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blue polos Fantz in Your Pants

In my abode, Husband is always cold and Baby and I are always hot. It’s a miserable and steady 75 85 degrees in the summer (no central A/C, so screw you Sweat Pants), and Husband still sleeps with two fleece blankets. Meanwhile, baby and I are soaking through sheets while sleeping in just diapers. (We’re pretty.) Sweat beads sting my eyes just from watching Husband cuddle his heap of sheep. Then in the winter, if I didn’t brutally beat him with a bag of oranges (no bruises) for turning up the heat, he would keep it at a constant 87.

Everybody’s body chemistry is different, so you need to find a happy medium. Tell your lady to put on some clothes so you can quit secreting salty fluid all over the couch cushions. Or pitch a tent outside and then you can secrete salty fluid all over the yard. (Gross.)Some people are like roly polys. Too much attention curls them into a black shell. This key defense works when predators or clingy lovers attack. To huggers like you and I, we crave the touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric. (Fantz.) You’re a tangent.

Now you, my friend, may need a body pillow, a dog, a pony or a mail order spoon. (Put down the rabbit, Lennie.) You need to get your squeeze on before you pounce and suffocate the man with your wacky, waving, inflatable tube guy arms.

In life, I’ve found that non huggers mostly grew up in a house of non huggers. There’s nothing wrong with this. They express affection in other ways. But for those of us who grew up squeezing our family tight, it’s hard for us to wrap our mind’s arms around the non hugee’s gut. And this is true for all sexes.

A. Realize your man’s not into physical affection.

B. Knowing is half the battle.

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polos for women Fantz in Your Pants

marco polo tea Family owned Covington shop brings customers back in time

royal blue polo Family owned Covington shop brings customers back in time

COVINGTON, Ind. Tucked away in the old Legend Building on Third Street, just off the square, a small shop is buzzing with business. The Weaver’s Daughter in Covington is attracting quite a following in the home dcor community and customers are coming in from as far away as Ohio.

“We opened the doors right at Apple Festival time,” Teresa Harmless said, “and we almost sold out of inventory that very weekend.”

Harmless is the proud owner of the shop. She and her three children operate and create most of the unique items they sell. Shelves are stocked with candle melts, goat milk soaps and rustic ambiance. An entire wall with built in cubbyhole shelving houses every type and color of yarn and walls are covered with primitive paintings and custom knitted children’s clothing.

“We can guarantee that your knitted piece is truly one of a kind,” daughter Ashley Harmless said with a smile. “We don’t use patterns.”

There is an old bed in the cottage sized space reminiscent of your grandma’s bed. Neatly made up with a vintage spread, the bed is covered with other works of art including linens, knitted hats and mittens, and piled high with pillows and quilts.

Directly opposite of the bed, the customer counter, created from old wood pallets, holds a rack of original greeting cards designed and crafted by Matthew Harmless,
marco polo tea Family owned Covington shop brings customers back in time
pastor of Edgewood Baptist Church in Danville, who joking said, “Well, it’s just the best store in the world.”

All kidding aside, several customers agree. The shop is warm and welcoming with mingling scents of grandma’s kitchen and places foreign. Big Band music fills the space with nostalgia and there is always a Harmless woman knitting in the corner. Customers have become new friends and old friends have brought new customers.

Norma Dulin travels from Danville once a week to shop and visit with the Harmless family.

“This is just a little oasis,” Dulin mused as she inspected a Christmas wreath. “The music, the smells, the friendly peopleit has become one of my favorite places to shop and just take it all in.”

As successful as The Weaver’s Daughter has become in such a short time, Teresa Harmless and her family have even bigger plans for the coming year. Each item they carry has to be personally created or appreciated by the Harmless family to stock and they have discovered they appreciate a lot and they’ve decided to expand.

“If someone had told me a year ago, I’d open a shop in Covington, I would have laughed,” Teresa said. “Everyone in town has been welcoming and supportive and we feel that impulsive decision, hatched and raised around the family dinner table, has worked out well.”.
marco polo tea Family owned Covington shop brings customers back in time

black polo ranger boots Fashion and Clothing

polo style sweater Fashion and Clothing

The State of Fashion

The easiest way to describe the state of clothing in the Civilized West is that ‘depending on region/weather, pretty much a mixture of anything historically from about 1250 to 1680ish is fine’.

Certain ‘fashion forward’ types that will tend to buck tradition may take elements from clothing as late as 1880. This isn’t wholesale, though, and very unlikely especially in staunch tradionalist houses.

So, what does this mean? Well, pretty much, movie style fantasy garb. If you’ve been sitting next to a historical clothing afficianado while watching something like The Tudors, Game of Thrones, or pretty much any movie set in the ear of kings, queens, and knights and heard their sharp intakes of breath and minor ragefits over how ‘such and such collar didn’t exist in xxxx year’ or ‘my god, that’s LATE RENNAISSANCE FRENCH and they are using it in PRE RENNAISSANCE ITALY’ you’ll probably breathe a sigh of relief when we say: we have two of those sorts of people on staff. We know your pain.

That said, in large part because most people are NOT historical costumers; if it’s something you’ve seen in a movie or TV show, it’s probably fine. If you want more nitty gritty details, the tabs below should be a big help as a guideline.

Fashion is as much a province of men as women in the West. Some of the more famed designers in game right now may be women, but the art of design, tailoring, cobbling, embroidery, or any and all are entirely open to both genders who take an interest in it.

Also, it’s considered perfectly normal for women to wear men’s clothing, especially if they are normally serving in a combat role (traditionally a men’s role). It’s not odd for their clothing to be a more feminine variant of men’s clothing. Some traditional houses, however,
black polo ranger boots Fashion and Clothing
may frown upon women wearing breeches, trousers, or hose as opposed to skirts.

Fashion: This is a general purpose one, and required for designers; though most nobles will take at least a couple of ranks in it (like dancing, it is considered one of the many courtly arts).

Tailoring: Though women are called ‘seamstresses’ and men ‘tailors’, the art is the same: taking the designs of others and turning them into functional, wearable clothing. They tend to be commoners, but a master tailor/seamstress can command a lot of respect and a high salary. Lower ranked tailors and seamstresses often work for a master.

Cobbling: Like tailoring, only for shoes and boots!

Embroidery: A hobby for bored nobles who need something to do with their hands (and sometimes one of the few ‘proper; hobbies for women in traditionalist families), embroidery takes an ordinary gown or doublet and makes it extraordinary.

Weaving: Blankets and tapestries

Drawing: Also required for designers, to get their ‘vision’ onto paper for a tailor or seamstress to turn into reality.

fabrics and how much they are worth

Many natural fibres are available in the civilized West, with a huge variety of weaves including everything from the finest complex brocades to twills and broadcloth, rich velvet and rough courderoys. Voile and gauze can be found, so can thick canvas and oilcloth, raime and leathers of every variety. Listed here are commonly found fabrics under their main component fibre.

Wild (or ‘cricket’): This silk is woven from silk gathered from mountain crickets. It is not as strong as traditional silkworm silk, but the unique texture makes it a popular component in art pieces and delicate garments.

Raw: Raw silk has a slub ‘nubbly ness’ to it that makes it very pleasant to the touch, if ‘rougher’ than traditional smooth silk.

Satin: Glossy and smooth, satin is very expensive, even for silk, and can create an almost mirror like effect in gowns and jerkins, displaying colour brilliantly.
black polo ranger boots Fashion and Clothing

red and black polo Famous Footwear plans to close Sterling store

diamond supply co un polo Famous Footwear plans to close Sterling store

Another major retail store plans to pull out of Sterling, leaving shoe lovers wondering where they’re going to find their next pair of sneakers.

Famous Footwear in the High Plains Shopping Center is the latest retail store planning to leave the area in September. The shoe store closure slated for Sept. Penney’s departure on July 31.

The first eight months of 2017 haven’t been very kind to retail companies, forcing a number of major retailers to close under performing stores in an attempt to boost profits. Penney, Macy’s, Sears and Kmart are among the top retailers who’ve been forced to close stores nationwide. The onslaught of closures are, in part, being blamed on today’s consumers who are turning to online and discount retailers in an attempt to save money.

A spokesperson for Calares Inc. would only confirm the closure, but did not offer any further details.

Calares Inc. located in Clayton, Missouri operates the 1,100 Famous Footwear store chain. Calares Inc. formally Brown Shoe Company (1875 to 2015) is a $2.6 billion footwear company with worldwide operations.

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red and black polo Famous Footwear plans to close Sterling store

marco polo watches Fashion consultant enjoys making women look their best

marco polo cathay pacific Fashion consultant enjoys making women look their best

After selling Doncaster clothing for almost a year, fashion consultant Carol Jarvis is preparing for her fourth home, show Aug. 6 10.

Jarvis said women can call and make an appointment and she will do a one hour consultation that is catered to their clothing needs.

a business that catered to women, she said. a fashion consultant I like to make the woman look her best.

lot of women don like going to the mall, Jarvis said.

Jarvis said one of the benefits of shopping through her is if an outfit doesn quite fit a customer, she get it altered for them.

Jarvis also will visit customers in their homes and put together new outfits with what is in the closet or by suggesting the purchase of one or two basic items.

Jarvis started her business when Janice Melchert, who now is a customer, told her about Doncaster clothing. Melchert said she used to have a fashion consultant when she lived in Kansas, but when she moved to Oklahoma she couldn find a Doncaster fashion consultant in the area.

thought (Jarvis) would be good at it, Melchert said.

At the time, Jarvis was looking for something to do. A few years before, she had sold the furniture store she owned and moved from Anadarko to Edmond.

Melchert said Jarvis strength is pulling together different items to make new outfits out of clothes that people already have in their closets. She said she buys Doncaster clothing because it never goes out of style and it lasts many years.

Jarvis said Doncaster is an investment clothing company, which means different pieces are added each year to make new outfits out of pieces that were sold in previous years.

To make an appointment for the show, call Jarvis at 285 0592.

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marco polo watches Fashion consultant enjoys making women look their best

ravens polo Fargo Clothes Mentor tops in sales

women polo hats Fargo Clothes Mentor tops in sales

HomenewsHeadlinesText of Gov. Dayton final State of the State addressAccess to driver cellphone at issue after 2016 crash that killed 2 Mounds View High girlsDayton looks back, ahead in his last State of State speechGun trained teacher discharges firearm in classroom, officials say,
ravens polo Fargo Clothes Mentor tops in sales
injuring student took him away from us Victim family speaks out at sentencing for YouTube shootingsportsHeadlinesHockey future looks good as youth participation growing in ND, MinnesotaFinalists named for North Dakota Mr. BasketballForum prep sports podcast talks postseason Minnesota basketball and Class B boys basketballVeteran Zach Duke says Twins will need focus amid expectationsWild defenseman Jared Spurgeon expected to miss at least a monthlifestyleHeadlinesCelebrate St. Patrick Day with traditional lamb dish The United States falls in World Happiness rankings againDog strange behavior could be linked to PTSDDid you know corks have a significant impact on wine? An Irish “pi” for any day of the week: Irish Stout and Steak Hand Pies

FARGO The Clothes Mentor location in Fargo is No. 1 among nearly 150 Clothes Mentor stores nationwide in sales for both 2016 and 2017.

That’s according to information provided by the company, which also reports the Clothes Mentor store in Fargo has experienced double digit growth five of the seven years the store has operated.
ravens polo Fargo Clothes Mentor tops in sales

virginia tech polo Family owned resale store opening in Chandler

infant polo Family owned resale store opening in Chandler

The owners of the new Uptown Cheapskate resale shop are looking to families new and old as they develop a broader clientele base.

The family owned business located adjacent to Chandler Fashion Center purchases used clothing and items like jewelry and purses and resells them to customers. It is currently in its buying phase paying for products from customers in order to stockpile its inventory and co owner Brenda Spezzacatena said it will make its grand opening Nov. 7.

Spezzacatena and her mother, Molly Varner, have managed the Ahwatukee Kid to Kid resale store a shop that buys and sells clothing and accessories for children for 10 years.

Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid are owned by the same parent company, BaseCamp Franchising, and they run the same business model. Uptown Cheapskate, however, targets clients between ages 18 and 35, and many of its customers are grown up Kid to Kid shoppers.

“We just felt this was the next logical step to take, that those parents who started with us in the beginning can now come over to a new concept, and that we can gear to a whole other demographic now,” Spezzacatena said.

Spezzacatena said those families have anchored Chandler’s Uptown Cheapskate during its buying phase, but a new market is emerging.

“We’ve really noticed it expanding outward,” she said. “Word of mouth is getting around, so we’re seeing it come from different areas now.”

Although new families are joining the clientele, Uptown Cheapskate retains a staff ballasted by one family. Three generations of the Spezzacatena family will run the store. Brenda and her mom will work in the back with Jon Spezzacatena, Brenda’s husband, and the Spezzacatenas are training their two kids to be assistant managers. Part of the kids’ job is to determine if the products offered to them are worth buying.

“It definitely brings you closer together, too,” Brenda said. “My mom and I started Kid to Kid. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way without her and the same with this.”

Jon said working at Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid is a relaxing change of pace from his job as a fire captain at Ak Chin Indian Community. The 24 year fire veteran spends his days off doing resale with his family. He said they take pride in being a family owned business.

Uptown Cheapskate’s products range from no name brands to high end items, Brenda Spezzacatena said.

It caters to both men and women, although the owners are trying to increase business for their men’s selection.

“People can come in anytime to sell their stuff,” she said. “We’re there; we’re waiting to buy and looking forward to starting new relationships like we had at Kid to Kid and starting new relationships with new customers.”
virginia tech polo Family owned resale store opening in Chandler

pictures of polo shoes fashion and music in Holt this Saturday and Sunday

polo vw fashion and music in Holt this Saturday and Sunday

Get your victory rolls out because the Holt 1940s Weekend event almost here.

This Saturday and Sunday businesses and community groups through the Georgian town will join together to commemorate the wartime era.

Throughout Holt you’ll find folk in period dress, military displays and memorabilia, live music and more, with highlights including a 1940s dance at the community centre on Saturday night, and a 1940s fashion show in St Andrews Hall on Sunday.

Get involved with the Ration Book Trail too. Pick up your ration book at a designated point and wander around beautiful Holt, looking for all the Walking with Wounded bears. All completed books will be entered into a draw, with the top prize being a midweek night’s stay at Byford Posh B and B with dinner.

There’ll be special offers throughout the town, but two businesses really pushing the boat out are Byfords and The King’s Head.

Staff at Byfords will be donning fancy dress for the occasion, and serving a menu including a classic rabbit and scrumpy pie with allotment veg and new potatoes, smoked haddock chowder with soda bread, and apple and rhubarb cobbler with custard.

Over at The King’s Head there’s live music from The HeHews on Saturday night and the chance to sip on exclusive guest beer Aviator Ale from The Norfolk Brewhouse.

A 40s inspired menu has also been devised. Get your chops around nibbles such as Spam chips and black pudding balls.

Or sample the braised oxtail with mini cottage pie, celeriac puree and wilted kale, grilled bacon chop with wholegrain mustard cream, or trifle sundae.
pictures of polo shoes fashion and music in Holt this Saturday and Sunday

equestrian polo shirts Famous Shopping Places in Delhi

collegiate club water polo Famous Shopping Places in Delhi

Shopping in Delhi

Delhi is a paradise for shopahollics. With markets ranging from wholesale market to big malls, tourists can buy any stuff in these markets. From clothes to accessories to gadgets to household material to any other thing, there are many Shopping places in Delhi.

One of the most famous markets of Delhi, Palika Bazaar is a famous market for clothes and electronic items. It is a complete underground market located in Connaught Palace. It was set up in 1970. It has 390 shops of clothes, shoes and electronic items.

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Connaught Place: Shopping Hubs of Delhi India

Situated in the middle of Delhi, Connaught Place is the hub of finance, commerce and business with many building and offices related to it opened in the area. Connaught Place is also one of the biggest shopping markets in Delhi with shops ranging from high end to low end. It has showrooms of almost all brands of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and accessory. Palika Bazaar one of the cheapest and famous markets of Delhi is also located here belowground.

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Shopping at Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest markets in India that still exist. It was designed by Jahan Ara (daughter of Shah Jahan). In Mughal era it was the grandest market of India. Today it has many wholesale and restaurants, confectionaries and Paranthe Wali Gali. Chandni Chowk also has a famous electronic market.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

Shopping at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Lajpat Nagar is a place where people can buy accessories, clothes,
equestrian polo shirts Famous Shopping Places in Delhi
footwear and bags etc. Many fashion stores, furnishing stores and decor houses are also situated here. It is one of the most popular market in Delhi and is also famous for its shopping street.

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

Shopping at Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi

Sarojini Nagar is located in South West of Delhi. People can buy clothes and fabrics at a very low price. Showrooms and street side shops co exist and hence people can buy branded items as well as cheap items at the same time.

Famous market places of Sarojini Nagar are: Babu Market, Subzi Market and Central Market. People can buy toys, traditional Indian dresses, furniture and footwear.

Nearest Metro Station: INA

Shopping at Janpath, Delhi

Janpath is located near Connaught Place in Delhi and is famous for its cheap Janpath market. A wide range of arts and crafts, musical instruments, clothes, jewellery and other traditional accessories are sold in the shops and stalls placed here.

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Shopping at Kamla Nagar, Delhi

Kamla Nagar is situated near University of Delhi. It is famous for its market that accounts showrooms of famous brands and also for the street food. Indian brands and International shops can be found here at Bungalow Road. Retail stores and restaurants are found in abundance.

Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha or Pulbangash

Shopping at Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Karol Bagh is one of the famous shopping markets of Delhi. Electronics items at Gaffar and clothes and other accessories at Ajmal Khan Road and Arya Samaj Road, it is visited by hundreds of shopahollics each day.

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

Shopping at Vasant Vihar Delhi

One of the most expensive places in Delhi, Vasant Vihar houses many Malls representing modern ways of shopping. It has may retail stores and showrooms of many brands. Malls like DLF Emporia and DLF Promenade are located here that have many International and Indian brand within them.
equestrian polo shirts Famous Shopping Places in Delhi



WESTERN NEW YORK has been “malled” to death, fashion consultant Greg Childs believes.

Shoppers are tired of the long lines and poor customer service at enclosed malls. They want attention they want the small, specialty retailers that used to dominate Main Street before the advent of shopping centers in the 1950s and 60s.

“It’s absolutely a shame in a city of this size, we don’t have more resources for consumers,” said Childs, a Buffalo native and owner of Directions, a fashion consulting business. “We still need variety,” despite the new shops which came to town with the opening of the Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga.

“Buffalonians want to come downtown to shop, but there’s nothing here. This is the perfect place for specialty shops,” the 28 year old entrepreneur said, pointing to the vacant storefronts along the city’s pedestrian mall.

Childs isn’t a developer. In fact, he barely has the funds to keep his consulting business going. But he believes he can help breathe life into downtown’s moribund retail scene by teaching small retailers how to better merchandise their goods.

Window displays, store layout and the way clothes are arranged on racks can boost sales, Childs said. Shoppers look at mannequins and often imagine how a piece of clothing would look on them.

Most shopkeepers, however, can’t afford to have a full time fashion consultant on staff to coordinate their displays with advertising campaigns. That’s where Childs comes in.

“I can provide them with all the normal functions a fashion display person would do,” he said. He explained he can arrange window displays, assist with advertising campaigns, organize in store promotions and advise buyers about the latest apparel trends.

The young entrepreneur acknowledged that it is difficult to convince retailers that they need the services of a fashion consultant. Many are interested, but believe a consultant will charge thousands of dollars per hour.

Childs won’t reveal his hourly rate, but he says it’s very reasonable because he understands that small business owners don’t have large profit margins.

Childs opened Directions last January in the Sidway Building at 775 Main St. He says he chose the downtown office building because of its proximity to “Buffalo’s fashion district” the area around Goodell and Washington streets where Eastman Machine Co., a maker of cloth cutting equipment, and M. Wile Co.,
which produces men’s suits, have their factories.

“When I was five or six years old, I used to cut Mom’s sheets up to make clothes for dolls. And I designed elaborate club houses,” the small business owner recalled. “I’ve always been fascinated by color and texture.”

Childs holds degrees in fashion design and consumer science from the University at Buffalo and Brooks College, a California based fashion institute. After graduation, he worked for several years on window and store displays for Hills Department Stores and Adam, Meldrum and Anderson, the Buffalo department store chain. He also was a fashion instructor at Bryant Stratton Business Institute.

“Finally, I just said to myself, ‘I want to be a fashion consultant,’ ” Childs said, explaining he has been preparing to start his own business ever since his college days.

The young entrepreneur acknowledged that Buffalo “isn’t a fashion friendly atmosphere,” but he believes Directions will be successful.

“It’s going to take several years to catch on,” Childs added. In the meantime, he will continue to work weekend shifts at Sisters Hospital as a nurses’ aide.

The entrepreneur plans to hold a promotional event on June 21 in downtown Buffalo to publicize his business. Models will hand out fliers describing Directions.

The goals of Directions are quite simple: to provide a “fresh approach” to dress for its consumer clientele; to assist the independent retailer in stimulating sales through exciting merchandising techniques; to offer the small business community an events office which is self maintained, the firm’s brochure reads.

Directions currently is supported by a small cadre of consumers who have called on Childs to help them improve their appearance and wardrobe.

For years, Dolores Leftridge of East Amherst Street in Buffalo has sought fashion advice from Childs. The small business owner has designed several gowns for her and updated some of her old clothes.

“I’ve received a lot of compliments about my business clothes and evening fashions,” Ms. Leftridge said. The switchboard operator and duplication clerk at Erie Community College’s City Campus explained that using the services of a fashion consultant doesn’t have to involve paying big bucks.

“It’s not that expensive to have a nice wardrobe. Greg’s service is one that all people should take advantage of,” Ms. Leftridge said. Childs charges between $35 and $40 per hour to analyze and improve a client’s clothing. The small business owner realizes it isn’t easy to convince people of the need for fashion consultants.

He continues to dream of building a department store, where each section would be run by entrepreneurs like himself.

“It (the department store) would provide a variety of merchandise that you couldn’t find unless you went to a major city,” Childs said. “Eventually,
I know it’s going to happen.”