pittsburg)

Grand Jury Indicts Woman In Fentanyl Death Of Harrison Man

The Hamilton County Grand Jury has indicted a woman in the Fentanyl death of a Harrison man. Susan Rebecca Hildreth, 37, is facing charges of second degree murder and unlawful sale of Fentanyl. She had prior charges of having drugs for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia and having contraband in jail. Ms. Hildreth pleaded guilty in December 2015 to meth charges . (click for more)
girl polo Jeffery Mitchell

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polo belts Jeff Ford New Director of Content At TV3

Ford, a former director of programming of Channel 5, is replacing Ben Frow at TV3, who left the commercial broadcaster in December. In a coincidental twist of fate, Frow has also replaced Ford at Channel 5, resulting in the two commissioning men effectively swapping roles.

Ford will take up his new position at TV3 at the end of February, and is expected to get stuck into commissioning more original series for the station as soon as possible.

The former Channel 5 helmer has big shoes to fill replacing Frow, who is credited with transforming TV3 from an acquisitions led station to a content led station,
all about marco polo Jeff Ford New Director of Content At TV3
with original content accounting for almost 40 per cent of TV3’s schedule.

Frow commissioned original series such as , which is currently airing on Thursday nights, Prior to his director of programming role at Channel 5, London based Ford was the director of acquisitions at Channel 4 and controller of acquisitions at ITV. He began his career as a film editor in the BBC where he worked for 10 years. He will move to Dublin next month in preparation for his new role.

Speaking of the new appointment, CEO of TV3 David McRedmond said: “Attracting Jeff to TV3 is a major coup for the network. Jeff is recognised as one of the most experienced, capable and thoughtful TV executives in the UK.

“Unusually he has worked across all the major UK networks in a variety of roles. Jeff will provide the TV3 management team with an unrivalled depth and breadth of industry experience to build on the brilliant, creative work of Ben Frow.”

Ford paid tribute to TV3’s recent transformation in the original content market, and noted that its new Sony HD Studio Ireland made it an “attractive” company to join. He added: “I can’t wait to meet the talented team there and start working alongside them to bring viewers even more great programming which will take TV3 to the next stage in its development.”
all about marco polo Jeff Ford New Director of Content At TV3

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This poor woman, Jeanne Rogers, is having a jellyfish life! I really don’t think I would want to be anywhere near the woman in case her bad luck rubbed off on me in some way!

When she was just 18 she was on a cruise with her friend to Martha’s Vineyard. Luckily she was wearing a life preserver when she fell overboard.

When her friend ran to get help, she slipped and fell, knocking herself unconscious. Rogers was still holding her life preserver when her friend came to and finally got the boat to turn around and rescue Rogers out of the cold waters.

Jeanne Rogers sports a mass of thick, curly hair on her head. She had a bat get caught in it while she was out delivering cosmetics door to door.

“Frantic, Rogers went from house to house to find a man who would remove the bat. Instead, doors were opened by women who screamed when they saw the bat. Each time they screamed, the frightened bat dug its claws into her scalp and urinated, bringing tears to Rogers’ eyes. Help came when an acquaintance who had just returned from grocery shopping thrust her car keys at Rogers so that Rogers could use her car.”

She drove to a veterinarian who was able to smoke the bat out, but she lost a good amount of her hair when the animal had to be cut out of it.

She has been struck by lightening twice. The first time was quite horrific. “It blew off both shoes, burned a hole larger than a quarter through her right ankle and melted her pantyhose into her flesh, she recalled. The blow to her foot damaged the nerves, making it unbearable to have it covered, Rogers said.”

A couple years after this lightening strike, she was struck again through a metal bracelet she was wearing on her arm.

She has been mugged; she has fallen into a manhole; she was shot at while out horseback riding; her own husband tried to choke her to death.

On a lighter note, one time she happened to be swimming in the same pool as Fred Rogers, of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood fame. There was a page announced for “Rogers” over the intercom and both Rogers were scrambling to get out of the pool at the same time. Jeanne inadvertently pulled a cord on Fred’s swim trunks, exposing his manhood for all to see.

Jeanne is convinced there is a purpose for her life and that is why she keeps escaping all of these disasters with her life. She has not figured out what her purpose is yet though.”Dying doesn’t scare me, but living scares the crap out of me,” Rogers said.
polo grounds stadium Jeanne Rogers Could Say She Has A

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polo assn JC Penney Says It’s Listening

Then, last night, the retailer announced the brand that emerged as tops in the poll the St. John’s Bay women’s line that was one of the casualties of former CEO Ron Johnson’s tenure would be returning. At the time the women’s line was shuttered in favor of younger brands like Betseyville and Joe Fresh, the house brand brought in more than a billion dollars in sales annually. “We heard you. St. John’s Bay is back! What will you snag first, pants or shirts?” the brand posted on Facebook. JC Penney’s social media managers have also been working overtime, as judged by the volume of direct replies to consumers on posts that have thousands of comments.

But Mike Duda, managing partner at Consigliere Brand Capital, applauded JC Penney’s new approach. “It’s a smart thing to do; it would not be a smart thing to go deep on,” he said. “It’s telling consumers we’re hitting the reset button, and they’re signaling change to their own organization people that have been beaten up during the [former CEO Ron] Johnson regime. It’s the message that it’s over. Sometimes you do advertising to speak to your own employees. As much as they’re saying it to the consumer, I would think it would also go over well with corporate, people in the stores, vendors and people in the supply chain they rely on.”
polo online coupons JC Penney Says It's Listening

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hollister polo Jason Kreis shaping revamped Orlando City for the post

Orlando City made a substantial miscalculation. Jason Kreis knows as much now, hindsight being 20/20 and all.

But when the club’s front office devised a strategy for the 2017 MLS campaign, an overhaul wasn’t in the cards. The Lions had finished just one point shy of a playoff spot in Kreis’ first full season in charge. Add a starter here, a depth piece there, and Orlando could ride its spark plug of a new stadium to the club’s first playoff appearance since entering MLS in 2015.

“We took a very conscious decision last offseason to not change things radically,” Kreis told Goal. “We took the decision at the time because we felt we were very close to being good enough to be a playoff team, to be a contender for MLS Cup.

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“But what we found was we were wrong.”

For what it’s worth, the approach looked foolproof for a while. By the time April turned to May, the Lions were preying upon the rest of the Eastern Conference. But that was before the forgiveness of a front loaded home schedule gave way to an elongated reality check. Having won six of the club’s first seven games, Orlando only notched four victories in its 27 remaining contests while finishing second to last in the East.

Injuries played their part, and some players underperformed. Off the field problems surfaced as well. The reality, though? Orlando just wasn’t good enough.

“We felt like we needed to take a more radical direction,” Kreis said. “That was to essentially completely overhaul the team, and we’ve worked extremely hard in the offseason to find new players, to work deals, to trade for some very top level players and ultimately find people that are like us that are extremely competitive, that are extremely willing and able to do anything necessary to improve this team and to improve our fortunes.”

Trades brought in MLS standouts Sacha Kljestan and Justin Meram to inject the attacking midfield with proven quality. Oriol Rosell perhaps the smoothest metronome MLS had to offer during his stint with Sporting Kansas City arrived from Sporting CP. The club hopes the signing of Paraguayan playmaker Josue Colman, 19, brings promise and production. And the back line was bolstered by the acquisition of Senegal international Lamine Sane from Werder Bremen.

Factor in midfielder Yoshimar Yotun and forward Dom Dwyer high profile additions from midway through last season and Kreis seems poised to field a first XI virtually unrecognizable from the unit he relied on in the first half of 2017.

“We’ve found players that fit the system that Jason and the coaching staff here really want to play,” Orlando defender Jonathan Spector said. “That was key for us. We’ve got good players in those roles, and we’ve got depth now. Now it’s integrating them into the team, getting them to understand the culture of this group and what we’re trying to build here.”

Building anew,
marco polo hotel shenzhen Jason Kreis shaping revamped Orlando City for the post
of course, means tearing down the old. In shaping an identity for Orlando City, Kreis has seen the club move on from original faces of the franchise most notably, Brazilian icon Kaka.

While his production proved sporadic, Kaka was every bit the ambassador the fledgling club needed when it made the jump from the USL to MLS. Although Kaka’s retirement has been well addressed from a tactical standpoint, with Kljestan, Meram and Colman filling the midfield’s “creative vision” quota, Orlando was never going to find a like for like replacement in terms of brand building reputation.

The exit of Cyle Larin, on the other hand, had clearer on the field implications. Orlando’s first ever draft pick, the Canada international represented a homemade star of sorts making it all the more painful when he forced through a messy move to Besiktas this offseason. Now it’s up to Dwyer to translate his prolific track record to a new club and fill the shoes of the only leading scorer Orlando has known in its three MLS seasons.

“The message that is being delivered and needs to be delivered is that we’re going to build faces of our franchise based on success,” Kreis said. “Let’s win as a team first, and then by winning we’ll establish players’ names that fans and people outside of our club would like to talk about. We are all laser focused on improving and getting results, and letting the chips fall where they may, so to speak, about who the fans deem are the stars.”

Spector added: “I know having Kaka here was a great opportunity for me, to be able to play with someone like that who at one point was the best player in the world. But soccer moves on, right? It keeps changing and evolving.”

While Kaka and Larin earned their places in Orlando City lore, they originally weren’t Kreis’ players they were remnants of the Adrian Heath regime. Since taking over for Heath in July 2016, Kreis already had overseen a slow but steady roster revamp before this offseason’s more dramatic shift. Now, goalkeeper Joe Bendik and midfielder Cristian Higuita are the only players on the roster who saw the field under Heath.

If the sum of Orlando’s parts again doesn’t add up this season, Kreis and Co. won’t be shying from responsibility.

“If you asked me last year, I would have said, ‘This is my team. This is a team that I believe in because they are the ones putting it out there for us, the coaching staff, every single day and every single match,'” Kreis said. “But truth be told, there may have been a collection of players that it didn’t seem like we could do anything with from a contractual standpoint. You’re making the best out of the tools you’ve been given.

“This season, after the process we have gone through, now I could say 100 percent that all of the players that are here and will be a part of the club in 2018 are guys that are our guys. This is now our team, without a shadow of a doubt.”
marco polo hotel shenzhen Jason Kreis shaping revamped Orlando City for the post