polo footwear A guide to young men’s fashion

lacoste polo sale A guide to young men’s fashion

Fashion reincarnates itself. Some fashion trends come back like varsity jackets, cardigans and skinny jeans as others are left behind. And if you’re a teenage guy, you don’t want to be left behind. One of the first things a woman notices about a man is his fashion sense (or, in modern terms, his “swag,” “style” or “steez”). Although it may seem that young guys don’t have a fashion memo, all you have to do is look around to realize that’s not the truth. Here is an in depth look at the most stylish items of young men’s fashion:

American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, Old Navy and Ed Hardy are hot T shirt brands. For a classier look, try throwing on a button up shirt and a cardigan sweater.

And remember to wear a tight fitting shirt, but not too small. You don’t want the “small boy” look, where the shirt is so tight that you can’t move. And remember, tall and oversized T shirts are out of style.

According to employees at Hot Topic in Kansas City, T shirts featuring artists such as Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi and Kanye West are trendy. For the skater crowd, Fantasy Factors’ Drama has a popular clothing brand named Young Reckless. The brighter the colors, the cooler it looks.

If you’re not a T shirt guy, polos are always fashionable. Obviously, a good brand would be Polo Ralph Lauren.

Skinny jeans are the newest fashion for guys. Plain denim is OK, but step it up and get different colors and prints. For example, yellow, red, purple or plaid skinnies are cool. If you don’t like them skinny, then try slim or straight leg. But the baggy pants are ultra old. Stay away from them.

Some good brands are Levi, Bullhead or Hot Topic’s Lip Service.

“I wear Levis, ’cause they are comfortable,” says Central senior Rain Akur.

If it is way too hot for pants, cargo shorts are a popular option. Brothers Cordell Bell, 17, and Ceyonte Bell, 15, from Central, both prefer cargos over all other types of shorts.

“They’re classy shorts,” both say.

Studies and polls have shown that shoes are one of the first things a woman looks at on a man. The biggest reason is to get a glimpse of his personality. Show her that you have an outgoing personality with some fresh kicks. The traditional Nikes and Air Jordans are always cool.

Malkaam Muhammad, an 18 year old Central student, says he wears Jordans, “’cause they will always be in style. Plus, I look good in them.”

Even the Nike or the Jordan sandals are OK to wear (with the Douggies of course). But to spice it up, be like rappers The Game or Wiz Khalifa or several rockers, and get some Chuck Taylors. If you skate, Vans are the way to go. If you’re a plaid addict, then try Polo Ralph Lauren shoes.

Employees at Journeys in St. Joseph recommend wearing Sperry Top Sider (Sperry’s Bahama’s are especially popular right now), Vans and Converse. Hot Topic in Kansas City said that the most popular shoes right now are the Spectros from Vlado Footwear. Some more hot brands are Supra and Creative Recreation.

Hair is a big problem for guys. It seems like guys don’t know any other hairstyles except gelled spikes. But a hot look for a Caucasian male is the wavy or curly hair. A popular Hispanic look is currently the spikes. Some good African American hairstyles are the mohawk, waves or braids. If you have braids, make sure they have plenty of hang time (when the braids reach the back of your neck).

“I stand out from the crowd,” Samuel Velazquez, a Central junior, says as his reason for having braids.

Central senior Julian Hunter refers to waves as, “better than plain hair.”

Headwear: A regular fitted ball cap is the standard. But step it up a notch like rapper Tyga and try a snap back fitted. Skaters might try a beanie hat. It puts off a rebellious look. Whatever you do, don’t wear a du rag after noon. There’s no need for that.

Belts: Studded, stripes, checkered and web designs are common in belts. If you want something new, try a seatbelt from Hot Topic. They come in Chevrolet and Cadillac symbols. For some more swag, the shoe string belt is always acceptable.
polo footwear A guide to young men's fashion