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It wasn’t the most original collection. No dramatic new silhouettes were introduced. But what Ralph Lauren’s spring collection did was something better: it pulled together in just the right way several enticing but difficult trends.

This spring, there are some pretty incendiary fashion ideas around, including that of rather shocking transparency. This was first floated in Paris beautifully by Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe then wittily by a few others like Jean Paul Gaultier. The New York fashion market took up the show it all notion with surprising vigor. During the spring market week last November, the scene often seemed more like a peep show than a parade of wearable fashion. There was also the “grunge” aspect to spring sportswear a deliberate mishmash of disparate separates purposely meant to appear sloppy. One was left with the thought that most fashion conscious women would either be stuck revealing all or looking like rebellious teen agers.

Then out came Ralph Lauren’s collection the models sauntering through the showroom looking gorgeous, of course, but also fresh and appealing. The clothes they were wearing were reassuringly Lauren ish but newly suffused with femininity and softness. Pants suit jackets were more curved and less padded in the shoulder, while the pants were wider. The transparency was there, but carefully handled. By putting chiffon blouses with fluttery ruffled collars over body hugging sweaters, tucked into soft man tailored pants, Lauren rendered the sheer look into feasible fashion, unlike any other designer.

Lauren’s method of melding tender style with slightly tough touches is what made his collection so appealing. Semi sheer dresses were finished off with black opaque tights and high heeled fine boned oxfords. Strands of seed size beads swung down the front of lacy, gossamer knit sweaters sheltered by more densely patterned cardigans. Sporty berets topped off delicately printed dresses and blouses. And rather masculine leather belts clasped waistlines close. Here was mix and match done with chic instead of grunge.

Lauren says: “When we started this collection, we were thinking of those romantic intellectuals of the 20’s the artistic Americans who hung around the Riviera. They had style and individuality and they put themselves together with flair. I wanted to blend that with the looks kids are into today. The 60’s and hippies.”

How well did Lauren pull this off? The truth will tell when he tallies up his spring sales figures. But for the moment, it must be nice to know that the designer who started it all, Karl Lagerfeld, has been quoted as saying: “Ralph made the best collection of his life this spring. It looked just right.”
lsu polo shirt A Man For This Season