usa polo shirt Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals on tech

cheap polo boxers Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals on tech

The Cloister at Sea Island on the southern coast of Georgia is offering a Cyber Monday special for guests who book two or more nights between Jan. 2 and Feb. 28, 2018. In honor of their 90th birthday in 2018, the resort is giving guests 90 percent off their third night. Rates are typically $395 per night.

Guests at The Cloister will also receive 10 percent off all activities, free breakfast and complimentary wine tastings in January and February. (Forbes)

Intrepid Travel is also offering 15 percent off more than 1,000 trips in 120 countries for solo, family and culinary travel groups. Popular adventure tour group destinations include Vietnam, Machu Picchu, Morocco, India Golden Triangle and the Northern Lights.

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The Intrepid Travel cyber sale launched Monday and will continue through Nov. 30 for travel between Feb. 1 and Sept. 30 of 2018. (Forbes)

Liberty Travel is holding a cyber sale beginning Friday through Monday with more than 500 deals with savings up to 66 percent off tours, cruises and several destinations.

Dell 15.6 Inspiron 15 3000 laptop with Intel Celeron: $199.99. Regular price: $299.99.

Samsung 65 Curved 4K Smart HDR Ultra HDTV: $999.99. Regular price: $1,499.99.

GameStop has promised lots of deals on your favorite games, consoles, systems, electronics and more. The cyber sale begins Monday, Nov. 27 and ends Dec. 1.

Costco popular deals on laptops, TVs and more end Monday, Nov. 27, so catch them before they go. Save up to $250 on laptops from HP and Asus, up to $300 on 40 and 70 inch TVs from Vizio and enjoy bundle deals on the Playstation 4 and Xbox.

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JCPenney kicks off its Cyber Monday sale on Saturday, Nov. 25 and it doesn end until Wednesday, Nov. 29. The retailer is offering 25 percent off Nike shoes and apparel, 45 65 percent off fine jewelry and 60 percent off women sweaters. JCPenney cardholders will receive additional discounts.
usa polo shirt Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals on tech

grey polo hat Best Celebrity Pictures

polo us assn Best Celebrity Pictures

6. Victoria Beckham talks to ELLE Magazine about balancing work and family life.

The former Spice Girl said David Beckham is supportive when it comes to her work. “During fashion week, when I’m working, the children will be in New York and he’s already planned to take them to museums then out for dinner on Saturday night, so he is very good at that sort of thing as am I. That’s how you can show your support in a marriage, by saying, ‘You know what, I’ve got this ELLE UK/ Kerry Hallihan

“Being in the Spice Girls was so much fun, but I was never the best singer or dancer. I learned an enormous amount during that time, though: the staging, the lighting, the costumes the package excited me. But I love fashion this is what I’m genuinely interested in When I look back at my past self, [the way I dressed and behaved] was probably a sign of my insecurities. I feel quite confident in myself now getting older doesn’t bother me.”

15. David Schwimmer and Zoe Beckman take time apart.

The couple who have a five year old daughter Cleo together are taking a break from their six year marriage in order to “determine the future” of their relationship, and have appealed for support and privacy in order to focus on raising their little girl during their “new chapter”. They told Us Weekly in a statement: “It is with great love, respect and friendship that we have decided to take some time apart while we determine the future of our relationship. ”

17. John Legend has recorded some secret music with Harry Styles!

The Of Me hitmaker has revealed he collaborated with the former One Direction star who is releasing his debut solo single this week four years ago and described the sound as “soulful pop”.

He said: “I know Harry a little bit better because we’ve written together. I met the boys when they were on X Factor when they were kids. I was a guest on Factor and remember taking a photo, with them saying, big fans of yours! They were like 14 and now look at them.”I haven’t written on his album we wrote years ago. I think he was thinking about solo projects back then. Paul Weller is expecting his eighth child!

Paul Weller wife Hannah Andrew, who is more than 30 year the rockers junior, is expecting child! Paul will be becoming a dad for the whopping eighth time at the age of 58! The joyous news was shared on Paul official website in a statement which read: “Paul and Hannah are delighted to confirm the wonderful news that they are expecting their third child together. Hannah and baby are doing great and the whole family are looking forward to meeting the littlest Weller in the summer. Picture: Instagram

23. Scarlett Moffatt is in talks to pen a second book!

The 26 year old Geordie babe had us all in fits of giggles with her first book which covered all sorts of topics including dieting and celebs. But after she been catapulted to fame in recent months, she is now in talks with publishers to apparently pen a second book. A source said: “Scarlett has been in talks with several publishers to write a new book. “She knows that some of her ideas from her previous book have changed and she wants to get them down on paper.” Exciting times for Scarlett!

25. Danny Dyer is back filming on the Eastenders set after a personal break.

News broke a little while ago that the star was taking some time out from the soap and was spending some time away in South Africa resting. The 39 year old actor on screen absence was written into the show by sending his character, Mick Carter, off to Bulgaria where his daughter Nancy had been in a car accident. Danny has apparently received the scripts for his return so should be back on our screens soon! Picture: BBC

Twenty one year old singer Mo Adeniran was crowned the winner of The Voice 2017 which makes him the first winner of the show on ITV. He shared a celebratory snap to Instagram with a caption that read Can believe it.
grey polo hat Best Celebrity Pictures

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polo pony for sale Best Buy thieves flee

In Cumberland County, Silver Spring Police were called to Best Buy on Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg for retail theft.

A man with brown hair and a goatee, wearing a white baseball cap with an unknown emblem, a white polo style shirt, black knee length shorts, white socks and white/black sneakers approx 5 220 240 lbs, 40 45 years old, entered the store and started selecting items.

Entering behind him was a white female approx. 5 130 150 lbs, mid 20 30 years old,
junior polo shirts Best Buy thieves flee
with dark hair pulled back, wearing a black shirt with pink writing on the front, blue jeans, black shoes and carrying a large black duffel bag, met the male inside the store and he began to put items into her bag.

When she started to leave the door alarms went off but she continued walking. When she was approached by a manager and asked to return to the store, she refused and started running. She then got into a newer model white Nissan Altima or Maxima with Maryland license plate with an American flag on the left side of the plate.

The man left the store shortly after the female also setting of the alarms. When a Best Buy employee tried to write down the vehicles license plate, the man shoved and slapped the employees hands down. The man then jumped into the vehicle and they drove off. Police say there did seem to be a third person in the vehicle on the passenger side back seat. The vehicle was last seen going South on the Carlisle Pike (Rt.11) . The two suspects face charges of robbery, retail theft and simple assault.

Anyone with more information or who can identify the two suspects area asked to contact Silver Spring Police Department at 717 697 0607.

We saw this happen. We were leaving the store at the same time. I parked next to the white vehicle with the MD plates, but who thinks to write down plates “just in case”? We heard the alarms go off, and when we walked outside,
junior polo shirts Best Buy thieves flee
we saw employees out there and we saw the guy in the white shirt hit the employee who was trying to get the license plate. Then we saw another employee begin to chase him. We lost sight of them after that. But the photo above of the guy in the white shirt is pretty much what he looked like. Just a shame the face isn a little bit clearer.

under armor polos Best Argument For Craig Robins’s Continued Professional Success

polo beach club Best Argument For Craig Robins’s Continued Professional Success

Contact Us,The lady has cojones, which is more than we can say for the rest of the editorial page. Krog spends most of her time writing unsigned editorials, typically on the subject of county government. But she also pens signed opinion columns, which are sassier. For instance in a recent column she blasted Miami Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas for opposing the hiring of Angela Gittens as the county’s new aviation director. “For his political gain, Penelas is making it nearly impossible for MIA and therefore the public he purports to serve to get the strong, experienced management it needs,” Krog wrote. “You have to wonder from whom Penelas is taking advice and counsel these days. I’d suggest he fire their butts.”

On another occasion Krog was equally blunt toward the newest member of the school board. “It wasn’t that I expected new Miami Dade School Board member Jacqueline Pepper to start her public life with a quick display of leadership or anything,” Krog allowed. “She’s a political newcomer, after all, and has a lot to learn on the job. But I sure thought that for starters she’d do something smarter than hire her husband as a staff aide. It’s legal, says Pepper. Sure, but it’s not right.”

And on the nomination by President George W. Bush of Linda Chavez as secretary of labor, Krog had this to say: “If Chavez is a victim of anything beyond her own bad judgment calls, it isn’t the Beltway’s witch hunt atmosphere as she claims, but Bush’s unwise selection of her in the first place.”

Krog’s strongest column of the past year, however, was far more personal. She wrote about the death of her father: “A few words about this man: He called dry cereal He took in strays both the two legged and four legged varieties. He baptized a basset hound that wandered onto the place and became his adoring shadow for its sorry shape. He had only one usable arm after polio but played basketball, touch football, and softball with his kids on summer evenings after a long, hard day of farm work. He never whined, never complained, never looked back with regret, always leaning slightly forward into life, which he embraced and accepted for what it was and for what it could be.”

What a difference a year makes. Back then Miami Dade County was snubbing the Latin Grammys. Now Mayor Alex Penelas and Cuban American National Foundation chairman Jorge Mas Santos are rolling out the red carpet for the awards show. Supreme Court decision effectively nullified the county ordinance that barred groups that do business with Cuba from using county owned facilities. But the real reason is simpler: Penelas, Mas Santos, and others in the Cuban American community finally awakened to the fact that they were losing the public relations battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. Rather than seeming sympathetic, Cuban Americans were viewed as intolerant, especially following the Elian Gonzalez affair. And Miami, rather than being the vaunted Capital of the Americas, was becoming increasingly isolated. Opening the doors to the Latin Grammys is the first step in a long overdue effort to reverse that trend.

The smart flier used to love Fort Lauderdale’s airport. Whereas Miami’s airport is chaotic and crowded, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International was almost shockingly easy to navigate. Short term parking was easy to find, so picking up and dropping off were a breeze. Long term parking cost only three bucks per day. But Broward officials have made the tragic decision to buff up their airport, to make it more “world class.” So far they’ve succeeded in making it more closely resemble MIA or even LaGuardia in its unwieldiness. Traffic now snakes around pylons erected to support a new terminal. Parking prices have increased across the board. Unwelcome stress has been added to the pickup and dropoff process. And inside the place, ceiling tiles are missing and escalators are shut down as workers labor to redesign terminals that were just fine the way they were. So forget it. From now on we’re just taking a cab to MIA.

In 1988 Ramon Cernuda presided over an auction of paintings held at the Cuban Museum of Art and Culture. The works were created by Cuban artists who had not broken with the Castro regime. The new owner of Manuel Mendive’s Pavo Real promptly stepped outside and set it ablaze in the presence of cheering protesters. (Twice the museum was severely damaged by bombs.) A year later the feds accused Cernuda of purchasing Cuban art in violation of the embargo; they raided his Brickell Avenue condo and confiscated 240 paintings. A federal judge angrily denounced the seizure and ordered the works returned. Treasury/Customs Service seals, the same ones used to label intercepted drugs. Who would have thought that eleven years later, Cernuda would be opening an art gallery specializing in Cuban art from the island, smack in the middle of Coral Gables. This past fall Cernuda Arte made its debut with an exhibition of Cuban originals by masters such as Amelia Pelaez, Wifredo Lam, and Carlos Enriquez. Currently the gallery represents six working artists. Two of them, Demi and Sinuh Vega, are based in Miami. The others create in Cuba. They are Flora Fong, Juan Roberto Diago, Alfredo Sosabravo, and Rigoberto Pelaez. “We are very open about what we do,” Cernuda says. Boy, have times changed.

Not only did our friends at WTVJ TV (Channel 6) abandon South Florida’s first television studio conveniently located across from the federal courthouse in downtown Miami to better bring us gripping developments from Plantation City Hall, and not only did they leave a physical and metaphorical black hole downtown, they also desecrated the structural shell they left behind. On their last day in Miami, staffers pulled out markers and paint and graffittied their historic studio’s walls. There’s symbolism here, none of it particularly appreciated.

“Oooh!” our car squealed as a young Cuban fellow yanked open her doors and began vacuuming nooks and crannies she didn’t even remember having. They’d been crudded up that long. Somehow he’s able to distinguish and therefore not throw away the valuables lost in a thick layer of gym clothes, fast food bags, spilled laundry detergent, and work papers we meant to take home but have actually been ferrying around town for weeks. Car wash packages range from $9 to $19, and detailing services run $30 to $40. We chose the $11.95 premium wash, which includes something called “wheel bright.” Inside the building there’s a long hallway with windows so you can satisfy that voyeuristic urge to watch the pressurized water and soap blasting off the bird droppings and thick layer of road dust covering the windows. The waiting room is cool, sufficiently stocked with coffee, soda machines, an ice cream freezer, and a stand supporting bags of plantain chips. The television gets remarkably clear reception and is perpetually tuned to lurid but alluring telenovelas. Monday through Friday and Sunday.

All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to get a little dirty. Need a chair? A bookcase? An African mask? Who knows what you’ll discover in the stylish home furnishings center of Miami. Sneak around the back alleys, lift a lid, hoist yourself up, and peer inside. One advantage: There are practically no restaurants here (apologies to Piccadilly Garden and Buena Vista Caf so you won’t be wading through rotting foodstuffs. For an added adrenaline rush, there’s the risk of being questioned by a police officer who thinks it’s mighty strange you’re doing this. You may or may not be asked to leave, depending upon whether the Dumpster is on city or private property. And should you find something worth keeping, you’ll have a nice little story to tell.

Last December the school board brushed aside a proposal by its maverick member, Marta Perez, to create an ethics commission that would act as a watchdog over the district. Why? Millions squandered on questionable land purchases. Fortunes spent to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. Administrators with diploma mill degrees. Overcrowded classrooms. Underpaid teachers. Unwelcome parents. But in rejecting the measure, Perez’s colleagues argued that they didn’t need an ethics commission because there weren’t any problems. Now, that takes chutzpah.
under armor polos Best Argument For Craig Robins's Continued Professional Success

colts neck polo Bespoke menswear is here to stay

devon & jones polo shirts Bespoke menswear is here to stay

A crisp Italian cut charcoal gray jacket paired with equally flattering contemporary Jodhpurs and hand woven moccasins in black calf leather could be your look crafted by one of India new age designers who are giving a contemporary twist to traditional silhouettes and custom fit clothing. Small design boutiques are slowly gaining in prominence even while Raymond made to measure still remains the go to choice in India. Out of the box thinkers have carved a niche clientele for themselves, changing the way men fashion is perceived. The process can be tedious and involving, but the result is worth the wait. Here a look at some leaders in the field:

Bombay Shirt CompanyBombay Shirt Company offers an online ordering option. Everything, from fabric and fit to collar, cuff and colour can be customised. Owner Akshay Narvekar has an eye for edgy modern designs and his two year old startup exudes it in every weave. “Every man must be given the option to channel his creativity into what he wears and we offer just that,” he says. Working with Indian as well Italian weaves, Akshay designs have an international contemporary feel with a price point that suits every customer. “Menswear was an obvious choice for us, we love minimalist design,” says Sarah. In two years, the duo has moved from an innocuous studio in Khar to a flagship store in Bandra. Sandeep says: “All fabrics used are sourced from international manufacturers such as Huddersfield, Scabal, Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Soktas and so on. Says co founder Akshat Singh: “The fit, structure and uncompromised construction is what makes any custom made apparel stand out.” The store offers the head to toe look, but clean cuts and a contemporary take with a hint of Indianness is what makes Mr Button trousers a must have for the urban chic. A typical ordering process begins with a phone call and a series of measurements, consultations and fittings. Button with their designs

BodiceBow ties are the new must haves for those who like some pow wow chic. Ruchika Sachdeva, a Vogue India fashion awardee and owner of Bodice, Delhi says, “It is about standing out and expressing oneself without trying too hard.” Ruchika designs play with ideas of modernity, androgyny and timelessness while reinventing indigenous Indian materials. “Our bow ties are a lot of fun (they) add just about that extra element to any formal occasion and we also do matching pocket squares to take it a notch higher,” she says. Naman believes bespoke fashion is also about comfort. “We hand cut, hand sew and hand burnish each pair meticulously, assuring the perfect fit that lasts for years.” Naman developed an eye for personalised style as a boy when he accompanied his father to work and insisted on also wearing formals. “Cuero happened because I felt a strong need for customised shoe designs in India.” By 22, he had his own made in India label.
colts neck polo Bespoke menswear is here to stay

polo marco Berkeley community ought to defend students from ICE

university of arizona water polo Berkeley community ought to defend students from ICE

ICE officials cannot be present in our sanctuary cities they are not welcome here.

On Jan. immigration officials have begun preparing for a major sweep in San Francisco and other Northern California cities in which federal officers are looking to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented people while sending a message that immigration policy will be enforced in the sanctuary state. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE called for “a 400 percent increase” in these workplace raids. As of today, ICE agents have raided 77 businesses, sweeped 100 7 Eleven stores and arrested 21 people believed to be undocumented immigrants.

Being an undocumented immigrant for the past 18 years in the United States, I understand what comes with living in daily fear of police presence; I know so well the fear of possibly losing my family for the rest of my life. It is destructive to anyone to have the constant fear of deportation and family loss in the back of their head. That is why it is unacceptable to have ICE continue to raid our cities. We stand together unanimously to fight toward having the Bay Area be a collection of sanctuary cities, because our communities are deeply rooted in equity and justice for our people. We strongly believe in this and have fought for our mothers, fathers, friends and selves to be present here, and ICE will not take that away from us.

These spaces are for us to occupy, not for them to gentrify.

What the Donald Trump administration actively dismisses is that our country is built upon the backbones of immigrants, people of color and undocumented folks. Documentation is considered a privilege, as if our country was founded by people other than immigrants themselves. The right to speak about having roots in this land belongs solely to Native people. Yet even they are continuously marginalized by the institutional policies that are implemented by the federal government. If we allow ourselves to be complacent about unethical, unjust policies, this country will be torn apart alongside our ancestors’ labor and their ambitions for our generation and the generations to come. As trailblazers of our time, now more than ever is when we need to act.

The University of California tells us that undocumented students of all ethnicities and nationalities can find a safe environment and supportive community within this institution. Why then are they allowing undocumented immigrants to be detained and parted from their families without any motion of advocacy on their front as a collective institution to get these people out and back to their regular lives? Why then do I and my undocumented peers not feel safe on this campus?

It is because we are not safe on this campus. And under these circumstances, we cannot continue to choose to be reactive over being proactive.

Now more than ever, we need to question the status quo. Who are we as humans if we are complacent about ICE destroying the lives of those around us? I could not afford to lose my family, and I know there are so many undocumented people out there who cannot afford the same devastation. It is on us to understand that experiencing the comfort and security of family is a human right that cannot be stripped by the violent power of any government. This goes beyond politics and policies; it is a moral decision rooted in human values and ethics. The lives of 11 million undocumented people are being destroyed by these ICE raids. The fate of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children are uncertain and threatened. Time has run out. We cannot afford to have another life ruined by these ruthless raids.

Let us be reminded that government and policies are human made and rooted in the morality of amoral laws. Our cities in the Bay Area are currently being attacked by a policy that wants to deport people who have contributed to this country with their loyal labor and earnest efforts. We must stand arm in arm with the members of our communities who are being detrimentally affected by these ICE raids. My family, like all other undocumented families, needs the support of our allies so that we can continue our lives as students, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.
polo marco Berkeley community ought to defend students from ICE

polo safari cologne Berg Sportswear under investigation for illegal use of logos

windy city water polo Berg Sportswear under investigation for illegal use of logos

BANGOR, Maine Federal officials are investigating a Corinna business that does custom screen printing and embroidery for allegedly using the logos of professional sports teams, distilleries and a motorcycle manufacturer without permission on T shirts, hats, caps and other merchandise.

Berg Sportswear Inc. and its owners are believed to be involved in trafficking in counterfeit goods, money laundering and tax evasion, according to court documents.

Reached Wednesday, the Bergs declined to comment on the investigation. On Thursday, the couple’s attorney, Charles Gilbert of Bangor, issued a statement on their behalf and that of the business.

“In January 2011, based on what we now know to be wildly inaccurate allegations by disgruntled former employees, several government agencies conducted a search of our property in Corinna,” the statement said. “What they found is a story more accurately told in what agents did not seize.”

What federal investigators did not take, according to the statement, was what constitutes the bulk of the company’s business: hundreds of thousands of items printed and embroidered with moose and deer; payroll and tax records showing that the business employs more than 20 local residents and pays tens of thousands of dollars in taxes, including property taxes paid to the town; print screens with the names, logos or mascots of hundreds of schools and towns in northern New England; and print screens for humorous and “politically incorrect” T shirts and other items. Attorney Joel Casey declined Tuesday to comment on the investigation and whether the Bergs or their company would be charged or when charges might be filed. Attorney’s Office not to comment on cases until they have been resolved. Attorney’s Office. The search warrants, the inventory of the items seized and related documents were unsealed last month. They had been sealed since Jan. 10 when the application for the warrants was filed.

polo safari cologne Berg Sportswear under investigation for illegal use of logos
[the] investigation to date has revealed that Berg Sportswear conducts the large scale manufacture, sale, and distribution of counterfeit merchandise bearing the marks of the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, the New York Yankees, Jack Daniels, John Deere, Johnny Walker, Harley Davidson and Orange County Choppers,” the 33 page affidavit requesting the search warrants stated. “[The] investigation to date also reveals that Robert Berg collects cash payment for some of the counterfeit merchandise and directs his personnel to falsely report the income on the Berg Sportswear books.”

Investigators seized business records, computers and dozens of boxes of merchandise from the business and residence, according to a custody receipt for seized property and evidence filed in federal court in Bangor. currency and $740 in Canadian cash was found and seized in safes in the garage of the couple’s home.

“The affidavit recites that one of the participating agencies in the raid was the Maine [Drug Enforcement Agency], yet there was nothing in the affidavit which remotely suggested the presence of anything of interest to drug agents,” said the statement issued on behalf of the Bergs and their company, “and the totally false rumor that this search had something to do with drugs has been especially hurtful to our business.

“Similarly, despite rumors to the contrary, there were no illegal aliens or other undocumented workers at the job site, or employed by us,” the statement said.

John Deere is the only company that has sent Berg Sportswear such a letter, according to the firm’s statement. It took exception to the Corinna company’s line of hats embroidered with the words “John Moose” and “John Beer.” Berg Sportswear said in the statement that “established law permits us to parody established logos as long as we are clearly a parody.”

The company’s website Thursday did not feature items with logos from the teams or businesses Berg Sportswear is suspected of using without paying licensing fees. The website does include items featuring the University of Maine logo and image of the Black Bear, which represents the school’s sports teams.
polo safari cologne Berg Sportswear under investigation for illegal use of logos

polo rain boots for women Bennie Wylie understands the relationship between struggle and strength

pink lacoste polo Bennie Wylie understands the relationship between struggle and strength

NORMAN Bennie Wylie is a strength coach, which means there are a few things he understands naturally.

You need pain to get better. You need struggle to grow. Things worth doing are usually hard, and progress tends to reveal itself in due time.

Wylie Oklahoma football’s new director of sports performance knows all this because he was 15 years old when he moved out on his own. Wylie grew up in small town Mexia, Texas, and his father was a school janitor who worked long days to make ends meet.

But Wylie has said his father was also an alcoholic who was physically and emotionally abusive. That’s why Wylie first started lifting weights and building his body. He wanted to protect his mother and himself.

“You may have a rough start, but that doesn’t determine where you’re gonna end,” Wylie said.

Wylie had a brother who left home and a sister who got pregnant. He had an uncle move in, and his mother who Wylie adored wouldn’t leave.

So when things finally got too bad, Wylie made a change for himself. At 15, he moved into a friend’s pool house.

He got a job at Sonic, where he ate lunch and dinner every day. He paid his own rent and signed his own report cards.

And also, to find an outlet for his pain, he got involved in everything he could find. Wylie became an Eagle Scout and band captain. He spent three years in the Texas Baptist Choir.

He was also a pretty good athlete.

“Sometimes you just do it,” Wylie said. “You don’t know that it’s hard. If you don’t have a choice, you just get it done.”

Wylie’s eventually earned a scholarship to play football and run track at Sam Houston State. He worked multiple jobs in college and also became a team captain and all conference running back.

“Even to go to college was my first big break,” Wylie said. “To get out of Mexia, Texas, and to get a full scholarship to go play football and run track, that kind of started it all.”

Slowly, Wylie’s talents and gifts started to shine through. He worked as a graduate assistant and led strength and conditioning at Sam Houston State. He graduated in May of 1999, and a few days later, he became an assistant strength coach for the Dallas Cowboys, training Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

His boss in Dallas was former OU strength coach Joe Juraszek, and Juraszek’s mentorship helped Wylie became head strength coach at Texas Tech in 2002. At Tech, Wylie trained Danny Amendola and Michael Crabtree and helped coach Mike Leach’s teams build the best era in school history.

Also in Lubbock, Wylie got to know promising coaches in Bill Bedenbaugh, Dennis Simmons, Ruffin McNeill and a kid named Lincoln Riley.

Wylie’s path took him to Tennessee for a year, then Texas, where he spent three years working for Mack Brown. After Brown was fired, Wylie moved into the private sector and ran his own training facility near Abilene, Texas. There, he trained average citizens and elite athletes alike. He also worked with the Air Force and Navy, helping devise more efficient workouts and also learning even more about himself from his subjects.

Something about Wylie also stuck with Lincoln Riley through all their years apart. In the past few seasons, every time Riley interviewed for a head coaching job, Riley would give Wylie a call.

If his happens, would you be interested?

Earlier this month, after Jerry Schmidt left for Texas A Riley called with a different pitch.

Hey, I actually have a job this time.

“I wanted to make sure my mind wasn’t just settled on one guy, but it all kept coming back to Bennie Wylie,” Riley said.

So Wylie took the call and headed to Oklahoma, the same university where his wife, Jen, played one year of soccer. Wylie and his wife have 12 year old twin boys and a 3 year old girl.

Now, Wylie knows he’s stepping into an elite position. Oklahoma has only had four previous strength coaches, all with long and respected tenures.

“They’re absolutely big shoes to fill, and it is intimidating,” Wylie said. “But that’s why you come to a place like this. You come to fall right into that. You come to be better. You want to grow. You don’t want to stay the same.”

Wylie’s job at OU is to train athletes, to make them able to perform at a peak level. But the nature of position also means he’s in charge of shaping the mindset and character of the Oklahoma program. In the offseason, he’s in charge of roughly 120 athletes.

“As good as he is a strength coach, he’s probably even better at building and molding the mentality we want our program to have here,” Riley said.

In group settings, Wylie will run and lift along with his players. He wants them to know he’s been with them through every rep.

And in the settings that matter most, he’ll work with players one on one, whether it’s training or talking about life.
polo rain boots for women Bennie Wylie understands the relationship between struggle and strength

polo ralph lauren womens sneakers Benefits of tax law for biz owners are complicated

cheap ralph lauren polo shirts Benefits of tax law for biz owners are complicated

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains a significant tax break for small business owners, but a deeper dive reveals hidden complexities that may chip away at that benefit for many.

Passed by Congress and signed into law just before Christmas, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides substantial tax relief for entities organized under any of various “pass through” structures. Those are business entities like S corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships where income passes through the business entity directly to any shareholders for taxation at their respective individual rates.

The new tax law provides that business income passing through such an entity to an individual shareholder is taxed at the individual tax rate, with a deduction of up to 20% of that income. With the lower individual tax rates included in the new tax law, plus this 20% deduction of pass through business income before it is subject to those lower rates, the reduction in tax liability could be significant.

At the highest levels under current tax law, the “effective rate,” or the ultimate tax rate after various deductions and exclusions are applied, is 39.6% for shareholders in pass through entities.

Under the new tax law, the highest effective rate will be 29.6%. That’s a 10 percentage point reduction in the effective rate, which is a tax cut of historic proportion.

No such tax reduction would be complete, however, without exceptions and limitations and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers plenty around this particular tax benefit.

Shareholders in pass through entities are accustomed to engaging in some careful tax planning to strategize how they will be paid to minimize their ultimate tax liability. Current rules that permit distributions to shareholders, stacked against the tax implications of taking wages from a pass through entity, lead to some careful calculation of how best to draw compensation out of a pass through entity in the most tax friendly way possible.

The new tax law attempts to do away with that strategizing by putting limitations on the applicability of the new 20% deduction. In so doing, the tax law creates complexities that make it difficult to arrive at broad generalizations about how any individual shareholder will be affected by the new tax structure.

For example, the deduction is not available to an owner’s taxable income above $415,000 in most service businesses, such as health care, law, accounting, performing arts, consulting, financial services and any other service where the principal means of generating revenue is based on the skill or reputation of one or more employees.

The notable exceptions are for service businesses in engineering and architecture.

For businesses outside those affected service professions, the deduction is still available, even if the owner’s taxable income is above the $415,000 level.

For relevant taxable income from $315,000 to $415,000, the deduction is available on a phased in basis, so that produces limitations on how the deduction will apply to income that falls between those income levels. Above the $415,000 income level, the deduction also is limited based on the outcome of a complicated equation involving qualified business income, taxable income, W 2 wages of the business and investment in certain depreciable assets.

On the simplest end of the spectrum, an individual in a manufacturing partnership with income of $100,000 will see the 20% deduction reduce the taxable income from the entity to $80,000.

At the highest effective tax rates, that individual will pay roughly 30% tax on that $100,000 under the new tax rules, compared with 39.6% under today’s tax rules.

In that simple example, that means the new tax law will result in a tax liability of approximately $30,000 (37% of $80,000), while the liability under today’s rules would be closer to $40,000.

That’s a significant difference that can’t be disputed.

When layering on the complexities, however, the tax liability is much less clear.

If the individual is a physician or an attorney, for example, where incomes often easily exceed the $415,000 threshold, the magnitude of the benefit will be zero. If an individual owns stakes in more than one pass through entity, the equation is even more complicated, as the new rules apply on an entity by entity basis.

While the new deduction for small business owners is an exciting development for taxpayers, enthusiasm may be tempered until shareholders have an opportunity to dig into the details to determine how it will ultimately apply to individual fact patterns.
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She said even though regular school buses used by OPS run on liquid propane and don’t require warm up time, other buses do.

“The warm up teams on our special education bus side that come in and they get there approximately at 3:30 in the morning to make sure that those buses are warm and ready to get out on the street,” she said.

“Historically, late starts are a real challenge for families, particularly working families,” Eyeman said. “Parents generally have arrangements for their kids in the morning if they are going to school or if they are going to day care or whatever it may be. But then they go to work and so to come back at ten o’clock or 10:30 and get those kids off to school just causes a whole another set of circumstances for those families.”

Farmer said she can’t recall a time when the district moved on the idea of late start to school. She said the logistical problems for both the district and families makes it safer and more convenient for all to simply cancel school.

Farmer said they have days built in to the school schedule accounting for days missed due to weather, but the district is not even close to considering additional school days later this year.

Unfortunately, there were those who had no choice but to be out in the cold. You’d think mail carriers in cars would stay warm but that’s not necessarily the case. These vehicles have very little heat and drivers still need to get out and go door to door to deliver the mail.

A utility crew 6 News caught up with near 144th and Highway 370 was discussing the possibility of calling off work due to the bitter temperatures.

“Safety is importantwe talk about safety every Monday, Utility Worker Gabe Smith said. “In fact, this last Monday was about cold weather too so being in the cold but basically when it comes down to making a call on whether or not to stay out and work and stuff. You talk to your guys and see how they are feeling, talk to the owners and basically it’s a judgment call.”
where did marco polo explore Below zero cold presented challenges for schools