volkwagen polo PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

marco polo salem oregon PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

While the previous two Winter Olympics drew complaints for being too warm, this year Olympic games in PyeongChang may set a record for being the coldest weather since the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. The Games will be held in venues across several locations in northeastern South Korea, including the mountainous region of PyeongChang, the coastal area of Gangneung and the town Jeongseon. But Olympic organizers are particularly worried about the opening ceremony on Friday, Feb. 9. (Here how you can watch the ceremonies.)

Located at a higher latitude than the other Olympic venue sites, PyeongChang weather gets so cold that six people who attended a concert in the city Olympic stadium last month reported getting hypothermia, according to the Associated Press. About 35,000 spectators are expected to fill the same stadium for the Olympic opening ceremony, AP reports, where the wind chill is predicted to be about 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

What will PyeongChang weather be like?

The weather in PyeongChang one of the coldest regions in South Korea and where the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies will be held could hover around 7 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill. At nearly a half mile above sea level, PyeongChang is also known for biting winds that come in from the Manchurian Plain and Siberia, according to the Associated Press.

The $58 million PyeongChang Olympic Stadium where the ceremonies will take place was built without a roof as part of time saving measures and does not have central heating because it too expensive, Reuters reports, citing an internal document from the Olympic organizing committee.

How are Olympic organizers trying to keep spectators warm?

Olympic organizers have come up with several ways to try to keep people in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium warm. Each spectator will receive heating pads, a blanket and a raincoat, according to the AP. Although there won be central heating, officials plan to put up polycarbonate walls along the highest points of the stadium to block winds and provide portable gas heaters between rows. People can also buy hot drinks and food in the stadium.

Will it be the the coldest Winter Olympics ever?

PyeongChang weather is expected to be colder than temperatures recorded during the 1994 Lillehammer Games in Norway, which has the record for the coldest Olympics thus far, at negative 11 degrees Celsius, or about 12 degrees Fahrenheit, Reuters reports.

It possible that the 2018 Winter Olympics could set a new record. But it not the first recent Winter Olympics to have weather issues the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2014 Games in Sochi became famous for not being cold enough during their respective games. Temperatures were above freezing during the competitions, causing snow to melt. In Vancouver, organizers blanketed empty ski slopes with bales of straw obscured by a mixture of artificial and real snow. Organizers in Sochi had to store snow away in order to have enough for the Games.
volkwagen polo PyeongChang Weather for 2018 Olympics Could Be Freezing Cold

john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

golden west college water polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

An athlete from team USA points during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Friday. The leather for the gloves was made in Gloversville. (The Associated Press)

GLOVERSVILLE For owner Matthew Smrtic and the team at Sunderland Leather Company in the city, the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea were a special one. This year, their work was displayed in the opening ceremony on the hands of Team USA.

Sunderland Leather had a hand in the creation of the fringed gloves worn by the American athletes, which were designed and manufactured by American companies.

The gloves, which featured a beaded American flag and Olympic rings, were made with leather that was tanned and colored right on Kingsboro Avenue.

thrilled. The whole company has taken a lot of pride in knowing they had something to do with the Opening Ceremony, Smrtic said.

Smrtic was out of state for a leather show when news of the gloves broke, and said it has been a whirlwind since he returned to Gloversville.

The team at Sunderland Leather sampled the leather for the Ralph Lauren company and Olympia Gloves of Elmsford, Westchester County around a year ago. During the process there were a number of prototypes and samples made of the leather used in the western theme design.

The gloves themselves were manufactured about two to three months ago by Olympia off a design by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Smrtic said Sunderland has worked extensively with Olympia Gloves Peter Kiernan, who he said is from Gloversville, throughout the years.

Sunderland has worked with the Ralph Lauren Company over the years as well through a third party company that does private labels.

This is not Sunderland first brush with the Olympics. They also did a project for a Canadian Company, Roots, who made the Opening Ceremony coats for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

did some leather sleeve and trim for their jackets, Smrtic said.

The gloves were manufactured by Olympia Gloves from leather tanned, sorted, selected and colored at Sunderland factory at 233 Kingsboro Ave.

Smrtic said that all of the companies 30 employees were involved with doing work on the project.

leather business is so hands on and labor intensive that a single piece of leather may be handled a 100 times before it is cut and sewn into a product,
john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville
he said. has their hand in the product from one way or another from shipping to receiving and communicating with the customer. said this project was a very special project that they a lot of pride in. said it is not just his employees that are feeling the pride however. He said he has been getting a lot of messages on social media from people who are from, or use to live in, the area. He said he has heard from people who are bragging a bit that they are from Gloversville on social media.

seems to be a little ground swell, a little pride that they came from Gloversville. And it on a positive note. Instead of negative news coming out of Gloversville it nice to have positive news come out, he said. it seems people are kind to proud to be from this area again. gloves, which were retailing for $995, are currently sold out on the Ralph Lauren website, but Smrtic said he is hopeful there will be reorders made soon for those who wish to get their hands on them.

He said he suspects they may be a limited offering, but that they might be another line or similar product that can offer Sunderland more business.

are hoping with the attention it getting there will be a lot of reorders, he said.

He said the Olympic Committee is committed to using American companies and he hopes the next designer for Team USA in the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan or the 2022 games in Beijing, China keeps Sunderland in mind when it comes time to make the gear.

Smrtic said it was a good feeling to see Ralph Lauren seek out American manufactures for this project.

time they go for these contracts now they are seeking out and trying to support local businesses, Smrtic said. very important to us. We are a small family business and a niche business and for these companies to seek us out again and want to start buying our products and not buying from China or Vietnam or the next country, it makes us feel good and it makes our employees feel good that their part of something a little bit bigger. said that Sunderland is a family business that has been in the city approximately 50 years ago started by his father in law.

are a family business. We started in the area and we plan on staying in the area. We like to grow and it beneficial that people try to buy American. It really does help the community and supports a lot of people through jobs, taxes, utility and it important for a community, Smrtic said.

have been here for 50 years and we want to continue. We got our fourth generation involved in the leather business. Our roots are here and its nice to get some positive feedback for Gloversville, because we love it here, Smrtic said.
john varvatos polo Putting the glove in Gloversville

big and tall polos Put Together Your Look With Ralph Lauren Belts

polo casual shoes for men Put Together Your Look With Ralph Lauren Belts

The brand Ralph Lauren needs no introduction. It is one of the classiest labels available in the luxury fashion section and one of the most popular one as well. Founded in the year 1967, the American luxury brand offers English style products which feature the charm and elegance associated with such style. It makes class blended with trend available to us through its collection of products which has become iconic over the years. Therefore, it is easy to spot the signature items which reflect the American style and class. The brand operates under various sub labels namely; Polo Ralph Lauren, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Purple Label, Black Label, RLL, etc. and each one of these focuses on different customer sections. Though the brand in all is quite affordable and accessible! Since its inception, it has garnered worldwide customer base with tons of fan following including celebrities, elite models. Its products are considered as timeless and a must own for every luxury lover. Though these are classic products, they are also in accordance to the latest trends going on. So they are in sync with what is going on so they don look old or out dated.

Today it has become a household name for everyone who is into buying designer items. The Ralph Lauren polo t shirts are one of the most famous items that you can see and they are considered as the best in their lot. There is a huge variety available in a m of colors, so the options are many. Offering supreme quality, there is truly nothing that you can compare them with. Apart from it, the other clothing items are also equally impressive and of high quality. The same attributes can be seen in the footwear and handbag department which doesn fail to impress us. Moving on to our favorite department accessories, the lot is really one of the trendiest one with flattering options available for both him her. The section includes; bracelets, card holders, hats, belts, earrings, neckpieces, pouches, scarves, stoles, tech related, ties, bowties, etc. It is one of the widest range of accessories available with products matching the brand aesthetics. Classic, elegant, sophisticated, stylish, these are just a few adjectives to describe the entire collection. But you really need to check them out if you haven to have a glimpse inside the luxurious world of this label.

Ralph Lauren belts are the one simple item which is enough to change your entire appearance. They can be paired along with almost everything and look so stylish. Crafted in a range of materials like leather, PU, nylon, cotton, cord, mixed materials, etc. they are super durable as all of these materials are of superior quality which extends their life for years to come. By looking at the entire collection, you will be able to associate each product with the brand which makes them so iconic and unique. Ralph Lauren belts are a must for every man and women to give the perfect finishing touches. Because the brand is so accessible, the products are not too high priced and you can easily purchase them without burning a hole in your pocket.
big and tall polos Put Together Your Look With Ralph Lauren Belts

black polo cologne propos de redoublement et de devoirs

wholesale polo boots propos de redoublement et de devoirs

peine nomm, le nouveau ministre de l’ducation franais, Jean Michel Blanquer, y va de propositions qui ne sont pas sans nous interpeler de ce ct ci de l’Atlantique.

Parmi ses premires dcisions, son intention, ds la prochaine rentre scolaire, d’autoriser nouveau le redoublement. Il y a quelque chose d’absurde laisser passer de classe en classe un lve accumulant les retards, a t il dclar au Parisien.

Pendant sa campagne lectorale, le candidat Macron avait par ailleurs promis de dvelopper un accompagnement aprs l’cole et de remettre au got du jour les tudes diriges pour que les enfants fassent leurs devoirs l’cole et que les parents n’aient pas s’en soucier la maison.

Cela aussi devrait se faire ds septembre.

Cit dans Le Monde, le nouveau ministre l’ducation, Jean Michel Blanquer, disait souhaiter dpasser ainsi la querelle strile entre eux qui affirment que les devoirs sont indispensables [] et ceux qui y voient un risque d’accroissement des ingalits.

Mais accompagn par qui? Comment? Et quand? Le dtail de la mesure reste prciser, peut on encore lire dans Le Monde.

Le dtail? Organiser tout un programme d’aide aux devoirs ou du moins, ses premires applications en quelques semaines, dans des milieux aussi syndiqus que chez nous, un dtail?

Il sera certes intressant pour nous au Qubec de suivre les dveloppements.

Les jours allongent, mais l’cole commence toujours aussi tt, le matin. Il faut donc aller au lit quand il fait encore trs clair. Petite n’y comprend rien.

Mais maman, pourquoi est ce que je dois me coucher au beau milieu du soleil ?

Dans deux semaines, les vacances

L devrait tre le centre vital du village, du quartier. Aprs les heures de bureau,
black polo cologne propos de redoublement et de devoirs
elle devrait tre ouverte un autre bon 2 3 heures pour permettre des enfants/ados curieux de se dcouvrir une passion ou des passionns d droit un local pour exercer leur passion. Je pense notamment aux scientifiques et artistes en herbe. Pour leur part, les sportifs ont dj accs aux installations (si je me rfre dans mon temps). L au devoir devrait aussi tre offerte.

Il me semble que les comptences des retraits (bnvolat?) et des tudiants collgiaux et/ou universitaires (cours crdits?) devraient tre mises profit.

videmment, cela aurait un cot. Mais a devient une question de choix social, videmment. Si le parti au pouvoir prfre investir dans la redistribution des extras accords dans le cadre des travaux routiers, au vu et au su de tous, Commission Charbonneau oblige, plutt que dans l et qu est rlu, bien, il semble que la population soit parfaitement en phase avec le dsinvestissement et/ou le manque d pour l du gouvernement actuel.

Je suis d qu n pas aux parents de participer aux devoirs.

C une chose de demander son enfant tu fait tes devoirs? et a t / quel est le rsultat de tel examen afin de dmontrer de l de vritablement vrifier et participer aux devoirs: non.

Pass la 6e anne a se corse assez que ce serait carrment contre productif pour un enfant de constater que son parent (qui gagne bien sa vie) n pas capable de faire des tangeantes et cosinus, par ex.

Il y a surement des parents pour qui pr 6e anne ce n pas facile non plus.

Ca crer un systme o l qui a un parent la maison / aide aux devoirs pay par les parents se retrouve de beaucoup avantag vs 2 parents qui arrivent brls le soir.

Le budget du ministre de l du Qubec est de 17 milliards par anne. Cela inclut l suprieur.

Mettons qu ne reste que 10 milliards pour l primaire et secondaire une estim que je sors par mon flair (corrigez moi qq mettons 500,000 enfants gs entre 5 et 16 ans estim que je sors par mon flair. (corrigez moi qq donne un budget annuel de $20,000 par enfant. Je prsume tre 25% prs de vrai chiffre.

On s que ce ne sont pas les enfants qui bnficient de cette cagnotte

Quelqu ici a une thorie o va tout le pognon?

J tout moment pass avec mes enfants. Les devoirs c super, on a carrment du fun. Table des matires, vocabulaire, histoire etc. Ils ont moins de 10 ans

Lorsqu en auront 13: physique sec 2, j dj donn. a ne leur rendra pas service de voir que leur pre se souvient d zro.

Si c un prtexte pour passer du temps avec eux: il y a une panoplie d activites actives, cerabrales ou juste silly que je peut faire avec eux.

Faire les devoirs parce que c la chose ne pas pas faire je ne suis pas d dit mes enfants ont des bonnes notes. Pas parce que je talonne, mais parce que bonne thique de travail (on finit ce que l commence) et dsir d trouve que Marc Seguin rcent chroniqueur La Presse est trs sharp

Sans pouvoir numrer les bienfaits de faire doubler ou pas, j mettre en lumire ceci :

Pourquoi ou pas ? Tout ceci renvoi invitablement une norme (qui, mme base sur l de la science un moment donn, comporte son grand lot de subjectivit politique financire etc) qui dit qu un ge donn il est attendu de toi que tu puisses compter,
black polo cologne propos de redoublement et de devoirs
lire crire importe.

polo camo cargo shorts Profit Increase on European Sales

marco polo life Profit Increase on European Sales

The Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, the maker of Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco clothes, said yesterday that fourth quarter profit surged 52 percent, led by lower costs and higher sales in Europe.

The company said it would begin paying a dividend in July.

Net income rose to $73.2 million, or 74 cents a share, from $48 million, or 48 cents a share, a year earlier,
polo camo cargo shorts Profit Increase on European Sales
the company said. Sales, including licensing revenue, increased 9.4 percent to $692.3 million in the quarter ended March 29.

European sales to department and other stores rose at least 10 percent, while worldwide sales at the company’s own stores open at least a year rose 5.8 percent. Polo Ralph Lauren, which has repurchased licenses in Europe, is consolidating regional headquarters to reduce costs.

Excluding costs to consolidate operations in Europe and some foreign currency gains, the company said it would have earned $76.1 million, or 77 cents a share. On that basis,
polo camo cargo shorts Profit Increase on European Sales
profit met the average estimate of nine analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call.

brandywine polo club Profiles In Travel Management

mesh polo Profiles In Travel Management

At the time of approval, she said, ARC’s Corporate Travel Department accreditation did not exist. Though the company maintains its own global distribution system agreements and full agency standing, Tardi quickly realized that pursuing a global strategy would require the support of a third party TMC.”In the fall of last year, we made a business case internally to continue the program overseas and started by basically doing a trip over to Europe and taking a look at exactly what booking channels were being utilized and how we could consolidate,” Tardi said. “After many months of consulting with Partnership Travel Consulting and really analyzing what our business needs were, we decided and clearly saw that we couldn’t initially start 100 percent internal. We needed to use the support of an outside TMC for very few services, and one that would agree that we would be branding this completely as Polo Ralph Lauren.”Tardi brought only those TMCs with global capabilities into the request for proposal and heavily weighed each agency’s willingness to “subordinate themselves to Polo Travel Europe,” to enhance program clarity for the company’s 10,000 employees worldwide. “Each of the major TMCs had global capabilities but, at the end of the day, TQ3 made a compelling case to treat Polo’s program as a priority, but not try to dominate it. For lack of a better word, they’re a silent partner,” said Andy Menkes, chairman and CEO of New Jersey based Partnership Travel Consulting. “No one within Polo even really knows who the agency is. Not unlike private labeling clothing, TQ3 is not visible to the end user or the market. In the building, there’s no huge sign that has the name of that agency. Even though it’s their IATA license, it says Polo Travel Europe.”On March 14, 2005, Polo Travel Europe opened its headquarters in Geneva, serving only that market “to see how the dust would settle,” and less than one month later, Tardi rolled out the program, including a corporate sanctioned global travel policy, to the rest of Europe. By linking the Sabre GDS in the United States with the Amadeus GDS in Europe, Polo Travel can follow the sun with certain limitations.”The key that is really working for us is that we have access to every passenger name record for all of Europe from here in the United States and vice versa. Our Geneva office is open for a certain timeframe, and when they’re closed, we’re open in the United States and we can support those records for after hours emergency purposes,” said Tardi. “When we’re closed, it’s their middle of the night, and we’re using the support of an outside vendor at that point.” Polo Travel next aims to expand into Asia and, by fiscal year end, into Latin America as well. “When we get to the point that the Far East office is open, that gives incremental time zone coverage. Part of the vision in putting this together is that for most of the day, a traveler, regardless of where they are, can be serviced by a Polo agent,” Tardi said. “Ultimately, the vision is a completely global travel program with regional locations, in such a way that we here in headquarters in New York can have access to all of our worldwide records, bookings and data.”Tardi describes selling the program to senior management as a “no brainer” operations in Europe prior to global consolidation were totally decentralized and cost savings untapped but the process was not without challenges, particularly in assessing and implementing the appropriate technology.”The most challenging thing for me was the GDS because there’s not one GDS right now that is completely what I would call global,” Tardi said. “It’s clearly mandated in our new global T policy that travelers will not be reimbursed if they do not use Polo Travel,” Tardi said. “What’s very interesting about Polo is that we very seldom mandate anything, but our T policy is absolutely supported by the most senior level management of this organization. Our CFO is thrilled in Europe that we’ve done this. It’s given him a structure to enforce.” Though Polo’s European travel program is still too new to accurately assess cost savings, Tardi looks forward to charting its growth while she and her team work to expand the program to Asia and Latin America. “In the first weeks we’ve been open in Europe, everything’s positive,” said Tardi. “I can see a lot of work ahead of me in analyzing data once we start collecting it, and I can certainly see a great potential for negotiating vendor agreements and cost savings.”
brandywine polo club Profiles In Travel Management

polo silver cologne Prince Harry is pictured shopping at discount store TK Maxx

womens polo ralph lauren Prince Harry is pictured shopping at discount store TK Maxx

Kate Middleton isn’t only thrifty royal in town Prince Harry is pictured shopping at discount store TK MaxxHe was spotted shopping for half an hour in a branch in London spending 160 on a T shirt, hoody and an iPhone case09:26, 25 MAY 2013By royal appointment: TK Maxx in High Street Kensington

The 28 year old was spotted shopping for half an hour in the TK Maxx branch in Kensington High Street, Central London, last week, spending on a T shirt, hoody and an iPhone case.

Not exactly cheap, but thanks to TK Maxx offering 60% discounts, it was a fraction of the price he would have paid elsewhere.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of the fashion chain and has been spotted browsing in thesame store on several occasions.

Any regular TK Maxx shopper will tell you the stores can be seriously addictive.

There is the thrill of picking up a designer bargain.

And with fresh stock being dropped into store every day,
polo silver cologne Prince Harry is pictured shopping at discount store TK Maxx
there is always something different to tempt you.

Bargain: Prince Harry pictured in today’s Daily Mirror

The stores currently have a range of Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein on offer, all the posh boy favourites.

So it is not exactly surprising that Harry found goodies to tempt him.

Kate, 31, expecting the royal baby in July, is also a fan of the Bicester Village designer outlet in Oxfordshire so perhaps that is where the prince will pop up on his next shopping expedition.

It is great to see the royals embracing a careful approach to shopping.

We all know they could afford to shop anywhere but the fact they love a bargain shows they are not so different from us.

One really is very impressed indeed.

Maxx Factor TK Maxx is part of the American chain TJ Maxx but changed its initials in the UK to avoid confusion with TJ Hughes stores.

After the first shop opened in 1994 in Bristol, the chain now has more than 300 in Britain.

The first London store opened in upmarket Kensington in 2008 on the site of a Habitat shop.

TJ Maxx has more than 1,000 stores in the United States, while TK Maxx has also expanded into Germany and Poland.
polo silver cologne Prince Harry is pictured shopping at discount store TK Maxx

polo watches prices on consumer goods will rise this year

callaway polo shirts prices on consumer goods will rise this year

Many large companies are sending signals that retail prices of their products will rise this year as costs for raw materials needed for product manufacturing continue surging upward.

Wesley Card, chief executive of the Jones Group, a company that includes Nine West and Anne Klein, said: “There are cost pressures from virtually everywhere,” the New York Times reports. The company says brand prices will jump 15 to 20 percent by autumn.

Other big name companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Hanes and Kraft also state product prices must rise in order to protect profits. Commodity prices began rising last summer but company manufacturers and retailers absorbed those costs, fearful of a pushback by consumers struggling during tough economic times.

It remains to be seen how consumers will respond to the coming prices increases. “Consumers are not exactly in the frame of mind or economic circumstances to say ‘Oh, pay whatever they ask,'” said Joshua Shapiro, chief US economist at MFR, Inc, according to the Times. “There’s going to be pushback,” he added.

Rising fuel prices have led to increased utility bills for manufacturers and overseas labor has become more expensive. Copper recently reached its highest level in 40 years. The costs of leather and polyester is rising. Prices for corn, wheat, sugar, pork, beef and coffee are surging as well.

Last October, cotton reached its highest prices since it started being traded as a commodity, a period dating back 140 years. Cotton prices began rising last summer after the Pakistan flooding and heavy rains in parts of China seriously impacted their cotton harvests. According to Chicago Breaking News (CBB), the Chinese are spending heavily on cotton supplies and poor harvests suggest global inventory will remain tight, trigger fears by traders of a worldwide shortage.

“Inventories of yarn and fabric got low because of the recession, cotton inventories were low because production sank and all of the sudden demand comes back,” said Andy Ryan, an analyst at FCStone Fibers Textiles, CBB reports. “It’s the perfect storm,” he added.

Clothing consumers will get hit hard in the coming months if those cotton prices remain high. Hanes Brands, already forced to raise its prices, would have to raise them again by summer’s end. The cumulative price increase could reach 30 percent. Brooks Brothers and Polo Ralph Lauren said they would raise their prices this year, the Times reports.

Beginning April 1, Whirlpool products will see a price increase of 8 to 10 percent. Starbucks announced last fall it would raise prices and many local coffeehouses have recently raised their prices.

Jack Russo, a consumer goods analyst with Edward Jones, said: “These companies are constantly walking a tightrope on how far do I go. Do I offset with price or other cost cuts, or do I just take it and have it eat into my profit margins?” according to the Times.

Other companies like Kimberly Clark, manufacturer of Kleenex tissues and Huggies diapers, associated rising costs of raw materials as a factor in its earnings dip last quarter. Likewise, Proctor Gamble maker of Crest toothpaste, Tide and Cascade said earnings in those divisions fell slightly.

The cost of feed for livestock continues to remain volatile as well, thanks to rising fuel prices along with disruptive and in some instances, catastrophic weather events. International demand for meat has also increased and as a result, meat prices are soaring.

Restaurants, many of which resisted raising their menu prices to keep customers, will have to make adjustments as the situation unfolds.

According to the Times, the Steiner Consulting Group works with restaurant companies on their ingredient purchasing and its owner, Len Steiner said that this year “you’re going to have to raise prices to stay in business.

The news comes as reports surfaced that China is hoarding 41 percent of the world’s supply of wheat, rice and corn. The news is of some concern because the country consumes 21 percent of global supply of those grains. Production of those grains in the last year has been impacted by floods, droughts and fires across the planet which has created an unstable grain market.

Freezing temperatures this winter in Florida and the Sinaloa region of Mexico have had a devastating impact on agricultural produce in those areas, and as a result, prices in grocery stores have been soaring, with more instability in the forecast.
polo watches prices on consumer goods will rise this year

ralph lauren polo fragrance Press Releases from The Berkeley Daily Planet

discount ralph lauren polo Press Releases from The Berkeley Daily Planet

NEW YORK Hearst Corp. chief executive and president Frank A. Bennack Jr. will retire at the end of next May. Chief operating officer Victor F. Ganzi, 54, was tapped to replace him.

Bennack, 68, has been with Hearst for more than 40 years, serving as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the corporation, and vice president and general manager of the Hearst Newspaper Group, before taking over as chief executive in January 1979.

“While deciding on a personal change of this magnitude leaves me with decidedly mixed emotions after 23 years as a chief executive, I could not be more enthusiastic about the future prospects for the company under Vic Ganzi’s leadership,” Bennack said.

Since Bennack took over, Hearst has increased revenues sevenfold, acquiring 10 newspapers including the Houston Chronicle and the San Francisco Chronicle two trade publishing companies and five television stations, among other properties. Bennack was also instrumental in launching Hearst Argyle Television Inc., one of the nation’s largest non network owned television station groups of which Hearst is a majority shareholder.

Bennack will remain active with the company, assuming the positions of chairman of the executive committee and vice chairman of the company’s board of directors.

Ganzi joined Hearst in 1990 as general counsel and vice president and has also served as chief financial and legal officer. Prior to Hearst, Ganzi was the managing partner at Rogers Wells now Clifford Chance Rogers Wells one of the world’s largest law firms.

The privately held Hearst, which employs about 20,000 people in 100 countries, owns 12 daily newspapers and also has interests in television, cable and radio.
ralph lauren polo fragrance Press Releases from The Berkeley Daily Planet

purdue polo Preppy palette is eye catching

sopac water polo Preppy palette is eye catching

Nailah: Preppy piece: Fit and flare studded dress, Nicole Miller, $78, at Bloomingdale’s. Personal touch: In Nailah’s world, espadrilles are appropriate for all looks. Isabelle. Preppy piece: Fit and flare fuschia dress, Aqua, $98, at Bloomingdale’s. Personal touch: Gladiator flats give Isabelle’s dressy look a laid back feel. Neidys. Preppy piece: Pink cardigan, Tommy Hilfiger, 15.99, at Century 21. Personal touch: Neidys has a lot of disco in her soul, so she went for a sequined T shirt and jeans with emojis and thread that sparkles. She finished off her look with Air Max sneakers, just like her brother. (Michael Ares/Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS)

Nailah: Preppy piece: Fit and flare studded dress, Nicole Miller, $78,
purdue polo Preppy palette is eye catching
at Bloomingdale’s. Personal touch: In Nailah’s world, espadrilles are appropriate for all looks. Isabelle. Preppy piece: Fit and flare fuschia dress, Aqua, $98, at Bloomingdale’s. Personal touch: Gladiator flats give Isabelle’s dressy look a laid back feel. Neidys. Preppy piece: Pink cardigan, Tommy Hilfiger, 15.99, at Century 21. Personal touch: Neidys has a lot of disco in her soul, so she went for a sequined T shirt and jeans with emojis and thread that sparkles. She finished off her look with Air Max sneakers, just like her brother.

Also, preppy is a natural draw for kids because the color palette saturated pastels and bold primaries is eye catching, and plaids and stripes are a fun way to experiment with patterns.

Then there are the superheroes: Weekly TV dramas and box office hits star invincible characters whose mild mannered alter egos happen to wear collegiate looks.

Take Kara Danvers, “Supergirl”‘s alter ego on the WB series. After watching a few episodes, even I wanted to go out and buy a few boxy plaid skirts.

“The characters inspire a clean cut,” said Amanda Hill,
purdue polo Preppy palette is eye catching
spokeswoman for Bloomingdale’s at the King of Prussia and Willow Grove Park malls.

How can your kids add their personal touches to classically preppy looks? We dressed some school age kids and had them show us their ways.