polo colognes Polo Now Races to Make Women’s Line

polo men shoes Polo Now Races to Make Women’s Line

Polo Ralph Lauren is racing to meet a deadline and the retail world is watching.

In the middle of a nasty feud with Jones Apparel Group over the Lauren/Ralph Lauren women’s line, Jones unexpectedly threw the license back to Polo early this month. Now Polo needs to design, sell, manufacture and be ready to ship millions of dollars worth of spring clothes to department stores nationwide by January.

Some skeptics on Wall Street, along with a pack of hungry competitors, say the task is so big that Polo is bound to come up short. They predict the company will either wind up with poor fitting, badly made clothes, or experience delays in delivery a problem that has plagued the tiny, exclusive collection of couturier clothes that made Ralph Lauren one of the country’s best known fashion designers. Even if Polo can produce a high quality line on time, some argue that the stores uncertain about the chances may order only half of what they did a year earlier.

Roger N. Farah, Polo’s president, knows there is little room for error. He has heard the skepticism. ”It’s a big challenge to start and deliver product at this scale,” he said Monday in his first interview on the subject. ”But we’re absolutely on track. We’re ready to roll.”

The designs for the spring line are completed, he said. Factories in the Far East are preparing the samples and some of the ”piece goods” the floral cottons and crisp linens that Lauren is known for are already being woven.

If Mr. Farah slips, others are waiting to grab his floor space in stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Phillips Van Heusen, which purchased the Calvin Klein business in February, is trying to determine whether it can produce Klein’s new women’s line for spring. And Jones, bitter over the Polo fight, is beginning its own line to compete with Lauren at what it says will be prices 15 to 25 percent lower. All three are racing toward September, when they must show their new spring lines.

The department stores are likely to be cautious. Mike Gould, the chief executive at Bloomingdale’s, is one of those undecided and making no commitments about space. All he wants, he said last night, is newness. At Bloomingdale’s, the newest design companies are those that are doing the best: Theory, Juicy Couture, BCBG and Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Lauren/Ralph Lauren line ”hit a pleateau about a year ago,” Mr. Gould said.

The coming competition for the women’s traditional better sportswear between Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Jones Apparel is a good thing, Mr. Gould said. ”The hipness of the product will speak for itself.”

The whole of Polo’s business including men’s and women’s clothes, sheets and all types of licenses brought in $2.4 billion last year. The company has a variety of lines for women’s clothes, including the runway collection (blazers average $1,200) to the Blue and Black labels (blazers average $400 to $900) down to the Lauren/Ralph Lauren department store line ( blazers average $250 to $295).

In preliminary conversations with retailers, Mr. Farah said he had heard no hints that they might cut their orders for Lauren/Ralph Lauren. ”For many of them, Ralph Lauren is the largest brand in their stores, ” he said, ”and they see no point in splitting the business.”

In the current atmosphere, in which Wall Street is clamoring for growth in a dismal clothing market, Polo is clearly not following the trend toward consolidation.

Chief executives at many of fashion’s big names Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne, for example have vowed to grow by acquiring hot young companies with plenty of room to grow. Yet Mr. Farah believes in figuring out how to achieve growth within his one giant brand name: Ralph Lauren.

”We’re not developing a roster, a portfolio, of labels,” he said on Monday. (Liz Claiborne, for example,
polo colognes Polo Now Races to Make Women's Line
purchased the makers of Juicy Couture this year.)

”Peter Boneparth has said publicly that the Lauren brand is mature, and that it isn’t part of Jones’s growth strategy,” Mr. Farah said, referring to the chief executive of Jones. ”We think there’s plenty of growth. There’s opportunity to improve the quality, and to take the brand internationally.” He said that Jones only had the Lauren license for the United States and Canada.

In the past, executives at Ralph Lauren griped about the quality of the Lauren line as made by Jones. They also complained that Jones Apparel did not give its line enough attention. The Lauren license was one of many held by Jones Apparel, which makes clothes under its own label, Jones New York.

”This is the only brand name we have,” Mr. Farah said, ”and we will give it the attention we think it deserves.”

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As an example of what he expects to change, Mr. Farah discussed fabrics. ”What was a cashmere blend may become a cashmere,” he said. Pressed for details, he said some of these specific changes might have to wait.

When Polo regained its license from Jones, the news prompted investors to sell its shares. The Lauren stock fell $1.08 on June 3 the day of the announcement to close at $26. Yet the stock climbed 82 cents the next day, and now stands at $25.30, up 15 percent this year. Nonetheless, Standard Poor’s lowered its outlook for Polo to negative because of doubts the company could manufacture the line in time. Since then, reporters and analysts have puckishly quoted the same maxim: ”Be careful what you wish for you might get it.”

Most industry onlookers give Mr. Farah excellent marks for management. Lawrence Leeds, managing director of Buckingham Research, said, ”Roger Farah is an exquisite manager and it’s not like they’re inventing the atom bomb over there.”

On Monday, Mr. Farah named two executives to shepherd the Lauren line into the stores. Kim Roy, a former president of Ann Taylor Stores, was named division president for Lauren. Benny Lin, the new senior vice president for merchandising and manufacturing, had been a creative director at Jones and also had marketed Lauren.

For those following the race, one of the biggest question marks is Mr. Lauren himself. He is known as a perfectionist, someone who has been known to pull a product and completely redesign it at the last moment.

One competitor who is familiar with the production of clothing lines said, ”If Ralph is happy enough with the styling and fabrics, they can make the deadline.” But, he added, ”If Ralph decides he wants to change everything, it certainly won’t be seamless.”

Most experts say it has to be to succeed.

Allan Ellinger, senior managing director with MMG, a restructuring firm that specializes in retailing, said that Polo would probably try to find existing yardage in mills to make the samples. Then, he said: ”It’s not just a question of fabric availability. It must meet Ralph Lauren’s exacting standards. Ralph’s very, very particular. To produce the full line, they would need hundreds of thousands of yards.

”It’s not like they’re taking back a license,” he said. ”They’re taking back a major business.”

For Polo, getting back the Lauren business is a great opportunity. Yesterday, industry executives familiar with the Lauren business said that the line was one of the most profitable in the whole garment industry.

”Normally, it’s a low profit business,” one executive said. But the Lauren line ”makes about 20 percent profit.”
polo colognes Polo Now Races to Make Women's Line

john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

golden west college water polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

An athlete from team USA points during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Friday. The leather for the gloves was made in Gloversville. (The Associated Press)

GLOVERSVILLE For owner Matthew Smrtic and the team at Sunderland Leather Company in the city, the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea were a special one. This year, their work was displayed in the opening ceremony on the hands of Team USA.

Sunderland Leather had a hand in the creation of the fringed gloves worn by the American athletes, which were designed and manufactured by American companies.

The gloves, which featured a beaded American flag and Olympic rings, were made with leather that was tanned and colored right on Kingsboro Avenue.

thrilled. The whole company has taken a lot of pride in knowing they had something to do with the Opening Ceremony, Smrtic said.

Smrtic was out of state for a leather show when news of the gloves broke, and said it has been a whirlwind since he returned to Gloversville.

The team at Sunderland Leather sampled the leather for the Ralph Lauren company and Olympia Gloves of Elmsford, Westchester County around a year ago. During the process there were a number of prototypes and samples made of the leather used in the western theme design.

The gloves themselves were manufactured about two to three months ago by Olympia off a design by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Smrtic said Sunderland has worked extensively with Olympia Gloves Peter Kiernan, who he said is from Gloversville, throughout the years.

Sunderland has worked with the Ralph Lauren Company over the years as well through a third party company that does private labels.

This is not Sunderland first brush with the Olympics. They also did a project for a Canadian Company, Roots, who made the Opening Ceremony coats for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

did some leather sleeve and trim for their jackets, Smrtic said.

The gloves were manufactured by Olympia Gloves from leather tanned, sorted, selected and colored at Sunderland factory at 233 Kingsboro Ave.

Smrtic said that all of the companies 30 employees were involved with doing work on the project.

leather business is so hands on and labor intensive that a single piece of leather may be handled a 100 times before it is cut and sewn into a product,
john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville
he said. has their hand in the product from one way or another from shipping to receiving and communicating with the customer. said this project was a very special project that they a lot of pride in. said it is not just his employees that are feeling the pride however. He said he has been getting a lot of messages on social media from people who are from, or use to live in, the area. He said he has heard from people who are bragging a bit that they are from Gloversville on social media.

seems to be a little ground swell, a little pride that they came from Gloversville. And it on a positive note. Instead of negative news coming out of Gloversville it nice to have positive news come out, he said. it seems people are kind to proud to be from this area again. gloves, which were retailing for $995, are currently sold out on the Ralph Lauren website, but Smrtic said he is hopeful there will be reorders made soon for those who wish to get their hands on them.

He said he suspects they may be a limited offering, but that they might be another line or similar product that can offer Sunderland more business.

are hoping with the attention it getting there will be a lot of reorders, he said.

He said the Olympic Committee is committed to using American companies and he hopes the next designer for Team USA in the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan or the 2022 games in Beijing, China keeps Sunderland in mind when it comes time to make the gear.

Smrtic said it was a good feeling to see Ralph Lauren seek out American manufactures for this project.

time they go for these contracts now they are seeking out and trying to support local businesses, Smrtic said. very important to us. We are a small family business and a niche business and for these companies to seek us out again and want to start buying our products and not buying from China or Vietnam or the next country, it makes us feel good and it makes our employees feel good that their part of something a little bit bigger. said that Sunderland is a family business that has been in the city approximately 50 years ago started by his father in law.

are a family business. We started in the area and we plan on staying in the area. We like to grow and it beneficial that people try to buy American. It really does help the community and supports a lot of people through jobs, taxes, utility and it important for a community, Smrtic said.

have been here for 50 years and we want to continue. We got our fourth generation involved in the leather business. Our roots are here and its nice to get some positive feedback for Gloversville, because we love it here, Smrtic said.
john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

chicago bears polo shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sued

fsu water polo Polo Ralph Lauren Sued

Four former employees accused Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. on Tuesday of labor code violations, fraud and false imprisonment, saying the apparel seller failed to properly pay workers and detained them in stores after hours.

The former sales associates said they were kept after work in locked stores for as many as 30 minutes while their purses and bags were examined to make sure they weren’t stealing. They were not paid for the time they were detained, the plaintiffs say.

“I missed a couple of trains having to wait for a manager to check me out,” Northern California plaintiff Ann Otsuka, 23, said in a telephone interview Tuesday. The Mountain View, Calif., resident worked at the Palo Alto store for five months in 2004.

A spokeswoman for the New York based retailer said it had not yet received the lawsuit.

“From what we understand about this complaint, we believe it is without merit and we will review it once it is received in our offices,” she said.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco County Superior Court, also says the retailer required employees to work many “off the clock” hours and improperly calculated how much they should be paid.

The retailer manipulated payroll records to make it look like the employees worked fewer hours than they did, failed to pay overtime and denied or discouraged rest breaks, the lawsuit said.

Joseph Beachboard, an attorney with Ogletree Deakins in Los Angeles who represents employers,
chicago bears polo shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sued
says it is not unreasonable for a company to search employees in stores after hours so long as workers aren’t detained for long, especially if the retailer’s goods are disappearing.

“If there’s a problem an employer is experiencing in terms of lost or stolen merchandise, companies are going to look to try to control that,” he said. Five minutes would seem reasonable, but a half hour might not, he said.

Otsuka and Corinne Phipps, a plaintiff who worked in the San Francisco store, said that workers were detained five minutes to 30 minutes and that the typical delay was about 15 minutes.

Otsuka said she quit after her employer failed to pay her an appropriate commission. Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which seeks class action status, are Janis Keefe and Justin Kiser, both of whom also worked in the San Francisco store.

The plaintiffs are seeking unpaid wages, penalties and unspecified punitive damages.

Patrick R. Kitchin, one of two San Francisco attorneys representing the plaintiffs, said another claim was pending against Polo Ralph Lauren, which operates seven stores and 17 outlets in California. In that case, he said,
chicago bears polo shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sued
the company has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a claim that it forced employees to wear Polo clothes as a work uniform.

polo 1 cologne Police reports for July 12

polo fragrance Police reports for July 12

Thursday. July 9. April 1. Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. August 30, 2012. April 30. Thursday. Wednesday. July 11.

Valley Police Department

Burglary and theft of property reported Thursday in the 2500 block of 61st Street.

Theft of property reported Thursday in the 1700 block of 43rd Street.

ArticlesUPDATED: Two men wounded in gunfight in Auburn Mall parking lotVIDEO: Bruce Pearl, Alabama strength coach have run in during postgame handshakesTolbert, Shirley Ann FeltonOpelika man found guilty of 2015 Ski Lodge apartment murderSecond half collapse vs. Alabama leads to Auburn’s SEC Tournament exitI 85 traffic congested near Tiger Town exitHarris, Sara MayfieldOpelika police investigate Thursday night robberyDawson Fincher, LeonaDonahue Ridge development tabled by Auburn Planning Commission
polo 1 cologne Police reports for July 12

polo ralph lauren shorts pour les outlets de Mirabel

big and tall polo pour les outlets de Mirabel

Tel qu’annonc l’an dernier, les Premium Outlets de Mirabel ouvriront bel et bien leurs portesenoctobre. quelques exceptions prs, tous les locaux seront occups. Mais les exclusivits et les enseignes haut de gamme sont quasi inexistantes.

L’ouverture du centre commercial situ la sortie 28 de l’autoroute 15 est prvue pour le 30octobre. Il va y avoir des festivits. Les plans sont en train d’tre finaliss. Habituellement, a dure quatre jours. On part a le jeudi et a se termine le dimanche, a indiqu la directrice gnrale des Premium Outlets Montral, Sylvie Laporte, au cours d’un entretien avec La Presse Affaires.

Selon un plan de location dat du mois d’aot que nous avons obtenu, les chercheurs d’aubaines y trouveront un peu plus de 70boutiques et quelques comptoirs de restauration rapide. la diffrence du Quartier DIX30 et du Centropolis, le regroupement de magasins d’usine (outlet mall, en anglais) ne comprend pas de restaurants avec service aux tables.

Les commerces sont rpartis le long de deux longues alles pitonnires recouvertes d’un toit pour protger les clients des intempries. Le stationnement se trouve tout autour. Un parc sera amnag l’extrmit ouest.

Le propritaire des lieux, le gant amricain de l’immobilier Simon Property Group, exploite environ 80Premium Outlets dans le monde. Au Canada, le premier a t inaugur en aot 2013 Halton Hills, une ville situe 70kilomtres l’ouest du centre ville de Toronto. Celui de Mirabel, le deuxime au pays, sera pratiquement identique.


Tout comme en banlieue de Toronto, les outlets de Mirabel comprendront un La Baie d’Hudson Entrept (27000pieds carrs), un concept cr spcifiquement pour le centre commercial ontarien. Les souliers, vtements et accessoires solds, y sont cords dans un environnement de style entrept.

Les seules autres exclusivits qubcoises seraient Michael Kors, Max Mara, Nautica, Hugo Boss, Sarar et Polo Ralph Lauren, moins que les plans ne changent la dernire minute. Sylvie Laporte n’a pas voulu confirmer la liste des dtaillants qui ont sign un bail.

L’an dernier, un vice prsident chez Simon Property, Mark Silvestri, avait confi que certains dtaillants amricains hsitaient venir au Qubec cause du franais et de ses rglements diffrents. C’est une proccupation. Nous travaillons avec eux pour les duquer. Mais certains prfrent attendre d’avoir une stratgie globale pour le Canada [avant de signer un bail Mirabel].

Par ailleurs, on constate que les Premium Outlets Montral n’ont pas russi attirer autant de grandes marques de luxe que leur jumeau ontarien, qui compte Burberry, Armani, Kate Spade, Tory Burch et Ted Baker parmi ses locataires.

l’instar des autres Premium Outlets dans le monde, celui du Qubec regroupera presque exclusivement des boutiques de mode (vtements, bijoux, accessoires). C’est le cas d’Atmosphre, The North Face et Columbia Sportwear, dans le crneau des vtements de sport. La liste inclut aussi les boutiques de vtements 7 For All Mankind, J. Crew, True Religion et Aropostale.

Les dtaillants qubcois Jacob (en restructuration), Bikini Village (en difficults), Ardne et Z’AXE ont galement t retirs des plans. D’autres, tels Aldo, La Vie en Rose, Rudsak, Garage, Mlanie Lyne, Tristan et Browns, s’y trouvent.

Certaines enseignes du Qubec ont choisi de signer des baux temporaires. Elles prfraient tester le march avant de s’aventurer dans quelque chose long terme, a confirm Sylvie Laporte, sans les identifier.
polo ralph lauren shorts pour les outlets de Mirabel

gildan polo shirt Polo Ralph Lauren at Cheshire Oaks announces new store opening date

polo store locations Polo Ralph Lauren at Cheshire Oaks announces new store opening date

Polo Ralph Lauren at Cheshire Oaks announces new store opening dateRevamped larger outlet will be ready for Christmas shoppingThe new Polo Ralph Lauren store in Cheshire Oaks, opening in December The American label is closing its existing two shops to move into an impressive glass fronted landmark store, which will be unveiled to customers on Thursday December 3.One of the most popular brands at the designer outlet shopping centre in Ellesmere Port, the move will see Polo Ralph Lauren creating 50 jobs now employing a total staff of 100.The new store is on the site of Cheshire Oaks’ 28 metre high walk through Christmas tree, one of the largest in Europe, which has been relocated.One of the existing Polo Ralph Lauren stores in Cheshire OaksA spokesperson for the company said it was expanding to meet customer demand, but wanted to stay close to other high end designer fashion retailers in the Quarter area of the complex.Ahead of the opening the Polo Ralph Lauren Women and Children store will close on Saturday November 27 and the Polo Ralph Lauren Men store on Monday November 29.
gildan polo shirt Polo Ralph Lauren at Cheshire Oaks announces new store opening date

volkwagen polo PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

marco polo salem oregon PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

While the previous two Winter Olympics drew complaints for being too warm, this year Olympic games in PyeongChang may set a record for being the coldest weather since the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. The Games will be held in venues across several locations in northeastern South Korea, including the mountainous region of PyeongChang, the coastal area of Gangneung and the town Jeongseon. But Olympic organizers are particularly worried about the opening ceremony on Friday, Feb. 9. (Here how you can watch the ceremonies.)

Located at a higher latitude than the other Olympic venue sites, PyeongChang weather gets so cold that six people who attended a concert in the city Olympic stadium last month reported getting hypothermia, according to the Associated Press. About 35,000 spectators are expected to fill the same stadium for the Olympic opening ceremony, AP reports, where the wind chill is predicted to be about 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

What will PyeongChang weather be like?

The weather in PyeongChang one of the coldest regions in South Korea and where the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies will be held could hover around 7 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill. At nearly a half mile above sea level, PyeongChang is also known for biting winds that come in from the Manchurian Plain and Siberia, according to the Associated Press.

The $58 million PyeongChang Olympic Stadium where the ceremonies will take place was built without a roof as part of time saving measures and does not have central heating because it too expensive, Reuters reports, citing an internal document from the Olympic organizing committee.

How are Olympic organizers trying to keep spectators warm?

Olympic organizers have come up with several ways to try to keep people in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium warm. Each spectator will receive heating pads, a blanket and a raincoat, according to the AP. Although there won be central heating, officials plan to put up polycarbonate walls along the highest points of the stadium to block winds and provide portable gas heaters between rows. People can also buy hot drinks and food in the stadium.

Will it be the the coldest Winter Olympics ever?

PyeongChang weather is expected to be colder than temperatures recorded during the 1994 Lillehammer Games in Norway, which has the record for the coldest Olympics thus far, at negative 11 degrees Celsius, or about 12 degrees Fahrenheit, Reuters reports.

It possible that the 2018 Winter Olympics could set a new record. But it not the first recent Winter Olympics to have weather issues the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2014 Games in Sochi became famous for not being cold enough during their respective games. Temperatures were above freezing during the competitions, causing snow to melt. In Vancouver, organizers blanketed empty ski slopes with bales of straw obscured by a mixture of artificial and real snow. Organizers in Sochi had to store snow away in order to have enough for the Games.
volkwagen polo PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

mens polo dress shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sues Jordache Over Sport Emblem

monogrammed polo shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sues Jordache Over Sport Emblem

Forget the horses and the wooden mallets. This polo match is taking place in a courtroom, not on a field.Polo Ralph Lauren, the fashion company is on one side, and the United States Polo Association, the governing body of the sport since 1890, and Jordache, are on the other.Jordache makes men’s and women’s sportwear for the association. The clothes have the association’s name and a double image of a horse with a polo playing rider. Polo Ralph Lauren says in a lawsuit that the use of the name ”polo” and the symbol of a polo player on a horse on clothes infringes on the Polo Ralph Lauren trademark by confusing consumers.”It’s not that we think they don’t have the right to call themselves the United States Polo Association, because of course they do,” said Anthony Lo Cicero, a lawyer for Polo Ralph Lauren in New York. ”But when they use the word ‘polo’ in an emphasized way and use symbols that look like our symbol and copy our trade dress the way in which trademarks appear then we consider that trademark infringement.”Polo Ralph Lauren has faced off before with the polo association. A year ago, a federal court ruled that the association had to change the name of its official magazine,
mens polo dress shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sues Jordache Over Sport Emblem
Polo. And in 1984, a federal judge ruled that the Lauren company could have trademarks and logos that the association had argued were generic to the sport.”The interesting thing will be to see how the court draws the lines between the two to respect each of their rights but to avoid confusion,” said Tony Fletcher, a trademark lawyer at the New York office of Fish Richardson, who is not involved in the current case.Jordache is no stranger to legal fights. The company battled with a rival jeans maker, Guess, in court for seven years before reaching a settlement in 1980.Correction: August 14, 2000, Monday Because of an editing error, an article in Business Day on Friday about a dispute between Polo Ralph Lauren and Jordache misstated the settlement date of a legal battle between Jordache and a rival jeans maker, Guess. It was 1990,
mens polo dress shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Sues Jordache Over Sport Emblem
not 1980.

marco polo davao Police searching for 2 women accused of shoplifting from Lebanon Polo store

ralph lauren polo socks Police searching for 2 women accused of shoplifting from Lebanon Polo store

marco polo davao Police searching for 2 women accused of shoplifting from Lebanon Polo store
Tenn. (WKRN) Police are searching for two women involved in shoplifting items from the Polo Ralph Lauren store at the outlet mall in Wilson County.

According to Lebanon police,
marco polo davao Police searching for 2 women accused of shoplifting from Lebanon Polo store
the women walked into the store and grabbed several stacks of shirts before running out the door.

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agoura water polo Pregnant Kate attends St Mary Magdalene Church service

us polo clothing Pregnant Kate attends St Mary Magdalene Church service

The Duchess of Cambridge showcased her growing baby bump in a fitted brown tweed coat by British designer Moloh paired with a Russian fur hat to keep out the January chill.

Kate Middleton looked as radiant as ever as she took a stroll with the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince William this weekend, journeying from the Duke Sandringham home to the St Mary Magdalene Church.

Much like us, Kate is an avid recycler of her favorite outerwear, reaching for her trusty pea coats season after season, and this Moloh offering is no exception!

Having worn it on Christmas Day back in 2014, Kate saw fit to wrap up in this beautiful double breasted tweed number again for a Sunday stroll, teaming it with a fur hat and matching fur cuff gloves.

Unfortunately Kate coat is no longer available to buy but you can emulate the Duchess by shopping Moloh current collection (click right). Alternatively, find something similar via our carousel below. Whether you after an investment piece or an affordable winter warmer, we got you covered. Literally! Head to our carousel below to shop the picks by Joseph, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand and Goat, plus a bargain buy from Ralph Lauren!

The family appeared to be in high spirits as they arrived at the chapel for the Sunday service

Pippa, who married James in a lavish ceremony in May, looked chic in a navy blue trench coat and matching fedora as she took her husband’s hand.

The couple, who live in London, are likely to be staying with the Cambridges in their Norfolk home of Anmer Hall for the weekend.

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to join Philip on the walk the Queen was seen arriving at the church by car.

Accompanied by a female friend, the Queen looked elegant in a vibrant pink coat and matching hat with black accents as she arrived at the church.

Pippa added a touch of embellishment in the form of a star shaped brooch placed on the brim of her hat while James looked dapper in a traditional suit

The royals received a warm welcome from locals who had travelled to the church in hope to catch site of the arrivals.

In a dramatic turn of events, one well wisher was taken ill at the scene after collapsing, and received assistance from a local police officer.

It is unclear what caused the collapse but the MailOnline has reached out to Norfolk Constabulary for a comment.

The family appeared to be in high spirits on Sunday morning in light of the news that Zara and Mike Tindall are expecting their second child.

The Queen will become a great grandmother again twice this year, after her granddaughter announced yesterday that she and husband Mike Tindall were expecting their second child.

The baby will be born in the summer, about three months after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child is due, sources claim.

Her Majesty looked elegant in a bright pink coat and matching hat with black accents during the church service on Sunday

With Prince Harry due to marry fiancee Meghan Markle on May 19 at Windsor Castle, it will be a joyous year for the 91 year old monarch and her family.

Yesterday’s news came just over a year after Zara and Tindall suffered the heartache of a miscarriage.

At the end of November 2016 the couple said they were expecting a brother or sister for three year old Mia, but almost a month later, on Christmas Eve, they announced Zara had lost the baby.

It is believed she was around four months pregnant at the time. As a result, she missed the Royal Family’s annual celebrations at Sandringham.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘The Queen and members of the royal family were very pleased.’

The royal family were last seen at the chapel in Sandringham on Christmas Day, which saw Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle join the royals for Christmas for the first time.

The Suits star looked a little nervous as she was pictured with other members of the royal family, including the Duchess of Cambridge, for the first time.
agoura water polo Pregnant Kate attends St Mary Magdalene Church service