yellow polo shirts Baptiste hoping for more after helping Haiti stay in Gold Cup mix

polo outlet okc Baptiste hoping for more after helping Haiti stay in Gold Cup mix

Andrew Jean Baptiste is not a goal scoring specialist at least he didn’t use to be. The central defender might have opponents in the Caribbean thinking differentlythough,after he scored in each of Haiti’s matches in this month’s round robin Caribbean Cup playoff.

The New York nativehas represented his parents’ homeland since 2015, but saw his first major minutes forLes Grenadiers this month as they looked to book a place in a playoff to qualify for the Gold Cup. To do that, they had to get past Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. Haiti dominated Suriname but allowed two late goals in a 4 2 victory. That meant Haiti would advance with a win, a draw or a defeat by fewer than two goals against Trinidad and Tobago thanks to goal difference.

And after scoring in the 42nd minute against Suriname, Jean Baptiste doubled his international goal total with an extra time header in a wild contest against the Soca Warriors, giving Haiti the 4 3 victory and confirming the team’s passage into the next stage of qualification.

“It was pretty surreal for me. When the first one happened it was kind of like, ‘Whoa!’And when the second one happened, it being the winning goal, itwas kind of like, ‘WHOOOOOOA!'” Jean Baptiste told Goal USA.”I had to take a step back and look at everything just, like, wow. But these things are not done without your teammates.

“With the players that we had, the great players that they are, some were missing on both teams, but we got the job done and that’s the most important thing. When you score goals contributing to a win, it means a lot. As a defender, I’d rather have a clean sheet and we win a 1 0 game, but that’s not to take away from a winning goal because I’ll take that as well.”

1st international goal for my country. In T 2017 starting off pretty well. 16 holding it down. While the country has seen triumphs in recent years, including a trip to the 2015 Gold Cup quarterfinals and qualifying for the 2016 Copa America Centenario, elimination from World Cup qualifying sees the team turn a page. Kim Jaggy and Jean Jacques Pierre, who have been fixtures at center back for Haiti, are coming to the end of their international careers. That means former MLS defender Jean Baptiste, currently playing his club soccer in Sweden with Nykopings, could take on a much more significant role.

“Our vice president of the federation included me as part of the core guys of this national team and going on further in the future,
yellow polo shirts Baptiste hoping for more after helping Haiti stay in Gold Cup mix
” Jean Baptiste said.”I mean, with that being said, when I heard him say that I had a warm feeling in my heart to be considered as a core guy for your country. I think it means a lot, it’s definitely a step forward.”

Haiti now awaits the fifth place team from the Copa Centroamericana for a two legged playoff to decide which team will move into this summer’s Gold Cup. Jean Baptiste hopes to be part of that squad as well, saying he’s working on his Creole and French to better integrate with a group where he already feels welcome.

“For the most part, my Creole is good when we’re talking about football. That’s where my Creole is at its prime. As far as day to day conversations, that’s where it has limitations. I can pick up little conversation at the table with teammates and get a few chuckles but whenever they go into the full dialects back at home that’s where I’m a little bit out of it. Only in time, I’ll be a part of it. Even so, a lot of those guys speak English,” he said. With the Caribbean Cup rules preventing draws, matches that are level after 90 minutes go to extra time and then penalty kicks. As the final whistle of regular time against Trinidad and Tobago approached Sunday and the score sat at 2 2, Haiti could have intentionally scored anown goal to lose the match but advance on goal difference. The situation brought to mind the famous 1994 Caribbean Cup qualification match between Barbados and Granada in which both teams attempted to score in their own net over the course of the match.

But Jean Baptiste said that while he and his teammates were aware of the quirk, they preferred to finish things out in a more traditional manner.

“We easily could’ve just turned around in the 90th minute, scored an own goal and been done with it all and still qualified, but once again there’s too much respect and pride for anybody on that bench or on that coaching staff to ever accept that,” he said with a laugh. “When I first got there and I was talking to one of the managers, he mentioned the Caribbean rivalries that we have with Jamaica and Trinidad. In the last three matches, well, four matches now, we’ve beaten them. So an own goal, taking a loss like that? It would’ve been unacceptable.”

The pride speaks to the increase in level Haiti has seen recently, and Jean Baptiste hopes regular success will convert into expectation for a team on the rise.

“The expectation for us, obviously has gotten higher because we made it to the Gold Cup quarters, then after that qualifying for Copa America. The results didn’t go our way in a couple of those games, but it gave our country hope and it showed that we’re able to compete,” he said. “We just need to do a little bit more where we can start getting results in this tournament. You know what? The players that we had that were big time players and with the younger guys coming in, they have big shoes to fill but I feel like they’re going to fill them up pretty well.

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“I just look forward to making as many tournaments as possible as long as I’m with this national team. I don’t want to be one of those countries that it’s a dream. It’s more something that’s expected of us.”
yellow polo shirts Baptiste hoping for more after helping Haiti stay in Gold Cup mix

marco polo facts for kids Belk To Expand at Crabtree

usna water polo Belk To Expand at Crabtree

Hudson Belk will take over the second floor of the former Lord Taylor store at Crabtree Valley Mall and open a new men store this fall, the department store chain said Tuesday.

The expansion and renovation of the existing Belk anchor facility will cost $7.5 million. Once completed, Hudson Belk will occupy 309,000 square feet in the mall, which covers 1.3 million square feet and includes more than 220 stores.

have a totally new, greatly expanded men store, plus the first level of the existing store will be completely renovated and both spaces will feature the latest in retail design and merchandise presentation, said Bob Greiner, chairman of Belk Northern Division, which is based in Raleigh. Belk headquarters are in Charlotte.

the men and young men departments to a new men store in the former Lord Taylor building will enable us to reallocate space in the main store and introduce new, expanded and updated assortments of top brands of cosmetics and women apparel,
marco polo facts for kids Belk To Expand at Crabtree
shoes and accessories, he added. improvements will give shoppers an exciting new shopping experience at our Crabtree store and enable us to serve them better than ever before.

Sandra Geist, marketing director for the mall, said no decisions have been made yet about what to do with the lower level of the former Lord Taylor space.

are a lot of different options and different retailers that we are looking at, Geist said. Belk will be a flagship for the area. Obviously, we are very happy. I think this will work great for Belk and the mall.

Other announcements could be made in a or so, she added.

In discussing what to do with the Lord Taylor space, Geist said the mall considered other alternatives. we looked at a lot of different options, she explained. felt this one would be the best fit for the center and that it would work great for Belk.

Construction will begin in March with the relocation of the men department to the remodeled space in May, Belk said in a statement. The young men department will move to the former Lord Taylor space as well.

In the main store, the junior department will relocate to the first level from the second,
marco polo facts for kids Belk To Expand at Crabtree
and the women apparel department will be expanded. The intimate apparel department on the third floor will also move to the first floor. The home department on the third level will be expanded.

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youth polo boots Basketball Dribbling Tips

Coaches who have been around the game for some time are undoubtedly familiar with a few useful basketball dribbling tips. The tip you’ll hear echoed most consistently at every level, from the NBA on down to the peewee leagues is this: don’t waste your dribble! As soon as you pick up the ball, whether driving, eluding a double team, running the break, or creating a shot, you cannot reclaim your dribble without committing a double dribble violation, which results in a loss of possession.

Another staple from the basketball dribbling tips text book pertains to dribbling height. Youngsters are taught early on not to dribble above their waists, as doing so creates opportunities for defenders to steal the ball. It also heightens the chance that your dribble will get away from you by bouncing out of your control or, worse, into the hands of a defender. At the same time, you don’t want to keep your dribble too close to the floor, either. Instead, strive to keep it between your knees and your waist.

As with passing and stepping, dribbling serves different functions in various situations. Point guards may use their dribble to penetrate defenses, create shots, and draw fouls. Guards may also use their dribbles merely to advance the ball up the court, with or without defenders present. In other instances, dribbling can help wind down the clock for the team that’s ahead. In close games, this is an invaluable use of dribbling.

Of the basketball dribbling tips you can impart to your players, one of the most precious is “Know why you’re dribbling.” Each time your team controls the ball it must work toward one of two ideal outcomes: a) scoring a basket, or b) shooting free throws. Dribbling idly around the court, as some young players are wont to do, achieves neither of these goals, a fact that savvy coaches are wise to illustrate early on in their teams’ seasons.
polo vests for men Basketball Dribbling Tips

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cheap polo boxers Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals on tech

The Cloister at Sea Island on the southern coast of Georgia is offering a Cyber Monday special for guests who book two or more nights between Jan. 2 and Feb. 28, 2018. In honor of their 90th birthday in 2018, the resort is giving guests 90 percent off their third night. Rates are typically $395 per night.

Guests at The Cloister will also receive 10 percent off all activities, free breakfast and complimentary wine tastings in January and February. (Forbes)

Intrepid Travel is also offering 15 percent off more than 1,000 trips in 120 countries for solo, family and culinary travel groups. Popular adventure tour group destinations include Vietnam, Machu Picchu, Morocco, India Golden Triangle and the Northern Lights.

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The Intrepid Travel cyber sale launched Monday and will continue through Nov. 30 for travel between Feb. 1 and Sept. 30 of 2018. (Forbes)

Liberty Travel is holding a cyber sale beginning Friday through Monday with more than 500 deals with savings up to 66 percent off tours, cruises and several destinations.

Dell 15.6 Inspiron 15 3000 laptop with Intel Celeron: $199.99. Regular price: $299.99.

Samsung 65 Curved 4K Smart HDR Ultra HDTV: $999.99. Regular price: $1,499.99.

GameStop has promised lots of deals on your favorite games, consoles, systems, electronics and more. The cyber sale begins Monday, Nov. 27 and ends Dec. 1.

Costco popular deals on laptops, TVs and more end Monday, Nov. 27, so catch them before they go. Save up to $250 on laptops from HP and Asus, up to $300 on 40 and 70 inch TVs from Vizio and enjoy bundle deals on the Playstation 4 and Xbox.

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JCPenney kicks off its Cyber Monday sale on Saturday, Nov. 25 and it doesn end until Wednesday, Nov. 29. The retailer is offering 25 percent off Nike shoes and apparel, 45 65 percent off fine jewelry and 60 percent off women sweaters. JCPenney cardholders will receive additional discounts.
usa polo shirt Best Cyber Monday 2017 deals on tech

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le tigre polo shirts Beach Goer Catches Video of Shark in Gulf Shores

GULF SHORES, Alabama (WKRG) Beach goers along the gulf coast witnessed what could have been a scary situation Friday.

Kayla Blanks of Birmingham, Alabama captured this video on her cell phone of a shark entering shallow waters.

It appears the shark was following a fish. In a statement to WKRG on Facebook, Blanks said “We think it was a small tarpon, or schooling bait fish. But there was two other sharks behind that one I couldn’t get on video.”

Blanks went on to say “It happened at 2:44 central time in Gulf Shores about a mile from the state pier directly in front of the light house condos.”When the shark was spotted, people were still in the water. In Kayla’s Facebook post she said people were yelling “shark”, but the people in the water did not speak English and did not understand. “There was some volunteer fire men from the Montevallo Fire Department (Shelby County Alabama) that jumped in and kinda alerted and got them out of the water!” says Blanks.

She said if the officials had not been there to alert the people, the situation could have been worse.
polo baby bag Beach Goer Catches Video of Shark in Gulf Shores

polo sport cologne Barbados offers a sexy rival to Carnival and goes on for weeks

guinness polo shirt Barbados offers a sexy rival to Carnival and goes on for weeks

I had been prepped for this night; no open toed shoes, cover your hair, and wear disposable clothing; for the all night party featured paint! And lots of it.

Revellers dipped their hands in buckets of paint, and flicked and rubbed it on one another. No one was left unscathed as party goers, (what seemed like the whole island, and the tourists) took to the streets, splashing paint, sashaying and wukking up behind trucks as over sized speakers thumped out soca music.

Three kilometers later, with the morning sun rising, I was drenched in sweat and many, many colours of paint. And this wasn even the main event; Kadooment Day was still to come.

After a few hours of sleep we were back on the same streets, which showed no signs of the colorful jollity that took place, as we headed to the Bridgetown Market. There something to be said for Barbadian buildings; the brighter, the better. Vendors in pink, yellow, blue, and green sweetly painted wooden stalls and little huts, showcased hand crafted jewelry and ornaments, flora, and a range of Bajan delicacies.

To keep the party going we headed for the beach and set sail for the open water with the lively crew of Jammin Catamaran Cruises. We motored past a pirate themed ship and another cruise liner, (with whom we had an on deck dance off the oceanic version of drag racing), and glided through the clear, aquamarine Caribbean waters.

Barbados is the eastern most island in the Caribbean but surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Awaiting us on the deck; a Bajan feast macaroni pie, flash fried fish, fried chicken. As the sun set, the water glistened and the waves picked up the pace, as did the crew, who lead a spirited conga line to top off a wondrous day at sea.

All of Barbados is on show during Crop Over, a long standing celebration of the harvest, but there is enough splendour on the island to draw more than party goers.

For some adventure and exploration, we headed to the historical Harrison Cave, a subterranean active cave that has been accessible to the public via tramcar since 1981. As we ventured underground, the humidity of the caves hit us it was as warm inside the cave as it was outside.

A tram takes you underground to explore Harrison’s Cave.

Licks of hardened white calcium were etched all over the walls, and as the tramcar pulled to a halt, the urge to stretch a finger out to touch the surface was almost too much.

watching youuu! our charismatic guide heckled out each time she sensed an act of rebellion coming from one of us. The stalagmites and stalactites at Harrison Cave have taken on such animated forms; they have monikers such as the village, the (people get proposed to and married in front of this endearing formation), and the straws. Waterfalls and streams in the caves added a sense of calm wonderment.

Above ground the party continued. Crop Over is brimmed with live music showcasing non stop soca and artists from neighboring islands, such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Machel Montano performs at the 1 Love concert.

Concerts and fiestas are located all over the island during the festival, and the settings of these events are vast and varied. From historical plantations, gardens, and polo fields, to Kensington Oval and the Grantley Adams International Airport, each celebration was perfectly suited to its surroundings, showing off the diverse terrain and landscape of the island.

like the mixture of culture. I like the fact that [people] can come here and see an [authentic] garden party, said Teff Hinkson, a Barbadian born artist based in Toronto, who was back home for the season.

is the one time of year where I stop [and come back here]; it something that very close to my heart. Me and my friends love it. We got like, a whole crew of people that don see each other throughout the year, and then we all come together again.

On the eve of Kadooment Day, a series of concerts took place with the final aptly titled, 1 Love. Artists delivered messages of equality, peace, love, and community between songs. Trinidadian soca artist, Machal Montano, thrilled the crowd with an energetic performance, and as the heavens opened up with a torrential downpour the masses delighted. rain won stop the fun in beautiful Barbados, a stranger scoffed.

And indeed, the next day, the final day of Crop Over, the crowds were in the highest of spirits, and the soca and calypso tunes resounded so loudly that it beat hard in my chest as I watched the parade go by.

The most looked for masquerader of the parade was of course, Barbados favourite daughter, Rihanna, who delighted onlookers with her elaborate and opulent costume.

It was impossible not be swept up in the celebrations. Everywhere I turned vivid colour, elaborate feathers, beads, sashes, and majestic head pieces were on display. Even red maple leafed costumed dancers representing Canada were part of the crowd.

Marching in the Grand Kadooment.

Many times, throughout the parade, I caught myself wide eyed, and waving enthusiastically at the parade goers dancing by me, them smiling and waving back, before moving on.

As Kadooment Day came to a close, scores of people continued the raucous celebrations at nearby beaches, basking in the relentlessly sunshine, while others capped off their day of walking the parade (approximately 9 kilometers of it), with a feast and much deserved rest.

For tomorrow, it was back to business as usual Crop Over was complete for another year. No one from the tourism board read or approved of this article before publication.

If you go:

The party to close Crop Over season, the Grand Kadooment, takes place on the first Monday in August each year. A national holiday in Barbados, crowds flock to the streets to see the incredible and daring costumes of the participants. Barbados would allure its visitors anytime of the year, but Crop Over encapsulates the island spirit and culture and enhances it tenfold. And the general public can take part in the spectacle.
polo sport cologne Barbados offers a sexy rival to Carnival and goes on for weeks

polo skinny jeans Belle Fourche girls remain unbeaten

personalized polos Belle Fourche girls remain unbeaten

“I thought our fourth quarter we took care of the basketball a lot better. We didn’t rebound quite as well as I had hoped, but we boarded well enough to win the game today,” Belle Fourche coach Bill Burr said.

Mandee Williamson led the way for the Broncs with 16 points, while Taylor Hanson chipped in with 13 points, nine of which she scored in the fourth quarter.

Burr said he thought they came out on the second half better and controlled the ball. He was especially pleased with Taylor Hanson’s fourth quarter.

“She kind of took over in the fourth quarter for us and handled the ball well,” Burr said. “She created some things and got to the basket, and that’s what we need out of Taylor. She stepped up to the plate and played well, along with the whole team.”

Jade Burr added 11 points for Belle Fourche.

Grace Imbery led the Cavaliers with 22 points, Mariah Winegar had 11 points and Jami Ewart finished with 10.

Bill Burr said it is good to be able to play a couple of East River teams, something they don’t get too many opportunities to.

“It’s great to come in here and play Aberdeen Roncalli and get the win, and now we’re looking at Madison (Friday),” he said. “They are a real good ballclub, and hopefully we can figure it out and win that one too.”

WINNER 64, CANTON 33: Winner jumped out to a 42 18 lead heading into the half as it cruised past Canton on Thursday.

Gabriel Kocer led the Warriors with 17 points, Morgan Hammerbeck chipped in with 13 points and Madyson Frazier finished with 12.

Maggie LaCompte added 11 points for Winner.

Karryn Peterson paced Canton with 10 points, while Jada Lundstrom and Mason Tieszen finished with seven apiece.

The Warriors (3 2) will travel to Chamberlain on Tuesday.

MADISON 61, ST. THOMAS MORE 39: The second ranked Bulldogs took control early and ran past the Cavaliers Thursday at the Cavalier Christmas Classic at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Madison, 5 0 and class A state tournament runners up last season, led 14 5 at the end of the opening quarter and never looked back.

The Bulldogs maintained a 15 24 point lead for much of the second half. Madison led 28 14 at halftime and 44 26 heading into the fourth quarter.

Madison was paced by the Janke brothers Jadon and Jaxson. Jadon Janke finished with 20 points, hitting four 3 pointers, while Jaxson Janke added 13 points.

Sophomore Ryder Kirsch paced the Cavaliers with 12 points and sophomore Connor Hollenbeck finished with 11 points and four assists. STM forced 17 Madison turnovers but turned the ball over 17 times itself.

ABERDEEN RONCALLI 64, BELLE FOURCHE 27: Aberdeen Roncalli improved to 4 0 to start the season with a win over Belle Fourche on Thursday afternoon in the Cavalier Christmas Classic.

Gus Reede led the Cavaliers with 24 points and Max Reede finished with 17 points.

Chandler Kerr paced the Broncs with eight points, while Tate Hostetter had six points and five rebounds.

CANTON 65, WINNER 43: Kayden Verley scored 38 points to lead Canton past Winner at the Snow Ball Classic in Winner on Thursday.
polo skinny jeans Belle Fourche girls remain unbeaten

plus size polo dress basketball embarks on season needing many replacements

polo outlet birch run basketball embarks on season needing many replacements

Most basketball programs, both professional and collegiate, go through rebuilding years times when a series of unfortunate events, usually the departure of multiple key players, necessitates a recalibration of the ideology and personnel of the program. This upcoming year, the Bears have joined the long list of rebuilding teams.

Cal men’s basketball has enjoyed a few successful years most notably the 2015 16 season when the Bears went 23 11 and earned themselves an NCAA berth (which they subsequently squandered). Since then, though, the Bears have lost a slew of key players and one head coach, making their prospects for a successful 2017 18 season, quite frankly, dismal.

The Bears lost head coach Cuonzo Martin to Missouri after just three years in the position. In his place will be Wyking Jones, who served as Martin’s assistant coach for the previous two years. The benefits of hiring from in house are undoubtedly important it means that Jones will be familiar with the Bears returning players, an important advantage regardless of how few returners the Bears will be welcoming back this season.

The most notable of Cal’s returners is senior center Kingsley Okoroh. Measuring in at 7’1″, Okoroh will become the Bears’ go to offensive man in the middle. In his three years playing for Cal, Okoroh has only averaged 2.8 points and 3.3 rebounds per game numbers that he is going to have to drastically improve if the Bears want any hope of boasting a winning record this year.

Okoroh and his teammates are tasked with the nearly insurmountable goal of filling the shoes of NBA drafted Ivan Rabb and Jabari Bird, transferred Charlie Moore and graduated Grant Mullins and Sam Singer. Put plainly, the Bears lost nearly their entire starting lineup from last year with the exception of Okoroh which means that they’ll have very little in the way of a cohesive starting five.

That being said, though, there are some exciting additions to the Bears’ roster. Transfer forward Marcus Lee is finally able to play after sitting out a year, as per NCAA eligibility rules. Lee put up good numbers during his time at Kentucky and will likely become the Bears’ main offensive weapon. Freshman guard Juhwan Harris Dyson was a four star recruit according to ESPN and put up more than 500 points during his senior year of high school. He’s quick on the transition and has undoubtable athletic ability, and he could prove to be hugely important to the Bears’ offense.

Cal’s first test will come this Monday in an exhibition game at home against Providence (2 1). The Argos are an NAIA team, though one the Bears should have no trouble beating. The game will serve as a good gauge of skill for this largely unknown Bears squad. Providence has three players who have averaged 10 or more points per game in the Argos’ first three games, but if Cal can shut them down, Providence has little else in the way of offensive skill.

While the 2017 18 season will be a rebuilding season for the Bears, they may prove to be more talented than predicted but that’s contingent on big performances from some players whose skill levels have yet to show an ability to do so. Only time will tell, though, if they’ll be able to fill the shoes of all of those who departed.
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charlie brown polo Bears fire coach John Fox after a 5

best mens polos Bears fire coach John Fox after a 5

seen some results in terms of player development and relying primarily on the draft for that development. We just haven seen those results on the field in wins and we looking forward to that. has had four consecutive losing seasons each with 10 or more losses. The Bears haven finished above .500 since they let Lovie Smith go following a 10 6 finish in 2012. They haven been to the playoffs since 2010.

Hired shortly after the Bears brought in Pace, Fox leaves with a 14 34 record in three seasons and a .292 winning percentage that ranks as the second lowest in franchise history.

Only Abe Gibron was worse 11 30 1 (.274) from 1972 74.

record is a reflection on me as well, Pace said. I feel good about where we at right now. I feel much better about where we at right now than at this time last year and that starts with the quarterback position. Ted Phillips apparently sees the same things.

see the young talent, he said. locker room is a great atmosphere. The players believe in themselves. said the Bears had not asked permission to interview other teams assistants and that they open to coaches with offensive or defensive backgrounds. He would not say if Vic Fangio is in the running or if he hopes to retain him as defensive co ordinator.

Pace would not say, either, roughly how many candidates he hopes to interview or what traits he seeking in a coach.

Though McCaskey and Phillips will have input, Pace made it clear the decision on the coach is his. He also said he will continue to have final say on the roster.

The next coach will have to get the most out of Mitchell Trubisky. After all, Pace staked his reputation to the quarterback when he traded up a spot with San Francisco to draft him with the No. 2 overall pick last spring.

Fox is 133 123 in 16 seasons as a head coach and is one of six coaches to lead two teams to Super Bowl appearances, joining Don Shula, Bill Parcells, Dan Reeves, Dick Vermeil and Mike Holmgren.

Fox helped orchestrate quick turnarounds while leading Carolina and Denver to a combined six division titles and seven playoff appearances in 13 years before he took over Chicago in January 2015. But his time with the Bears was forgettable.

Fox helped restore some of the professionalism that was missing under former GM Phil Emery and coach Marc Trestman. But Fox conservative approach and some questionable decisions during games were sore spots.

The Bears were 3 15 against the NFC North and dropped all six division games this past season.

think he built a foundation, linebacker Sam Acho said. think the success that he had here,
charlie brown polo Bears fire coach John Fox after a 5
we not going to see until later. Whether I on this team or not, I think you going to see success in the future. Prince Amukamara said there were plenty of hugs for Fox when he met with the team Monday.

passionate coach, he said. give up on us, didn quit on us and that very special for a head coach. exposing a lack of depth have been a major issue since the regime change.

Pace has had some big hits in the draft such as star running back Jordan Howard (2016, fifth round) and notable misses such as oft injured receiver Kevin White (2015, first round).

His record in free agency is shaky, and he has struggled to replace some talented players no longer with the team such as receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, tight end Martellus Bennett and kicker Robbie Gould.

The Bears will need to bring in play making receivers. But with the presence of Trubisky, Howard and running back Tarik Cohen and a promising defence led by end Akiem Hicks, tackle Eddie Goldman and linebacker Leonard Floyd, Pace insisted the team is in a better spot than it was three years ago. He also feels more comfortable in his position.

feel very comfortable in my shoes, I feel very confident, and I have a lot of good people and a lot of resources around me to help me attack this,
charlie brown polo Bears fire coach John Fox after a 5
Pace said.

www.polo Barbara Harp Obituary

polo crew neck t shirts Barbara Harp Obituary

Barbara Adams Harp passed away Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at the age of 71 . “Whispering softly down the ways of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days.”, this lovely and kind lady is home with God, and reunited with her love, Bo. Cherished and loved as a true friend and special aunt to many, many nieces and nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews and family Barbara loved and enjoyed her life as a devoted wife to Keith A. ‘Bo’ Harp, which often included wrangling (both horses and Bo), riding, hunting, camping and fishing. She was a dedicated caretaker to her flock of sheep, the special dogs and cats who were equally devoted to her, an outstanding remuda of horses over the years and to her beautiful gardens.

She accomplished much in her 35 year career with The University of Texas System from 1966 to 2005. Barbara served as Executive Assistant to three University of Texas at San Antonio presidents, and later to the Executive Director of UTSA’s Institute of Texan Cultures. Barbara was an integral part of the creation and growth of UTSA. Highly regarded as a trusted and thoughtful colleague, she exemplified high standards with a professional and gracious spirit. She retired in 2005. Her career reflected the importance that she placed on education.

Barbara was born on December 17, 1945, to parents Jack Lindon Adams and Olive Sample Adams. She was raised in Crystal City, TX. She was preceded in death by her parents and husband, Keith A. ‘Bo’ Harp. She is survived by her brother and sister in law, Jack L. ‘Happy’ Adams II and Charla; sister and brother in law, Linda Adams Haby and Claude; and sister in law and brother in law, Sherry Harp Hiller and husband, Delmar. Barbara is also survived by her many nieces, nephews and their families. for viewing and farewell, followed by a funeral service at 3:30 at Castle Ridge Mortuary, 303 E. Kinney, Crystal City, TX.

In lieu of flowers,
www.polo Barbara Harp Obituary
memorial contributions may be made to or to the Lewy Body Dementia Association, 912 Killian Hill Road.

Services entrusted to Castle Ridge Mortuary, Crystal City, TX.


Bo Harp succumbed on November 16, 2012 in San Antonio. He was survived by his wife of forty six years, Barbara, who comforted him daily in his last illness. “Babe o” was always there for him.

Keith Alston Harp was born June 24, 1944 to Lex A. and Mary Nelle Stedham Harp at the Nix Hospital in San Antonio. Later that year the family moved to Crystal City where Bo attended school. He also learned to love ranch and cowboy life of the area. His lifelong love of horses led him to own some good horses and to rope and ride in area rodeos. He gave his remaining two horses to his great niece, knowing she will love and enjoy riding his old friends Liza and Little Man.

After military service he worked in the construction business with several outstanding builders in San Antonio. In 1985, instead of slowing down a bit, he graduated from the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School in Purcell, Oklahoma, becoming a Certified Farrier and starting his own business. Over the course of years he put on shoes and corrected the feet of many horses, including rodeo and polo ponies and the Austrian Lipizzaner horses when they visited San Antonio.

Bo was many things; a musician, an artist with metal and on paper, very proficient in drawing architectural plans, a welder, a rodeo clown in his youth, a cattleman, an outdoorsman with notable hunting and fishing skills, and he was worthy of any attempted new skill. Very intelligent, witty, ambidextrous, Bo was one of a kind, and everyone will remember him with affection for the way he made his special way through life. He had many, many friends who miss him.

Bo was preceded in death by his parents. He was survived by his wife Barbara Adams Harp, his brother Reed D. Harp and Reed’s children Noah Harp, Hannah Harp (Bruce) Feller and their children Cedric, Callen and Cadyn. Also by Reed’s sons Gray D. Harp, and Wade S. Harp. Also by his sister Sherry Harp (Delmar) Hiller and their three children Scott M. Hiller and son Jackson, Dolph A. Hiller and daughter Elexie, and Julie Hiller Engelke and her children Nicole (Kevin) Weatherly Goodman,
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and Clayton Weatherly. Bo was also survived by members of Barbara’s family. He was also survived by his dog friends Kelly and Lucky Maybe.