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Fourteen fire departments responded to a fire Saturday afternoon at a $9 million home in Southampton Village, officials said. of smoke at a residence on Wyandanch Lane, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley said. The two story home is about 8,342 square feet, according to property records.

Southampton Fire Department officials and Southampton Village fire marshals were not immediately available for comment Saturday. News 12 Long Island reported that the fire gutted the home.

Firefighters from Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, North Sea, Hampton Bays, East Quogue and Westhampton Beach were among the 14 departments responding to the scene, Epley said.

The fire broke out in a kitchen while the residents were home and spread to the surrounding walls and ceiling, Epley said. The residents evacuated before first responders arrived, and no injuries were reported, Epley said.

The fire was contained to the dwelling and did not spread beyond that property, he said.

The listed owners of the home are Lawrence and Marilyn Friedland. Lawrence Friedland is a real estate mogul who owns Friedland Properties, whose clients include Polo Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Dolce Gabbana.

The Southampton six bedroom home was last sold in 2004 for $7 million. Its total property value is estimated at $9.2 million, according to property records.

The Southampton six bedroom home was last sold in 2004 for $7 million. Its total property value is estimated at $9.2 million, according to property records.
polo bathroom set Firefighters battle blaze at

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golf polos on sale Fine fleece flies on alpaca farm

MOUNT TABOR Harvest day comes early on the Fuller family farm. About four months early.

But then, the Fullers raise alpacas, not crops. In the small barn behind their Mount Tabor Road home, Les and Pat Fuller gathered Wednesday with their daughters, Elliston alpaca farmer Matt Ward and a small group of curious observers for the annual shearing.

Ten year old Kelsey and her sister Meghan who usually pitch in as barn manager and poop patroller skipped school. Kelsey said she would have been studying the animal kingdom and algebra anyway. And this was a hands on lesson.

South American alpacas are cousins to llamas. Compared to fellow textile bearing critters like goats and sheep, their fleece is much finer and brings a higher price.

It takes about three grown men to wrestle a 200 pound alpaca to the ground. And they don’t go down easily, braying a sound that can best be compared to a combination of a bad power steering system and industrial strength nails on slate. The animals are tethered in a 12 foot by 12 foot pen to protect them from injury.

This year the Fullers had expert help in the form of Kevin Gellatly, a family friend and master sheep shearer on holiday from his home in eastern Australia.

Wearing sheep leather shoes for comfort, Gellatly went to work with two sets of custom, hand sharpened clippers. The stomach fuzz came off first.

“That’s the rubbish,” the burly 57 year old explained, moving on to the prime cuts on the animals’ sides and backs. The fleece came off fast and furious in layers that resembled slabs of meat cut from the bone. The process takes about 10 minutes per animal. As Gellatly worked, Pat Fuller and her two daughters gathered the fleece into clear plastic bags.

Baby alpacas produce the finest hair, finer even than cashmere. And even the adults produce fleece that is whisper soft.

Four years ago, the Fullers decided to dive head first into the alpaca business. They learned about alpacasfrom the Peruvian missionary who blessed their house, according to Pat Fuller. A few years earlier, she had given up a bank marketing job to raise her daughters and thought alpacas might prove a fun way to spend time with her children and earn a little extra money.

She was right.

“He said people in Peru measure their wealth in livestock,” Fuller said. “I guess his blessing for our health and wealth translated into alpacas.”

The family started with two pregnant females. The herd has grown to 23 alpacas, including 10 males for breeding, and one “guard llama.”

While still considered a cottage industry in the United States, alpacas are gaining in popularity with farms from Texas to Ohio to Georgia, Fuller said. Even big name designers and companies like Polo Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom feature alpaca sweaters, shawls, scarves, socks and mittens, according to Alpaca Magazine.

Alpacas are shorn once a year, when spring breaks and the animals have a thick winter coat.

One adult alpaca can produce 5 to 10 pounds of fleece. Prime fleece fetches up to $4 an ounce and pays for the herd’s hay, feed and veterinary bills. The big money comes from breeding fees about $3,000 for a sire bred to produce fine fleece over multiple shearings. A 100 pound, pedigreed alpaca can bring up to $15,000, Fuller said. And in recent years, she said, the IRS has allowed up to $100,000 in deductions to alpaca farmers, helping make it a very attractive cottage industry. Already there are three alpaca farms in Montgomery County, one in Giles County and one in Wythe County, Fuller said.

“I enjoy them because they’re so calming and you don’t have to kill them to eat them,” Fuller said. “The end product is the fiber and not the loss of life.”
polo outlet texas Fine fleece flies on alpaca farm

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polo ralph lauren sneakers for women Finding a retail inlet with outlet markets

“We’re building new shopping centers with more demand, both from the consumer end and the retailers’ end,” he said. “People love them.”

Simon owns the largest and most profitable outlet in the country: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Located about 50 miles northwest of New York City, it measures nearly one million square feet and boasts 300 brands. Simon also owns 16 international outlet centers, including nine in Japan, three in South Korea, one in Malaysia, and one outside of Mexico City.

In the first quarter, Simon reported a 96 percent occupancy rate at its domestic outlets, about the same as last year. But sales per square foot were $621, up from $576 in the January to March period in 2014.

“They provide tremendous value it’s that simple,” David Cordish, chairman of Cordish Cos., which developed Walk in Atlantic City, said of the popularity of outlets. Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), which owns several malls in the region, is redeveloping the Gallery at Market East and renaming it the Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia.

“Off price apparel chains, outlet malls, food, and entertainment are the fastest growing segments in retail, fueled by consumer spending habits during the recession,” said Joe Coradino, CEO of PREIT.

“It’s destination shopping for value,” said Simon’s chief operating officer of premium outlets, Mark J. Silvestri. “It’s almost a treasure hunt. You’re going out there and don’t know what you are going to find.”

Jasmine Santiago 27, of Reading, found several bargains recently at Philadelphia Premium Outlets, off Route 422 West in Limerick. She bought seven pairs of shoes at Aldo during a two hour jaunt with boyfriend Marquis Jackson, 33. The couple also bought clothes at Bebe, Polo Ralph Lauren, and True Religion. The total tab was $600 to $700.

“We were rushing around, but we got what we wanted,” said Santiago, a home equity specialist.

Philadelphia Premium Outlets opened in November 2007 and completed a 120,000 square foot expansion less than a year later. It now has 150 stores including Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, and Vera Bradley.

Yalof, who worked previously as senior vice president of real estate at Polo Ralph Lauren, said an outlet is a collection of manufacturers selling directly to the consumer, which allows significant markdowns on designer and house brands because there is no middle man.

Many stores at an outlet are smaller than those in an enclosed mall, and an outlet center has no anchor department stores.

Simon is considered the pioneer of the outlet.

“We offer three things: value, fashion, and the customer experience,” he said. “If you fail one of those, you may lose the customer for good.”

Yalof said making the shopper comfortable with amenities, such as valet parking and places to sit and relax, or eat, was key.

“We encourage them to spend more time there,” Yalof said. “It is not based on need, but more for leisure shopping people make a day of it, so we put in landscaping and fountains.”

Allison Hoffman, 28, a teacher from Shenandoah, Pa., drove 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Philadelphia Premium Outlets last week on her way to Philadelphia International Airport.

“Everyone told me I had to stop here,” said Hoffman, as she shopped at the Gap.

Outlets are often located away from enclosed shopping malls. Case in point: King of Prussia Mall and Philadelphia Premium Outlets, both owned by Simon, are 18 miles apart.

“The regional mall serves all things to all people it’s a community place, it’s shopping everyday,” Yalof said. “They go to the premium outlets four or six times a year. It’s more destination shopping.

“Spacing has to do with large department brands in the enclosed malls,” Yalof said. “Manufacturers are selling wholesale to Macy’s. They don’t want to be across the street from Macy’s. They want to reach as many consumers as possible with different venues.”

Silvestri said that preferred outlet sites had great access and visibility off major highways and “areas with families on a budget looking for brands at a value.”
polo ralph lauren home Finding a retail inlet with outlet markets

rlx polo Filet Mignon and Jameson Whiskey Top List of Most Stolen Items During Holiday Shopping Season

discount golf polos Filet Mignon and Jameson Whiskey Top List of Most Stolen Items During Holiday Shopping Season

Contact Us,’Tis the season for thievery, according to Adweek’s list of most shoplifted items during the holiday season. Filet mignon and Jameson whiskey are numbers one and two on the list.

Though that might conjure images of rich men stuffing meat and booze into their suits, most shoplifting is done by opportunists, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention. And they aren’t kids. Three quarters of shoplifters are adults with jobs.

The pressure of the holidays in tough economic times is hard to resist, says Johnny Custer, director of field operations for consulting firm Merchant Analytic Solutions.

“Shoplifting is always a concern among retail establishments, especially during tough economic times,” says Kimberly Jaeger, Southeast Florida media and community relations manager for Publix.
rlx polo Filet Mignon and Jameson Whiskey Top List of Most Stolen Items During Holiday Shopping Season

polo outlet franklin mills Fifth Avenue’s New Polo Flagship Holds Few Surprises The Shophound

men polo shirts Fifth Avenue’s New Polo Flagship Holds Few Surprises The Shophound

It rare that a major new store appears exactly as one would have predicted it, but that is the case with Ralph Lauren Polo Store that opened last week on Fifth Avenue. This is neither a criticism nor a compliment. It just is the way things are in Lauren world. Even though this is a brand new store concept for the designer, it feels like we have seen it before.

As America most successful fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, curiously, is the one who is least held to the often crippling requirement demanded of practically every other one of his colleagues in the world: newness. In fact, his customers seem to crave the familiar from him. They like buying more of what he has shown rhem before, at all price points, and the Polo store delivers it to them in abundance. There are new touches here and there, but by and large it is a total immersion experience into the fashion equivalent of comfort food. It is a giant grilled cheese sandwich of a flagship.

New Yorkers are familiar with the designer boilerplate store design tropes from the proliferation of his boutiques around the city, even as they have switched locations and product lines over the years. Then there are the immense Polo departments inside Bloomingdale and Macy and a smaller one in Saks. He is the Starbucks of designers in the city, inescapable in the sense that you are never to far away from some product of his even if it just a sneaker or a bottle of perfume. So, there was no clamoring for a three level showcase of the Polo label, but then, this is Fifth Avenue, and this store is a brand palace for tourists. While most designers might struggle to fill so much space with their entire output of product lines, Lauren can easily make use of the space with but one of his labels, which is something of a feat by anyone standards.

Of course, we enter through the mothership by way of an impressive vestibule. The main floor is dedicated to the 47 year old men line. Even if it has been decades since the Polo label was Lauren most exclusive, it is still his first, and the one he built his empire on. It remains a cash cow and here is where you will find the khaki pants, the cabled cashmere crewneck sweaters in a rainbow of colors, the cargo pants, the button down shirts and the knit polo shirts with the little insignias. We could spend the entire post listing the items found here, but you could probably list them yourself without even visiting the store, and it doesn even present the label entire offerings. While there are a few sportcoats and blazers among the merchandise mix, and a few wall hooks festooned with neckties, the tailored component is conspicuously missing here. Anyone looking for a Polo suit will have to head to Lauren original Madison Avenue mansion. Yesterday afternoon, it was sportswear that was being snapped up by eager shoppers. We all know that Lauren company is paying a fortune in rent to be on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, but these boring basics will easily cover the expense, and there are countless hyper styled employees to make sure that each shirt is precisely folded and stacked. The decor is exactly what one expects from any Polo selling environment: rich faux vintage wood paneling and shelves interspersed with whitewashed of the same punctuated with antique props, the odd $20,000 custom bicycle (available by special order), and mannequins rigged with artfully disheveled merchandise styled with enough layers to keep an arctic explorer toasty.

To find anything that feels new at all, you have to walk to the center of the store and use the glass elevator (at right), a unique touch, to venture upstairs to the two floors dedicated to Lauren new Polo for Women collection.

Well, it sort of new.

In reality, Polo for Women is just the decade or so old Ralph Lauren Blue Label collection which was created to be a women counterpart to the men Polo label. men line, it suddenly makes some sense, and it has been given plenty of space to make its case. The new label gets a lighter, more loftlike environment with white painted brick walls and a bit less of the signature vintage clutter. are the women iterations of all the aforementioned men basics in some sections. In others, shoppers will find other versions of familiar looks from runway shows past, other previous collections, and even some styles that seem repurposed from the racks of the designer defunct Rugby chain, all sourced and produced to fall within the correct price range. In fact, the new store could go a long way toward finally positioning one of Lauren labels in the women contemporary category, one of the few that has consistently resisted his offerings. There is also, on the second floor, a book section featuring the designer own tomes, several harder to find publications from preferred Polo photographer Bruce Weber, and other fashion related volumes. It a concept relatively new to Lauren stores, but not one that others haven been offering for quite some time (cough Paul Smith cough). There is also the designer much talked about coffee bar, featuring Ralph own custom blends. As The Shophound is not much of a coffee drinker, we are not sure exactly how one distills the flavor of a polo shirt in a cup of espresso, but we are sure they found a way.

In the end, Polo Fifth Avenue is a celebration of the familiar, and the tourists will eat it up. In that sense, the store is basically review proof, like another Fast Furious movie. The most noticeable change is that this season, lauren has decided to re design the actual label sewn into Polo products. Gone is the familiar blue and white “Polo by Ralph Lauren” heritage logo that has remained constant since the designer fist necktie. In its place is a less distinctive gold on blue tag in a font that corresponds with the designers advertising and other media, but looks a little bit banal. For the folks at Ralph Lauren, it must represent some kind of new beginning launched with this lavish showplace, but to The Shophound it only makes us think back to when that old label was something prestigious, exclusive and coveted. It a long way from Fifth Avenue brand palaces.
polo outlet franklin mills Fifth Avenue's New Polo Flagship Holds Few Surprises The Shophound

polo black cologne review Field finalized for Vaughn Taylor Junior Championship

polo underwear for men Field finalized for Vaughn Taylor Junior Championship

The Boys Division will feature defending champion Dru Love of Sea Island, Ga. No. 52 in the Polo Golf Rankings, the rising senior is looking to continue his success from 2010 and top the leaderboard once again.

Joshua Lee of Orange Park, Fla., will also contend in the Boys Division. The rising high school junior is ranked

No. 72 in the Polo Golf Rankings and has six top 10 finishes in junior golf events, including a ninth place finish at the 2011 HP Boys Championship at Carlton Woods.

Also in the field are juniors with strong finishes at the Georgia State Junior Championship, held at Augusta Country Club in June. Justin Connelly of McDonough, finished in second, while Acworth’s Michael Hines finished in third.

The American Junior Golf Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf. The AJGA provides valuable exposure for college golf scholarships, and has an annual junior membership (boys and girls ages 12 18) of approximately 5,000 junior golfers from 49 states and more than 40 countries. To ensure scholarship opportunities for all junior golfers who have the skill, the AJGA created the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant program to provide financial assistance to young players in need.

Titleist, the AJGA’s National Sponsor, has been the catalyst and driving force behind the Association’s success since 1989. Rolex, which is in its third decade of AJGA support, became the inaugural AJGA Premier Partner in 2004. In 2007, after 12 years of support, Polo Ralph Lauren became the AJGA’s second Premier Partner.

AJGA alumni have risen to the top of amateur, collegiate and professional golf. Former AJGA juniors have compiled more than 500 victories on the PGA and LPGA Tours. AJGA alumni include Stewart Cink, Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Paula Creamer, Cristie Kerr, Inbee Park and Morgan Pressel.
polo black cologne review Field finalized for Vaughn Taylor Junior Championship

marco polo jewelry featuring 90 stores

harrington polo shirts featuring 90 stores

The new Phoenix Premium Outlets, located in Chandler adjacent to the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino, opened its doors Thursday with 90 stores ready to offer discounts of 25 to 65 percent off retail prices.

The opening marks the start of a four day grand opening event for the facility, which offers more than 360,000 square feet of shopping and features such retailers as Saks Fifth Avenue off 5th, Adidas, Brooks Brothers, Izod, Polo Ralph Lauren and Nike Factory Store.

While the center is fully leased, some stores may not open during the grand opening weekend. According to Maura Eggan, vice president of the western region for Premium Outlets, there’s constant evolving in an outlet mall, but their goal is to offer shoppers a variety of shops and price points and make the west Chandler site a destination for shoppers.

“The retailers want to be in a Premium Outlet center because they’re doing well there,” Eggan said. “They have other locations. They know the drill. Studies prove when people come to Premium Outlets they stay for hours. They expect to buy. They come here to shop.”

The new center, just off Interstate 10 at Wild Horse Pass Boulevard, has been in the works since January of 2012 when Gila River Indian Community Gov. Greg Mendoza officially singed the lease with Simon Property Group. The group broke ground in March of 2012.

The new outlets are expected to provide 800 permanent jobs to the area and generate more than $150 million annually in retail sales. That translates to approximately $13 million in tax revenue.

Eggan said the partnership with the Gila River Indian Community is ideal. The outlets are located near two hotels, a golf course,
marco polo jewelry featuring 90 stores
a casino, and some five star restaurants. The only thing missing from the area was a major shopping component.

Similar Premium Outlets locations exist in San Diego, Las Vegas an en route to Los Angeles, in the California desert. Now, East Valley shoppers only have to drive a few minutes to get their fix.

“We’ve always wanted to be in the Phoenix Scottsdale market because it’s a good market,” Eggan said. “It also is a market that attracts visitors. Premium Outlets are the success that they are because we have centers in many ports of entry, in or near cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and interiors cities as well like Phoenix, where international visitors come. They are the ones who spend the money. They’re the ones who are buying half a dozen coach bags at one time. 60 and Priest Drive.

“They’re different in personalities,” Eggan said. through Sunday, April 7.

Many stores will also host in store promotions throughout the weekend, and while the outlets are not normally known for entertainment, there will also be live music on site through Sunday.

Directions from the East Valley:

Take the Santan Loop 202 west, US 60 west, or Red Mountain Loop 202 west to Interstate 10 east. Exit Wild Horse Pass Boulevard (exit 162). Turn right on Wild Horse Pass Boulevard. Turn right on 48th Street. Turn right on Premium Outlets Way.
marco polo jewelry featuring 90 stores

vw polo r Featured Articles about United Rentals

ralph lauren polo clothing Featured Articles about United Rentals

August 6, 2006

April 5, 2008

Ex United Rentals President Indicted NEW HAVEN A federal grand jury in New Haven has indicted the former president of Greenwich based United Rentals Inc. on insider trading and securities fraud charges. Federal prosecutors say John N. Milne, 48, a Canadian citizen living in Westport, used insider information when he sold 850,000 shares of United Rentals stock and made more than $22 million. Securities and Exchange Commission to inflate the company’s stock price and personally benefit in an alleged conspiracy from 2000 to 2005.

October 1, 1998

Roofing Contractor Sold The Hartford Roofing Co. Inc. in Glastonbury, one of the largest roofing contractors in the nation, has been sold to Ronald Simon,
vw polo r Featured Articles about United Rentals
the company announced. Simon also purchased the company’s sister corporations: Hartford South Inc., of Florida, and Connecticut Residential Exteriors Inc., of Glastonbury. Spaces are limited for exhibitors and the fee is $50. There is no charge to attend the showcase. Department of Environmental Protection.

STOCK SCOPE UNITED RENTALS UP 13% Shares of Greenwich based United Rentals Inc. jumped 13 percent Tuesday after the rental equipment company said it plans to buy back as much as 31 percent of its outstanding shares. The company’s shares are down 34 percent for the year. Now he earns a paycheck doing the same job for United Rentals in Bloomfield. “I got my training through the service, became who I am today, it gave me the guidance and direction of where I wanted to go, ” he says. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D Conn., hopes companies will embrace by hiring veterans. Police said Richard C. after an alarm went off at United Rentals, a construction equipment and rental store at 463 East St.
vw polo r Featured Articles about United Rentals

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long sleeve polos Featured Articles about Undergraduate Degree

September 24, 2006Lora S. is pleased to announce the engagement of her daughter, Ursula Monique Fletcher, to Darren Keith Siler. The bride to be earned her undergraduate degree from Hampton University and her master’s degree from Central Michigan University. She is employed by Edgewood Management Corporation. Mr. Ms. Acree is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffnagle of Portsmouth and Mr. and Mrs. James Acree of Lockport, Ill. Ms. Acree is a dental assistant with Dr. John C. Cranham. Mr. Noffsinger is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Noffsinger Sr. of Newport News. He received his undergraduate degree from Elon College and will receive his MBA from Averett College in April 2001. He is currently the Business and Operations Manager/Financial Consultant with Trinity Investment Consulting Group, First Union Securities.August 18, 2002Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catano of Williamsburg, Va., are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Cheryl Dawn Catano, to Gary Allan Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson of Biglerville, Pa. Cheryl is a graduate of York High School and Christopher Newport University. She is employed as an assistant program manager at Ferguson Enterprises in Newport News. Gary received his undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University and his graduate degree from the University of Virginia.October 27, 2002Dr. and Mrs. Eddie and Grace Liu of Williamsburg are pleased to announce the engagement of their son, Dr. Gene Chunhao Liu, to Miss Edna Ma. Edna is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John and Shirley Ma of Denver,
polo ralph lauren tennis shoes Featured Articles about Undergraduate Degree
Colo. She earned her undergraduate degree and is currently a medical student at the University of Colorado. Gene is a graduate of Lafayette High School, the University of Virginia and the George Washington University School of Medicine. Debra Saunders whiteMay 23, 2004Debra Saunders White recently received her doctoral degree in higher education administration from The George Washington University. Debra is the daughter of Irene B. Saunders and the late Roger A. Saunders Sr. She is the proud mother of Elizabeth Paige and Cecil White III. Debra earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and her master’s degree from The College of William and Mary. She is currently the Assistant Provost of Technology at Hampton University.February 1, 2004Max and Karen Gillespie of Newport News are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Kelly Megan, to Scott Bryant Hornsby of New York City. He is the son of T. and Carolyn Hornsby of Williamsburg. degree in media arts and design. She is currently employed in Human Resources at the New York offices of Polo Ralph Lauren. Scott graduated from Menchville High School, attended James Madison University, and is currently completing his undergraduate degree at the New School University in Manhattan.February 9, 2003Dr. Lin and Barbara Custalow wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Amy Lynn, to Michael John Wendling, son of John and Patricia Wendling of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The bride to be is a graduate of Hampton Roads Academy. degree from Duke University and law degree from Stanford Law School, Palo Alto, Calif. Mike graduated from Regis High School, Cedar Rapids,
polo ralph lauren tennis shoes Featured Articles about Undergraduate Degree
Iowa. He received his undergraduate degree and master’s in high energy physics from Iowa State University.

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black long sleeve polo Featured Articles about Tommy Hilfiger

owner of factory outlet shopping centers. Among the 108 stores at the Crossings are such high end retailers as Polo Ralph Lauren, GAP, Coach, Nautica, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. Cynthia Ann Ambrose said she was the confidential informant used by Allentown police to gather evidence against Mattia Lonardo, 55, of Allentown. Lonardo was arrested during a raid at the Allentown cafe and charged Jan. Comfort is the key, and utility styling continues to be a major trend. The look, influenced by uniforms, work clothes and military garb, promotes ease of wear and packs unusual detailing. “The reinvention of the basic plays an important role for back to school dressing,” says Tommy Hilfiger. “Students aren’t always able to purchase a whole new wardrobe before they head back to school, so with the addition of a few new pieces,
mens black polo shirts Featured Articles about Tommy Hilfiger
they can create an entirely new look.”Project Receives Boost Finance Committee Oks $600,000 For Liberty Center Retail, Office, Parking Complex.

by CHUCK AYERS, The Morning Call June 6, 2000

Progress on Bethlehem’s proposed $23 million retail and office center and accompanying parking deck at Broad and Main streets has shifted from a funeral’s pace to racetrack speed. Monday, the City Council Finance Committee fueled the projects by approving $600,000 for engineering, construction management fees and a geotechnical investigation of the corner. Council is expected to approve transferring the money from the sewer and water funds tonight.

by MATT ASSAD, The Morning Call April 18, 2000

Bethlehem Mayor Don Cunningham Monday rolled out plans for a $10.5 million parking deck and bus terminal to accompany a proposed $12 million office building at Broad and Main streets. But like others who grew up in the Depression, he is almost constitutionally incapable of committing waste. Under the subsidy agreement, which needs to be signed by Aug.
mens black polo shirts Featured Articles about Tommy Hilfiger