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The relationship between the Polo Ralph Lauren Company and the actual sport of polo has been complicated at best: over the last decade, Ralph Lauren has sued the United States Polo Association for trademark violations on several occasions, contesting the association’s right to use both the word “polo” and images of polo players astride horses. And the association has sued back, asserting that the clothing company was ruining its merchandising efforts.

This summer, the sport and the company were in rare alignment, at least in one sense: for the first time since it trademarked “Polo” in 1967, Ralph Lauren sponsored a polo team in the United States.

“It’s the sport of kings,” said David Lauren, a marketing and communications executive for Polo Ralph Lauren and a son of Ralph Lauren. When founding the company with a line of neckties 40 years ago, “I think my dad flirted with calling it ‘Baseball’ or ‘Football,’ but he landed on ‘Polo.’ ” Mr. Lauren said. “Polo the sport has an international sensibility, and it’s glamorous.”

The company, meanwhile, is saddling up for higher profile events. For the third consecutive year, it is sponsoring the United States Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens, which began last week; for the last two years, the company also has sponsored Wimbledon.

At last year’s United States Open, the company’s 2,500 foot retail store on the stadium grounds had more transactions than any of its other nearly 300 retail stores, though a spokesman declined to give actual sales figures.

“There were lines out the door,” David Lauren said. But it was not just the clothes that were in demand: A shopping bag with a prominent logo used only at the United States Open were so popular that people ended up selling them on eBay for as much as $20, he said.
polo hats for sale a New Side of Polo as Sponsor

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It wasn’t the most original collection. No dramatic new silhouettes were introduced. But what Ralph Lauren’s spring collection did was something better: it pulled together in just the right way several enticing but difficult trends.

This spring, there are some pretty incendiary fashion ideas around, including that of rather shocking transparency. This was first floated in Paris beautifully by Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe then wittily by a few others like Jean Paul Gaultier. The New York fashion market took up the show it all notion with surprising vigor. During the spring market week last November, the scene often seemed more like a peep show than a parade of wearable fashion. There was also the “grunge” aspect to spring sportswear a deliberate mishmash of disparate separates purposely meant to appear sloppy. One was left with the thought that most fashion conscious women would either be stuck revealing all or looking like rebellious teen agers.

Then out came Ralph Lauren’s collection the models sauntering through the showroom looking gorgeous, of course, but also fresh and appealing. The clothes they were wearing were reassuringly Lauren ish but newly suffused with femininity and softness. Pants suit jackets were more curved and less padded in the shoulder, while the pants were wider. The transparency was there, but carefully handled. By putting chiffon blouses with fluttery ruffled collars over body hugging sweaters, tucked into soft man tailored pants, Lauren rendered the sheer look into feasible fashion, unlike any other designer.

Lauren’s method of melding tender style with slightly tough touches is what made his collection so appealing. Semi sheer dresses were finished off with black opaque tights and high heeled fine boned oxfords. Strands of seed size beads swung down the front of lacy, gossamer knit sweaters sheltered by more densely patterned cardigans. Sporty berets topped off delicately printed dresses and blouses. And rather masculine leather belts clasped waistlines close. Here was mix and match done with chic instead of grunge.

Lauren says: “When we started this collection, we were thinking of those romantic intellectuals of the 20’s the artistic Americans who hung around the Riviera. They had style and individuality and they put themselves together with flair. I wanted to blend that with the looks kids are into today. The 60’s and hippies.”

How well did Lauren pull this off? The truth will tell when he tallies up his spring sales figures. But for the moment, it must be nice to know that the designer who started it all, Karl Lagerfeld, has been quoted as saying: “Ralph made the best collection of his life this spring. It looked just right.”
lsu polo shirt A Man For This Season

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The next public sale starts March 17, 2014at 2601 Memorial Parkway inHuntsville.

Kids’ Kloset children consignment sale, featuring a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter event offering gently used items. Spring 2014 public sale dates are: Thursday, February 27th: 10:00am 8:00pm, Friday, February 28th: 10:00am 6:00pm (25% off) andSaturday, March 1st: 9:00am 4:00pm (50% off)

MOMsMart HAMOM semi annual consignment sale that takes place in the spring and fall.

The Boutique Closet An upscalechildren consignment sale specializing in boutique and trunk show brands. Consignors canearn up to 85% on 8 specific premium brands.

Sweet Repeats Located at 7696 Hwy 72, Unit 320 (Between TJ Maxx Kohl in Madison. Spring dates: Wednesday, February 26th 9:00am 2:00pm, Thursday, February 27th 10:00am 7:00pm, Friday, February 28th 10:00am 5:00pm, Saturday, March 1st 9:00am 3:00pm (half price day)

Tots2Teens Gently used seasonal clothing infant thru teen and maternity. Also selling household items, decor, kitchen, crafting, sporting goods, shoes, toys, electronics, books, baby gear, furniture more.

We accept boutique, trunk show, monogrammed, appliqued and fine handmade clothing as well as Gap, Under Armour, Crewcuts, Mini Boden and Chaps/Polo/Ralph Lauren clothing from infant through children size 14/16. We also accept all sorts of baby gear, children furniture, shoes, toys, and much much more. Check out our website to learn more about the truly unique Persnicketies shopping and consigning experience.
vw polo india price a list of upcoming local kids

polo footwear A guide to young men’s fashion

lacoste polo sale A guide to young men’s fashion

Fashion reincarnates itself. Some fashion trends come back like varsity jackets, cardigans and skinny jeans as others are left behind. And if you’re a teenage guy, you don’t want to be left behind. One of the first things a woman notices about a man is his fashion sense (or, in modern terms, his “swag,” “style” or “steez”). Although it may seem that young guys don’t have a fashion memo, all you have to do is look around to realize that’s not the truth. Here is an in depth look at the most stylish items of young men’s fashion:

American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, Old Navy and Ed Hardy are hot T shirt brands. For a classier look, try throwing on a button up shirt and a cardigan sweater.

And remember to wear a tight fitting shirt, but not too small. You don’t want the “small boy” look, where the shirt is so tight that you can’t move. And remember, tall and oversized T shirts are out of style.

According to employees at Hot Topic in Kansas City, T shirts featuring artists such as Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi and Kanye West are trendy. For the skater crowd, Fantasy Factors’ Drama has a popular clothing brand named Young Reckless. The brighter the colors, the cooler it looks.

If you’re not a T shirt guy, polos are always fashionable. Obviously, a good brand would be Polo Ralph Lauren.

Skinny jeans are the newest fashion for guys. Plain denim is OK, but step it up and get different colors and prints. For example, yellow, red, purple or plaid skinnies are cool. If you don’t like them skinny, then try slim or straight leg. But the baggy pants are ultra old. Stay away from them.

Some good brands are Levi, Bullhead or Hot Topic’s Lip Service.

“I wear Levis, ’cause they are comfortable,” says Central senior Rain Akur.

If it is way too hot for pants, cargo shorts are a popular option. Brothers Cordell Bell, 17, and Ceyonte Bell, 15, from Central, both prefer cargos over all other types of shorts.

“They’re classy shorts,” both say.

Studies and polls have shown that shoes are one of the first things a woman looks at on a man. The biggest reason is to get a glimpse of his personality. Show her that you have an outgoing personality with some fresh kicks. The traditional Nikes and Air Jordans are always cool.

Malkaam Muhammad, an 18 year old Central student, says he wears Jordans, “’cause they will always be in style. Plus, I look good in them.”

Even the Nike or the Jordan sandals are OK to wear (with the Douggies of course). But to spice it up, be like rappers The Game or Wiz Khalifa or several rockers, and get some Chuck Taylors. If you skate, Vans are the way to go. If you’re a plaid addict, then try Polo Ralph Lauren shoes.

Employees at Journeys in St. Joseph recommend wearing Sperry Top Sider (Sperry’s Bahama’s are especially popular right now), Vans and Converse. Hot Topic in Kansas City said that the most popular shoes right now are the Spectros from Vlado Footwear. Some more hot brands are Supra and Creative Recreation.

Hair is a big problem for guys. It seems like guys don’t know any other hairstyles except gelled spikes. But a hot look for a Caucasian male is the wavy or curly hair. A popular Hispanic look is currently the spikes. Some good African American hairstyles are the mohawk, waves or braids. If you have braids, make sure they have plenty of hang time (when the braids reach the back of your neck).

“I stand out from the crowd,” Samuel Velazquez, a Central junior, says as his reason for having braids.

Central senior Julian Hunter refers to waves as, “better than plain hair.”

Headwear: A regular fitted ball cap is the standard. But step it up a notch like rapper Tyga and try a snap back fitted. Skaters might try a beanie hat. It puts off a rebellious look. Whatever you do, don’t wear a du rag after noon. There’s no need for that.

Belts: Studded, stripes, checkered and web designs are common in belts. If you want something new, try a seatbelt from Hot Topic. They come in Chevrolet and Cadillac symbols. For some more swag, the shoe string belt is always acceptable.
polo footwear A guide to young men's fashion

polo gear a great time to be a guy

the polo lounge a great time to be a guy

Nickelson Wooster could easily be described as a misplaced millennial.

The tattooed menswear tastemaker may have been born in 1960, but his view of topics such as career paths, style conformity and social media easily mirrors those held by Generation Y.

a certain way, I have been the unlikely beneficiary of appearing today how a lot of kids are appearing meaning these social media influencers, Wooster says. the difference is, I twice their age and with a lot of experience under my belt.

Perhaps that why Wooster (who goes by Nick) boasts a following of more than 600,000 on Instagram and is a fixture in street style coverage from fashion weeks around the world.

But it not just his edgy chic appearance and online presence that endears him to a younger set (although it certainly helps). It also his career trajectory. To say his fashion work experience has been varied if a tad volatile would be an understatement.

nature of employment is changing and I think kids are going to have a career much more like mine than people my age have, which is to say they have probably worked at one place for their entire career or two places for their entire career, Wooster explains. always say, I have been fired from more jobs than most people would ever have had in their entire career.

Wooster lengthy success in the industry is not an accident, though. Not even close. His nearly 30 year career in the fashion industry flitting between several high profile positions including as a buyer at first Barneys New York; men fashion director at Neiman Marcus; the director of retail merchandising at Calvin Klein and design director at Polo Ralph Lauren have all been calculated jumps.

So, what drove him to make the leap professionally so many times?

me, it pure ADD. I have just been interested in a lot of different things, he explains. I was also ambitious. I wanted to try different things. Wooster leapfrogging hasn always been viewed as a bonus. In fact, as one might expect, it was often a point of concern for prospective employers.

“It wasinteresting because Karen Katz, when I mether at Neiman Marcus, was very critical of my jumping around a lot. And headhunters have also said the same thing,” he says. “And I would say, ‘OK, if that’s the filter by which you’re looking at success, is longevity, which is absolutely a metric. But I don’t know that it’s necessarily the right one.

Wooster’s latest project is designerof a capsule collection for the Italian fashion houseLardini, which is what brought the fashion insider to Vancouver’s Holt Renfrew on Oct. 7 to showcase select pieces from the launch.

A model wears a jacket from the Wooster + Lardini collection. A selection of the release is available at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver.

The release includes coats, cardigans and drop crotch trousers, each piece with a little something different and unique about it just like the man who created them.

I tried to do with the clothes that have my name on them, is every item is a little different take on something that out there, he explains of the designs. the most part, I would expect or assume that no one is going to wear head to toe me because I don believe that head to toe anything is very interesting.

men don do that. That like a costume. Wooster hopes the collection offers customers classic pieces with a twist such as patchwork shirts and a blazer with dot details and a few comfort pushing pieces as well.

tried to develop pieces that, each standing on their own, would be a variation on something familiar so it could be imagined that if you wear this it could fit into your wardrobe, he says. drop crotch pants, I get that not for everyone. It not easy. But, as we were putting the collection together we said, OK, the world has lots of normal pants so what something a little bit different? who is Wooster target customer?

really believe there are three guys that shop in better stores, Wooster explains. is a guy who is style aware but fashion averse, so someone who is interested in looking good but the minute you give him a look that is identifiable, he not interested; the second guy is absolutely a fashion victim, somebody who loves labels, loves fashion and wants to tell the world I know what I doing; and the third guy is super classic and would only wear Brioni. is confident there are enough pieces within his Wooster + Lardini collection to appeal to those first two types of shoppers.

with a small collection like this, I recognize that we can serve everyone, but hopefully enough fashion interested shoppers would be able to find something, he says.

Chatting with Wooster gives one the impression it a good time to be a man interested in what he wears, as he animatedly discusses the ways in which men style barriers and stereotypes have loosened. Basically, it no longer considered less masculine if a guy wants to think about what he wearing.

divide, 25 years ago when I started, it was exactly this: gay and straight. Gay guys would wear designer clothes and be, let say, peacocks, and straight guys would never want to do that, he says. always say that MTV cribs is what brought straight men into the fashion world. Once they sort of saw sports guys and music guys had like a billion sneakers, they realized, you mean I can have more than one? says it wasn until the early aughts (or 2000s, for those not in the know) that men expanded their footwear thinking to go beyond a black shoe, a brown shoe and a pair of sneakers.

they saw a closet full of white sneakers they realized oh, shit! he says. think, for most men, because barriers have come down, there are so many more options.

Wooster says, in addition to a push from pop culture, social media platforms such as Instagram are prompting men yes, even manly men to get excited about clothes.

is no right and wrong. And I think, for the first time, all channels are open, he says. if you do want to wear a skirt or a dress, even a blouse or carry a handbag, you can. pointed to blogger Bryan Yambao, who is arguably considered one of the first breakthrough online style influencers, as an example of this fluidity and freedom.

clearly a guy, he not trying to be anything other than that, but he totally wears women clothes and carries a bag, he says. think that an amazing place because, 25 years ago, that wouldn have worked well for that person. They would have been very marginalized. And I think now, he sitting in the front row of all the shows and doing really interesting things. And I love him for that. the freedom of men fashion has left some men feeling alienated, Wooster says.

think that on the flip side of that, it has left men who don prioritize clothes, more at a loss than ever about what to wear, he says. dress codes changed and the suit went away, it fcked guys more than anything. ease of the menswear of a suit and tie allowed those who couldn care less about clothes (the third type of male shopper, if you keeping track) to still look stylish. In place of suiting, several professionals such as the late Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg adopt a version of their own in order to take the guesswork out of dressing.
polo gear a great time to be a guy